The_storyFormula: story worlds & wearables!
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The_storyFormula: story worlds & wearables!
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Multimedia, Crossmedia, Transmedia… What’s in a name?

Multimedia, Crossmedia, Transmedia… What’s in a name? | The_storyFormula: story worlds & wearables! |

"I’ve written elsewhere that we’re living through a Cambrian Explosion in the ecology of media. Suddenly — if you think about the last few decades as a fragment of the timeline that stretches back to before cave painting — we can tell stories in so many media forms and on so many media channels that it would make Richard Wagner jealous enough to steal a magic ring. We can make our kunstwerk more gesamt than ever before."

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What Is the Importance of Digital Curation from an Academic Viewpoint

What is digital curation and why is it important to you? Leading experts in the curation and preservation of digital objects (such as databases, photos, vide...

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Digital Curation - Making the information accessible to different types of developers to continue the sharing of past knowledge with future generations. 

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Digital curation - the preservation and repurposing of content. Using digital hubs to collect, collate and make a contribution to conversations in your area of academic interest.