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Translating Slavery, Translating Freedom | Translation at University of Michigan

Translating Slavery, Translating Freedom
4:00-6:00pm, Wednesday, November 28, 2012
The Gallery, Hatcher Graduate Library
University of Michigan

The panel will feature:
Françoise Massardier-Kenney: Translating Slavery
Martha Jones: Emancipation’s Many Legalities
Jean Hébrard: Translating Freedom in the Atlantic World
Christi Merrill will moderate.

This panel during the Fall 2012 LSA Translation Theme Semester coincides with the Proclaiming Emancipation exhibit in the Gallery of Hatcher Graduate Library, and will include light refreshments.!
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¿Cuántas palabras puede traducir un profesional en un día de trabajo? | Producciones Helmet


26 ENERO 2012,publicado por VICTORIA SUÁREZNo hay comentarios
La cantidad de palabras que puede traducir un profesional en un día de trabajo normal (8 horas) varía en función de la complejidad del texto y los requerimientos del cliente. No obstante, los integrantes de nuestro staff traducen de promedio de 2000 a 3000 palabras por día hábil.

Helmet, traductores e intérpretes
Un traductor solo debería producir en torno a 2000 palabras por día, ésta es la mejor forma de garantizar la calidad del trabajo. Aunque muchos clientes no lo crean, traducir es un trabajo intelectualmente exigente para el que no todo el mundo está capacitado. Pensar que de un día para otro se pueden traducir documentos que tienen decenas de páginas de extensión es un error.
Si el texto a traducir es muy repetitivo -un manual técnico, un contrato comercial (de distribución o de representación)- y se utilizan herramientas de traducción asistida por ordenador (CAT) como Trados, Wordfast, etcétera, se podrá llegar a 3000 palabras por día.!
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Insomnia in translation.

Pandora at the International Literature Today Workshop “Insomnia. Homer. Taut sails” begins Osip Mandelstam’s Poem 78 from Stone (1915) – his meditation on Homer, migratory ...!
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Susan Reinhardt on translating teens' text messages

It takes talent to decipher the hidden meanings in texts sent to parents, and what's really implied when reading between the lines.!
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Cómo traducir WordPress

Los blogs han cambiado nuestra cultura y han generado otra nueva: la blogosfera. En este espacio se realiza el seguimiento de lo que acontece en este medio. Escribir y leer blogs es altamante adictivo.!
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Translate Kannada literature into other languages - The Times of India

Celebrated Lexicographer Ganjam Venkatasubbiah, popularly known as GV, stressed the need of restarting the Kannada lexicography office.!
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Benedicto XVI termina redacción de su tercer libro sobre Jesús - Internacional - EL UNIVERSAL

El Vaticano desea que el libro sea lanzado simultámeamente en los principales idiomas a los que será traducido, por lo que no ha fijado la fecha para su presentación oficial.!
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Telling Russian stories in English - Russia & India Report

Telling Russian stories in EnglishRussia & India ReportAntonina W.!
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A Year After UK Bribery Act 2010 - How does Translation Play a Role? | Virtual-Strategy Magazine -- The UK Bribery Act has been viewed by many, since its introduction on 1 July 2011, as the “gold standard” for anti-corruption legislation.


Without high-quality and proper translation, businesses may struggle to provide evidence that they have “adequate procedures” in place. Businesses can take advantage of high-quality translation services in developing compliance programmes through training and e-learning. Any organisation with a global workforce needs to ensure they are well-versed in how to identify and avoid situations that could be interpreted as breaching legislation.

Working with a qualified translation services provider such as Merrill Brink International, which offers expertise in translation services and support to a wide range of sectors can help businesses ensure global compliance with the Act. A qualified language service provider (LSP) can support in translating training materials and new business policies.

As businesses look forward to another year, working with a translation provider that understands compliance issues will help them implement thorough training and e-learning programs to support compliance and limit their exposure to risk under the UK Bribery Act.

Read more at!
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Bunch Translate: Translating Freud into English

I have written before on how translation is a creative profession. Translators have to continuously make decisions and they are creative decisions.

