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This video is my first project on After Effects and Particle Illusion. Moreover, before this I've never used stop motion techniques, compositing, keying, light, etc.. So I had learnt by myself in the same time that I made the video. I don't remember how this crazy idea to remake the epic battle of Hoth shot by shot with lego, grown up in my head, but the result is here. Unfortunately, it misses few shots (20 exactly) that I couldn't finish due to the lack of time, but more than 5 minutes where snowspeeders - AT-AT are fighting, is not so bad no?! I hope you'll enjoy it. If you have questions, I'll try to answer you if I can.

I filmed with a Canon FS100 and used After Effects CS4, Particle Illusion 3, Magix video Deluxe 16, and once Terragen.

To finish, the saga Star Wars is simply magic, thanks to George Lucas and all people who worked with him for all these years to allow this story possible on screen.

And if you like this saga (Yeah, I'm talking to lot of people if I say that ^^), don't hesitate to watch my edit "Requiem for a Sith" !

I haven't created this video for any commercial goals, but only by passion of the cinema and the animation. All credit goes to George Lucas for creating this saga.

Via Henrik Safegaard - Cloneartist