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CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder ( is one of those programs that every translator (using Microsoft Outlook) must have in their arsenal. We can all remember the embarrassment when we sent a message to the client containing a translated file, and got a reply telling us that we had forgotten to attach the file. With Outlook Attachment Reminder, you will hopefully no longer be in the same situation again. When you hit the Send button, this Outlook plug-in prompts you if the message subject or body contain predefined text (which you can configure) which you usually add to the message if you send an attachment. This program is absolutely free, and it supports Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and above.


By default, the program is configured for all common phrases that appear in messages written in English that contain attachments (e.g. ‘attach’, ‘enclosed’, etc). If you want to configure it for your language, or add other text for messages written in English, use this tip for Outlook 2010 (for Outlook 2007 and below, you should be able to locate Attachment Reminder Configuration menu pretty easily): on the Home tab, click Settings in the Attachment Reminder group, then click Add, choose ‘Regular Expression’ from the ‘Phrase type’ list, and type the following in the text box (without the surrounding quotes): “.*(yourtext|yourtext|yourtext|yourtext).*” (obviously, replace ‘yourtext’ with the text you want, which often needs to be the stem of the relevant word; pipe characters must be between each possible variant; do not add spaces before or after the pipe characters). Then click OK and OK again. Check whether the expression works by sending a test message and you are all set!


Download the program from