The Future of Work is NOT About Replacing Sharepoint and Email | Travailler autrement : l'intelligence collective pour se rencentrer sur l'humain |

The future of work is not about replacing sharepoint and email, it’s about re-defining what work means, why we work, and how we work.  Pass this along to anyone who thinks otherwise.


For as long as organization’s have existed there have been a set of unwritten principles that we have all followed.  Some of them are that employees came into the office at 9 and worked until 5, managers made all the decisions and those who brought in the most money got promoted,work was done on a company assigned computer, the communication was handled through email or some legacy intranet system, fear or getting a paycheck was the primary motivator to work, employees stuck to their own departments, and a sense of palpable hierarchy misted through the office.  In short, work was not pleasant.  As I’ve repeated many times, some of the dictionary synonyms for “employee” are: slave, cog, servant.  Synonyms for “work” include: drudgery and daily grind.  And synonyms for “manager” include: slave-driver and zookeeper.

Via Denis Pennel