An example of this is Freud translations. Sigmund Freud is of course one of the great psychologists of all time and one of the major thinkers of the twentieth century.

And yet, when his works were translated into English, some, like Dr. Bruno Bettelheim, himself a psychoanalyst from Vienna, claimed that the works had been altered in a major way.

How so ?

Well, according to Bettelheim (in his book, "Freud and Man's Soul"), English translators of Freud turned what was a humanistic Freud into a scientific Freud. The translators made the decision to use terminology from Latin and from the natural sciences, whereas Freud, although he was a medical doctor, was more anchored in the humanities.

How did this play out ? Well, if you are German or Austrian, the terms "Ich" (I), "Über-Ich" (Above-I), and "Es" (the It), have very direct and emotional meaning. For instance, when a child does something, in German one says "Es hat das getan".!
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Translation: through the Eyes of the Client

Different people perceive translation in different ways. Clients view translation as a product, i.e. the final translated text. Meanwhile, the translator views translation as a process, i.e.!
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Translation Riddle

OK, time for another riddle, people. Everybody knows that machine translation systems are useless when translating fiction. However, there was one scene in the novel I’m translating that I kn...!
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Unprofessional Translation: My myGengo Experiments (2)

In the second experiment, still disguised electronically, I took myGengo's recruitment test. There's no fee for it. I submitted translations of two short texts from Spanish to English. I deliberately didn't spend much time on them, because it was the Standard (low-paid) rank that interested me. It wasn't the correct way to set up the experiment; I ought to have taken more time and sought translations by a real Native Translator. But here, for what it's worth, is the result.!
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From the Archives: Vladimir Nabokov on the Art of Translation

Thirty-five years ago today, Vladimir Nabokov died in Montreaux, Switzerland. The acclaimed entomologist and prose master had a habit of believing in fortuitous coincidences—he famously took pride in sharing a birthday with Shakespeare and being born a century after Pushkin. Nabokov’s interest in these concurrences was more than petty fascination; it was inseparable from his love of fondling details. In this essay, which appeared in the August 4, 1941 issue of the magazine, Nabokov articulates his philosophy of translation as a balancing act between the fidelity of the scholar and the artfulness of the poet—themes he would further develop in his translation of Eugene Onegin and the novel Pale Fire. To translate a work of literature, he argues, is to confront and assimilate the voice of the author, a game with “perfect rules” but no promise of perfection.!
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The South African Issue Between English and Afrikaans

If you visit South Africa, you’ll find that English is now the main language for signage, education and tourism. But South African English, as well as being spoken with a distinctive accent, has adopted many words from the Afrikaans language that still is spoken by the 13% of the population.

However the language debate in South Africa is very delicate. Although English has been adopted as a lingua franca – due to the numerous languages spoken in the country – there are still many controversial issues regarding languages and especially the large use of English in pretty much every field.

Take education, for instance. Most of the courses are taught in both English and Afrikaans, but many are those who claim it is necessary to activate more courses in Afrikaans. It might sound a very nationalist request, but maybe it should be read considering the complexity of South Africa. The need for more Afrikaans courses is not exactly a matter of translation, but a need for keeping the tradition and not letting the language disappear. Because of this goal, at the University of the Free State a full set of parallel-medium courses are offered; at the University of Pretoria 45% of the lectures are in dual medium, 28% in parallel medium and 25% in English medium. At the Potchefstroom campus of North-West University there is instant translation of almost all Afrikaans classes.!
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10 Things to Do in Between Book Contracts

I delivered my latest translation of a novel to the editor in late February and so am currently in between book contracts. At first, it feels wonderful to be free of a huge project that has been on my plate for months. Before long, however, I miss it and am anxious for the next project. There’s no shortage of things to do in between book contracts, though, and I’m kept pretty busy with the following:!
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Grasset a choisi le traducteur du roman de J.K. Rowling : actualités - Livres Hebdo

