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Investigating an Ancient Mystery

Investigating an Ancient Mystery | Belize in Social Media |

Research in Belize Leads to Revised Timeline of Ancient City’s History

"...Dating the growth and decline of cities of ancient Maya civilization is complicated, particularly when hieroglyphic texts are either absent or too eroded to decipher. In such cases, researchers must rely on construction histories and ceramics deposits to measure change. The ancient city of La Milpa, Belize, is no exception. In its heyday during the late eighth to early ninth centuries A.D., La Milpa was believed to have been a Maya city with political power and influence. It was also believed that the site was rapidly abandoned in the early ninth century prior to the completion of several construction projects..."

Gabriel Rodriguez's curator insight, February 7, 2014 2:25 PM

Ancient Mayan History may be changed due to further research in Belize.  It is believed that at one time a politically powerful and influential Mayan city laid there.  Though it was once believed this civilization declined rapidly, new research is showing they pushed through into history farther than we thought.

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Digging for treasures at Maya tomb, ruins

Digging for treasures at Maya tomb, ruins | Belize in Social Media |
A team of teenage archaeologists from Davidson Day School flew to the Central American country of Belize on June 22 to unearth artifacts at a tomb of Maya royals who ruled more than a thousand years ago.
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