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How to Obtain a Degree to Become a Medical Transcriptionist | Transcriptionist Hub

Becoming a medical transcriptionist is a process. Like any other profession, you need to go through a number of steps to start your medical transcription career. The first step is to find local community colleges or vocational schools that offer Associate degrees or career training programs in medical transcription.

If you’ve ever researched for work-at-home positions, you would have probably seen medical transcription as one of the most sought after and commonly sold services. I’ve seen many people, with varying backgrounds, offer medical transcription services to willing clients.

But is it really that easy to become a medical transcriptionist? Can just about anyone pick up a set of headphones and start transcribing complex doctor dictations? The obvious and truthful answer is no! While many may have you believe that all you need is a medical dictionary to get started on this career, I don’t think that’s the best way to become a medical transcriptionist.

If you don’t believe me, try going into the market with nothing to show for experience or training. Chances are that you’ll be beating a hasty retreat when you see yourself surrounded by competition that’s far ahead of you.

So, what does it take?!
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What are the qualifications required for a transcriptionist?

In the minds of many people, a Transcriptionist is perceived to be just a fast typist. A transcriptionist is one who transcribes, which is a...!
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xclusive to The Gulf Today

Last week, we learned that the Chinese were not happy with their latest dictionaries. If you happen to thumb through a copy of the most current version you might understand why if you are adamant that all languages should remain true to form. Apparently, you will come across many acronyms of English origin, acronyms such as ATM, NBA, WTO, iPhone, iPad and GDP.

Over time all languages evolve. No language is ever purely pure. But before I go on to make my case on this point, it might be an idea to tell you how one might define a “pure language.”

A pure language is one which has not been influenced by any other language. Languages that are immune to foreign inclusions are those that have the equivalent of every foreign word. In other words the purer the language, the fewer foreign words it is likely to have incorporated within it. It might be worth noting, however, that the colloquial version of many languages (meaning one that is spoken by the everyday man) tends to be a mishmash of many other languages that it has picked up over time.

It might also be useful to add that some languages are more prone to becoming a potpourri of many tongues than others. Languages that are prone to this “mixing” are those from the subcontinent. If you were not fluent in either Urdu or Hindi and you were to listen to the colloquial version being spoken the chances are that you’d understand a fair amount of it because of the extensive number of English words being thrown into the mix.

But go to Europe and then you realise what it means to speak a pure language. Listen to French, Swedish or German, for example, and there are very few foreign words in the mix. The same might not be said of the English language though.

Britain and America would both be considered as cosmopolitan. North America is a colourful mix of Italians. Latinos, African Americans and Native Americans. Each have contributed their rich culture and equally colourful language to the American way of life. As a result we hear words like Navajo, nata, mui bueno, tripping, kahuna and mi casa su casa.!
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Transcriptionist Hub » Enhancing Typing Skill

Welcome to The Transcriptionists’ Profiles, a series of interviews with people who are working as transcriptionists. My name is Archie, the author/administrator of Transcriptionist Hub.

In this article, I will feature my interview with Stephanie.

Welcome to the interview. Thank you for taking interest of this opportunity.

Stephanie: My pleasure sir.

Archie: To start, can you please tell me your current designation or level as a transcriptionist? (e.g. senior MT)? What is your location? Where are you presently connected?

Stephanie: Honestly, I don’t have any designation as a transcriptionist but I can assure you that I have good typing skills. I am currently a resident of Baguio City. A graduate of STI College Baguio.

Archie: How long have you been working as a transcriptionist? How did you start in this profession? What are the factors that prompted you to pursue a career in this field?

Stephanie: I haven’t worked as a transcriptionist yet. I just realized that I have a good typing skill that’s why I would like to start this profession. One major factor that prompted me to pursue this career is to be able to make extra income and to enhance more on my skill.

Archie: Which do you prefer: to work home based or in an office setting? Please explain briefly

Stephanie: I prefer working home based because by my experience of doing projects, I explore more of my knowledge at home because I’m comfortable to where I am.

