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Rescooped by Margaret Doyle from Cross-Platform Storytelling!

The Emotional Cycle of Digital Interactivity

The Emotional Cycle of Digital Interactivity | Transmedia Tales |

"I’ve long maintained that phenomena like “social media” are behaviors, more so than channels or applications or types of media inventory, what have you. There are extrinsic factors at play like market movements, various forms of scarcity, supply and demand levers, etc. and there are intrinsic factors like human emotion that are rarely, if ever, discussed when it comes to making investments in these types of ventures."


My colleague and fellow curator Jan L. Gordon originally shared this post and I thought it would be great to include here also.


Why? Because effective storytelling is about conveying emotions. Yet when we share our biz stories, what emotions should we be focusing on? It is easy to default to hope. Or confidence. 


What I like about this chart and post is that it addresses the common emotions people experience as they interact and share online -- both positive and negative.


It seems logical to me that in knowing this information, we should be paying attention to whether the emotions we are conveying in our biz stories online are connecting with the emotional experiences of people. This chart can help us figure it out.


Now, I wouldn't want to be limited to slavishly sticking to this chart. But it is a good place to begin!


As the author, Gunther Sonnenfeld says, "I believe that any great technology venture (any great company, really) must provide doors to perception and discovery that look well beyond transactional or even relationship benefits to some degree." Yeah! Treating business storytelling as purely transactional or relational is only the first rung of effectiveness.


And don't forget to read the comments at the end of the post. They are chock full of great insights and discussion about online storytelling, branding, and emotion.


Thank you Jan for finding this gem! @janlgordon


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

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Thanks Jumun Gimm for this pointer!
Rescooped by Margaret Doyle from Just Story It! Biz Storytelling!

Storytelling and Marketing; Selling a Story or Telling Your Truth?

Storytelling and Marketing; Selling a Story or Telling Your Truth? | Transmedia Tales |

A very good friend of mine, Real Estate Coach Darin Persinger wrote a post this week called Storytelling Isn’t Marketing poking some holes into how we can be quite guilty of buying in to the ‘new shiny tool’ or in this case the ‘new shiny idea’.


This post is from author Teri Conrad and is an excellent reminder of how storytelling is re-shaping marketing. Teri makes great points here:

Success in marketing is about applying systems and following through. Even if you have compelling stories, without a system very little is going to happen. People buy the Why of your product/service, not the What (features). Embody the "what can I give?" perspective. Focus on creating fabulous experiences for customers/clients. Know and communication your purpose -- get clear on that.


Points 2-5 are all about how you frame your stories and then convey them. I would add one more -- make sure you are authentic!


Using stories in your marketing can be very powerful. Follow these principles to ensure success with your business storytelling.


Now go read the full article for all the other insights to be gained here :)


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

Via Karen Dietz
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