Cargo-Bot, An Addictive iPad Game That Teaches Programming Concepts | Transmedia 4 Kids: Creating Content For Children |

The key to learning to code is learning to think like a computer--which is a hard thing to do. "It requires structured thinking, ability to abstract details away, and there’s little margin for error--one little typo and your program might do something entirely different from what you wanted," says game developer Rui Viana. "The real world just doesn’t work like that, so it’s hard to get your head around it." Which is precisely why Viana created Cargo-Bot, a simple iPad app that turns "thinking like a computer" into a genuinely addictive puzzle game. It’s like
Angry Birds crossed with Codecademy, and it’s total genius.

Via Ana Cristina Pratas, Ove Christensen, Anthony Beal