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Curation: Why Is The Content Curator The Key Emerging Online Editorial Role Of The Future?

Curation: Why Is The Content Curator The Key Emerging Online Editorial Role Of The Future? | Travel Curators and Curation Tools |

In a world submerged by a flood of information, content curators may provide a new, tremendously valuable service to anyone looking for quality information online: a personalized, qualified selection of the best and most relevant content and resources on a very specific topic or theme

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Guillaume De Cugis responds to Robin Good

Guillaume De Cugis responds to Robin Good | Travel Curators and Curation Tools |

Guillaume De Cugis of responds to Curation thought leader, Robin Good in comment thread: 

( ...) Another example: I went to a Picasso exhibition a few ago at the de Young museum in SF: wonderful one. Did the curator spend more time preparing it than Picasso did creating the works? Unlikely. Is this saying that curators have it easy? Absolutely no! Easier doesn't mean it doesn't take any time at all. (...) our vision has always been to create a new form of media publishing, different than blogs or micro-blogging that is based on curation in a topic-centric model.

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Robin Good's comment, December 19, 2011 3:00 AM
Thank you Russell for picking this up. I think you could have provided extra value and stronger interest to click through, if, instead of copying and republishing the whole original answer from Guillaume which is accessible on his post, you excerpted the key points from the two sides of the argument, allowing readers to make sense of what is being discussed without having to go and re-read the whole exchange from scratch.

That, to me would have been an act of true help toward who is reading you.
Robin Good's comment, December 19, 2011 3:24 AM
No need to understand or buy into both sides to have a balanced reporting.

Asking is always an available option. When in need, use it! ;-)
Comments are there for this purpose.
If you chose voluntarily to repost without taking the time to uncover and understand what's being discussed and what the two parties are saying, you are just reposting stuff with no additional info or insight.

How does that help your readers make sense of this discussion without having to re-read it from the beginning?

themezoom 's comment, December 19, 2011 3:17 PM
Hello Robin, I also reported additional insight (added value) in a sister piece that also included my additional insight, which is also linked now on this story -

I "un-buried the lead" as I saw fit- which is added value AS CONTEXT (in my opinion).

The lead that I "un-buried" was hidden in the gems of your comments button on this post- because as a micro-celebrity, you yourself, have become newsworthy.

Also, by saying that i do not understand that other side of the story- what I mean is, the pure irony of your post, nullified the argument. It was largely self-expression and expert opinion- and persuasion.

It is not as if I did not take the time to understand both sides, I just don't think your side makes sense- in any context. It is too ironic to make sense.

The very digital context of your argument took place as context within your own personal Thought-Leadership digital magazine (gorgeouos, by the way) on - which is a pure form of self expression.

In your post, you use your own personal brand authority and thought leadership, in order too persuade me to question the very Technology Context (online magazines) being used, is the opposite of curation.

Because I am a subject matter expert on the topic of "contextual influence" and a technologist, I am very sensitive to such matters.

I refuse to submit to the idea that the topics, stories and sources that a curator 'selects' do not have a contextual agenda- driven by both self-expression and desire to persuade (i.e. attract). This nonsense has been floating around long enough.

The underlying agenda of curators (most refuse to admit) is to attract "leads" i.e. interest and clicks, which is the same agenda of any good magazine.

That being said, the traditional journalist reporting style is the "upside down pyramid" approach to writing, where the lead is un-buried in the headline. My post in question, is in this traditional style.

What concerns me about the curation movement, is its lack of HONESTY.

Digital Context Is Opinion. (In my opinion)

The articles chosen by a curator represent a CHOICE about what he/she believes is important - and these choices influences others- by casting certainty or doubt in their minds- and by focusing in on "potential meaning" of large data sets. This adds value. But it is also the subtlest form of persuasion.

Curators ARE persuaders, and we should not pretend otherwise when questioning the 'technical context' or messing with the 'metaphorical marketing campaigns' of any technology platforms we are standing on! (grin) I admit that the very context of your story felt as misplaced and incomplete as you imply that mine is.

I think you are probably the type of person who will (in a friendly way) criticize any Digital Context that is not your own. That is part of what makes you a great curator. (grin)

Have you ever thought about designing your own curation application? Now THAT would be newsworthy. ; - )

Respectfully, Russell Wright, Theme Zoom Developer
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Forum delle Eccellenze 2011- Robin Good

Uno stralcio della storia di Robin Good prima di diventare un editore sul web e una breve introduzione al modello di business che Robin suggerisce a tutti color...
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Is Curation The Ability To Create a Gorgeous-Looking Online Magazine?

Robin Good: While I am absolutely thankful to Guillaume De Cugis and everyone else on the team, for providing me with probably the best content curation and newsmastering tool I have ever used, I have not been able to restrain my discontent for their (and other content curation producers) somewhat misleading communication strategy. (...) I am in fact, a strong supporter, if not altogether, an uncertified "brand ambassador"(...)
If you were to watch this video, like other video clips where Guillaume has explained in front of a camera what is all about, you will hear, one clear and unambiguous statement: " is about making it easy for people to create their own magazine or online newspaper." Perfectly matching the tagline appearing on the home page which reads: "Easily publish gorgeous magazines."  To me, the fastest and shortest/easiest way to post/share something on your website, blog or social media channels, with the minimum effort possible and the maximum reach, has NOTHING to do with curation. [Video] 

Via Guillaume Decugis, Robin Good
Mayra Aixa Villar's comment, December 18, 2011 3:38 PM
Hi Robin
Thank you very much for answering my message. I must confess that I´m a big fan of yours so I really appreciate that you actually took some time to continue sharing some ideas with me.
I´m also a great supporter of and Mr. Decugis´ work and it´s not my intention to question his efforts or ambitions at all. But, I think this kind of interaction is really valuable to start setting common grounds on effective content curation. Mr. Decugis himself acknowledges in his previous comment that “[the] role as a platform is to create the incentives to develop usage in the right direction.” I think this is exactly what this discussion is aiming at.
I also agree that can be a great curator tool. But this will happen as long as we, users, learn to be selective and dare to share more than “what other people are saying about a certain topic/interest.” By making sensible use of the “Reactions section” to comment on an article or even, sharing a completely new post without any URL attached (tools that are not so widely used among the community), we can start paving the way for understanding and organizing information within a relevant context. As you have suggested, this is what content curation really entails, right?
Finally, Mr. Decugis said that “through selection, users can express /show their own viewpoint.” I think that people who read my scoops want me to do more than that. They expect me to be able to somehow “mediate” the vast content content/knowledge out there and transform it into a meaningful source of information. That´s the reason why I have to resist the temptation to just rescoop this post the first time I came across it, and I decided to participate in a more significant way, instead.
Robin, I have really enjoyed this very insightful conversation. Again, thank you for this. Warm regards.
Julie Claudia Laporte's curator insight, February 26, 2013 7:09 PM

love the web...

cutesqualid's curator insight, August 12, 2013 4:56 AM