Pierre Demarty traduira Une place à prendre, en librairie le 27 septembre.
Les éditions Grasset ont annoncé aujourd'hui que Pierre Demarty serait le traducteur du prochain roman de la romancière britannique J.K. Rowling, le premier depuis la saga Harry Potter.
Une place à prendre sortira le 27 septembre en France, en Belgique, en Suisse et au Canada. Il s'agit du premier livre pour adultes de l'écrivain. Il paraîtra le même jour au Royaume-Uni, en Allemagne et aux Etats-Unis.
Normalien, agrégé d'anglais, traducteur, entre autres, de T.C. Boyle et William T. Vollmann, Pierre Demarty a reçu le prestigieux prix Maurice-Egdar Coindreau 2012 pour sa traduction des Foudroyés de Paul Harding (Le Cherche Midi), précise Grasset dans un communiqué. Chez Grasset, il a également traduit des roman de Paul Theroux, Karin Slaughter, Tom Rachman, et Joan Didion.!
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An ABC of Translating Poetry- - Poetry, Poems, Bios & More

I include this primer on the translation of poetry with pleasure and diffidence since I dislike dogma or prescription. Why not show preferences, to use Jorge Luis Borges' favorite word for choice, judgment, discrimination, and taste?!
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Talking with my translators

When my body speaks, I try to listen – but often we don't speak the same language. A dull pain, a sharp pain, a burning sensation, rough skin, a rash, a headache, pressure and cracking knees are only a few of the messages it sends.!
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CVC. El Trujamán. Errores. La traducción a mata caballo, por Julia Sevilla Muñoz y Marina García Yelo.

La traducción a mata caballo

Por Julia Sevilla Muñoz y Marina García Yelo

Enfrentarse a la traducción siempre supone un gran reto, no sólo por la dificultad que conlleva el hecho de trasladar a otra lengua la realidad expresada por una lengua, sino también por la celeridad con la que muchas veces los traductores deben entregar sus trabajos, sin apenas tiempo para realizar una revisión; si bien, en algunos casos, como la traducción de los teletipos, nos queda la duda de si realmente se ha contado con un traductor o si ha sido el propio periodista u otra persona quien los ha traducido; reflexión que se desprende de la lectura de una breve noticia publicada hace unos años, cuyo titular reza: «Tiendas ‘sin hogar’ en París».!
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Translating Reza Mohammadi by Nick Laird - Articles - Poetry Translation Centre

We translate contemporary poetry into English from Africa, Asia and Latin America through poet-translator pairings and translation workshops.!
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Admissions to Various Courses in India: Centre for Translation and Translation Studies, Department of Hindi, University of Kerala Diploma in Translation Studies

Dip in Translation Studies
Centre for Translation and Translation Studies, Department of Hindi, University of Kerala has invited applications for admission to Diploma in Translation Studies (One Year Regular) Course of Academic Year 2012-13.

Graduates who have any of the following can apply for the course:
1) Studied Hindi as Main Subject
2) Studied Hindi as II Language
3) Hindi having mother tongue
4) Studied 10+2 and above in Hindi medium
5) Holding Diploma / Certificate from recognized institutions like Hindi Prachar Sabha!
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CVC. El Trujamán. Profesión. La traducción en escena (1). Versión de…, por Francisco J. Uriz.

Estas reflexiones sobre los textos que se representan en los escenarios se basan en mis experiencias personales, como espectador, traductor y estudioso del teatro (coordinador de dos números sobre teatro sueco, en Primer Acto y Yorick, y diversos trabajos para El Público). Me centro en la traducción del sueco y soy consciente del peligro de las generalizaciones y personalizaciones, pero creo que estas notas reflejan una situación bastante reconocible.

Actualmente es una evidencia decir que hay que traducir del original al idioma del traductor. Pero en teatro una cosa es la edición y otra la representación. Se cumple en la primera, menos en el texto que se pone en escena.!
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"Para saber comunicar no basta con hablar bien, hacen falta pautas" - Faro de Vigo

La filóloga Inmaculada Anaya es la coordinadora del máster 'Lengua y comunicacion en los negocios' que se celebrará en septiembre en la Facultad de Filología y Traducción de la Universidad de Vigo.!
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