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Travel Curators and Curation Tools
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TechCrunch | Curate Your Own Digital Magazine With For iPhone

News curation startup has arrived on the iPhone today, allowing you to create your own digital magazine while on the go. The app, which works alongside the web service, essentially lets anyone be a publisher for any topic.
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Rescooped by Dr. Eckard Ritter from Brand & Content Curation! Went Live: The Story - Curated, Scooped, Storified - and Scooped again!

Curation tools, techniques and practices are steady becoming more and more professional. Storify and are leading the pack with their new upgrades. Today also fixed the integration with Storify stories. Here is an example, curating articles, quotes, tweets, photos and videos.

Via The New Company
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Is Curation The Ability To Create a Gorgeous-Looking Online Magazine?

Robin Good: While I am absolutely thankful to Guillaume De Cugis and everyone else on the team, for providing me with probably the best content curation and newsmastering tool I have ever used, I have not been able to restrain my discontent for their (and other content curation producers) somewhat misleading communication strategy. (...) I am in fact, a strong supporter, if not altogether, an uncertified "brand ambassador"(...)
If you were to watch this video, like other video clips where Guillaume has explained in front of a camera what is all about, you will hear, one clear and unambiguous statement: " is about making it easy for people to create their own magazine or online newspaper." Perfectly matching the tagline appearing on the home page which reads: "Easily publish gorgeous magazines."  To me, the fastest and shortest/easiest way to post/share something on your website, blog or social media channels, with the minimum effort possible and the maximum reach, has NOTHING to do with curation. [Video] 

Via Guillaume Decugis, Robin Good
Mayra Aixa Villar's comment, December 18, 2011 3:38 PM
Hi Robin
Thank you very much for answering my message. I must confess that I´m a big fan of yours so I really appreciate that you actually took some time to continue sharing some ideas with me.
I´m also a great supporter of and Mr. Decugis´ work and it´s not my intention to question his efforts or ambitions at all. But, I think this kind of interaction is really valuable to start setting common grounds on effective content curation. Mr. Decugis himself acknowledges in his previous comment that “[the] role as a platform is to create the incentives to develop usage in the right direction.” I think this is exactly what this discussion is aiming at.
I also agree that can be a great curator tool. But this will happen as long as we, users, learn to be selective and dare to share more than “what other people are saying about a certain topic/interest.” By making sensible use of the “Reactions section” to comment on an article or even, sharing a completely new post without any URL attached (tools that are not so widely used among the community), we can start paving the way for understanding and organizing information within a relevant context. As you have suggested, this is what content curation really entails, right?
Finally, Mr. Decugis said that “through selection, users can express /show their own viewpoint.” I think that people who read my scoops want me to do more than that. They expect me to be able to somehow “mediate” the vast content content/knowledge out there and transform it into a meaningful source of information. That´s the reason why I have to resist the temptation to just rescoop this post the first time I came across it, and I decided to participate in a more significant way, instead.
Robin, I have really enjoyed this very insightful conversation. Again, thank you for this. Warm regards.
Julie Claudia Laporte's curator insight, February 26, 2013 7:09 PM

love the web...

cutesqualid's curator insight, August 12, 2013 4:56 AM