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Transmedia Landscapes
A look at transmedia, interactive, augmented reality, design, UX, UI, ARG, video games and social platforms in the new age of storytelling
Curated by Justin Nalepa
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Anodyne Pirate Bay Promo Post-mortem.

Anodyne Pirate Bay Promo Post-mortem. | Transmedia Landscapes |

Time to answer the question: “Was that Pirate Bay Promo useful at all?"

The promo was a big picture of Anodyne on ‘s front page linking to .


So was it useful? Or did no one pay for it and now we have devalued our game completely?


First, it cost $7 to do the promo, all $7 of which were for paying our hosting provider for bandwidth, There were no other costs.

Justin Nalepa's insight:

A look at how two Indie Game developers used The Pirate Bay as a means of marketing their game. Also includes great statistics and data on what they did and how it changed their sales.

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Scooped by Justin Nalepa!

Is Transmedia Storytelling the New Digital Marketing?

Is Transmedia Storytelling the New Digital Marketing? | Transmedia Landscapes |
Through social media, website comments, live chats, and other methods, users can have a conversation with you around the content. It’s no longer about broadcasting your message. It’s no longer about telling your story and hoping people get it. To sum up these changes:


1. How: adoption and usage of multiple/simultaneous devices by users has prompted the need for a consistent experience. Marketers must now deliver their message and information across these device families.

2. Why: digital technologies like web, social media, text messaging, etc. have enabled bi-directional conversation. As more and more users adopt these technologies into their lives, they expect the same thing of companies. No interaction? No customer.

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