You’ve Got to See it Before You Can Read it! Making Ancient Texts and Images Available on the Web | Transliteracies, Libraries and 21st century information fluency |

The great problem is that so few repositories of ancient books make digital images of their material available in truly useful ways: the data needs to be free, it needs to be published at the resolution at which it is captured, and it needs to be presented outside any fancy interfaces so that others can ingest it and use it as they like with the least “friction” possible. The web of medieval manuscripts in the future isn’t going to be built by institutions; it’s going to be built by users who are going to present the data as they want to present it, to answer the questions that they want to ask. The institutions need only provide the data – but they do have to provide the data! The result is that images from these manuscripts are now the easiest images to find of medieval manuscripts on the web: just try finding them on a Google image search! The traditional audience for these materials is grateful, and entirely new audiences have been reached.

Via Fe Angela M. Verzosa