Archie: Which among these transcription work most appeal to your interest: Medical, General (Business, podcasts, interviews), or Legal Transcription.!
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Scholars cry foul over inclusion of 'NBA' in dictionary|Society|

A group of 120 scholars have signed a letter of complaint over the inclusion of English words in a newly revised Chinese dictionary.
The scholars, including linguists and senior reporters, said the inclusion of words such as the basketball league "NBA" and "PM2.5", a measure of air pollution, violated regulations covering the Chinese language, including the Law on the Standard Spoken and Written Chinese Language.
The 239 English words take up 15 pages in the latest Contemporary Chinese Dictionary, known as the authoritative Chinese-language dictionary.
Yu Dianli, general manager of The Commercial Press, publisher of the dictionary, said English words had already become part of daily language.
"A dictionary serves language use," he said.
"It also shows that the Chinese language is tolerant and willing to absorb and borrow words from other cultures," Yu said, adding that different languages will inevitably borrow from each other as languages develop and people mingle.
But Fu Zhenguo, one of the initiators of the letter and a senior reporter and editor at People's Daily, said during an online public chat on Wednesday that Chinese is increasingly absorbing English words and he is worried about it.!
Bill Chen's comment, December 28, 2012 8:30 PM

Scholars infuriated by dictionary's use of English-

An editor has come under fire over the inclusion of 239 English words, mostly acronyms or abbreviations, in the latest edition of the Modern Chinese Dictionary.

She was accused of being disrespectful to the Chinese language and causing it "severe damage."

However, Jiang Lansheng, chief editor of the sixth edition published on July 15, said the additions were to make it easier for people to know the meaning of English words in everyday use, yesterday's Beijing Youth Daily reported.

Jiang was responding to a petition signed by more than 100 scholars from across the country saying the editors had damaged the language and might even have broken the law.

They said printing the English words was encouraging readers to replace Chinese words with English ones. "A Chinese dictionary serves as the standard for the use of the Chinese language. Now that the Chinese dictionary collected English words to replace certain Chinese words, it is a serious damage to the Chinese language," Li Minsheng, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

The scholars also said adding English violated the Law on Standard Spoken and Written Chinese.!
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Des intellectuels dénoncent l'illégalité de l'entrée d'anglicismes dans le Dictionnaire du Chinois Contemporain-Le Quotidien du Peuple en ligne

Récemment, une centaine d'intellectuels, dont la plupart sont experts de la langue chinoise, ont fait part de leur mécontentement au sujet de l'introduction d'anglicismes dans le chinois. A tel point qu'ils ont envoyé une lettre de protestation à l'Administration générale de la Presse et de l'Edition et à la Commission nationale de la Langue et de la Littérature, dans laquelle ils dénoncent la 6e édition du Dictionnaire du Chinois Contemporain, nouvellement publiée par Commercial Press, qui contient 239 anglicismes, dont NBA, ce qui constitue une violation de la Loi sur les langues parlées et écrites en usage dans la République populaire de Chine, de la Réglémentation de l'édition décrétée par le Conseil des Affaires de l'Etat et des autres lois.

C'est Fu Zhenguo, journaliste connu du Quotidien du Peuple, qui a eu l'initiative de cette révélation. « Dans la nouvelle édition du Dictionnaire du Chinois Contemporain, de la page 1750 à la page 1755, il y a au total 239 articles qui traitent des mots composés de lettres, a-t-il indiqué. Ils sont présentés comme des articles de mots chinois. Mais en fait, ce sont pour la plupart des sigles en langue anglaise qu'on rencontre souvent, comme NBA, GDP, CPI, WTO, etc. »!
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Perdidos en la traducción: palabras e ideas nacidas del error

La mala traducción, un error en la escritura o un mero capricho ha sido el origen de muchos de los términos actuales, así como de algunas creencias populares. Vamos a repasar las más curiosas.

-El acné no debía llamarse acné. En inglés, la palabra “acné” se usó por primera vez en 1835, pero su origen se halla en un error ortográfico asirio de hace ya mil quinientos años. En el siglo VI, Aecio Amideno, un médico de la ciudad de Amida (en lo que ahora es Turquía), acuñó una palabra nueva, akne, para describir un grano. Había querido escribir Akme (punto, en griego). Hoy acmé significa otra cosa: definición. No confundir con Acme, la ficticia fábrica de gadgets a los que recurría el tal para cazar al Correcaminos.

-La partícula de Dios. El bosón de Higgs, bautizado popularmente por León Lederman como la partícula divina en realidad debía llamarse la partícula puñetera (The Goddam Particle). Al parecer, el editor de libro de Lederman consideró que tal expresión era muy fea y decidió convertir en Goddam en God. Ahora la partícula, que nada tiene de divino, al llamarse como se llama por capricho, ha conseguido atraer incluso la atención de la Iglesia.

-Aunque suponemos que los libros que menos errores deben incluir en sus páginas son los que tratan de ciencias exactas, como las matemáticas, incluso un libro de Arquímedes (287-212 a de C.) contiene errores intencionados para confundir a sus competidores y atrapar a los que quisieran hacer pasar como suyos sus postulados matemáticos. El libro es un tratado titulado De Shaera et cylindro (De la esfera y el cilindro).

-El error del hierro de las espinacas. Las espinacas, en realidad, sólo contienen 17 miligramos de hierro por cada kilo de verdura. Las judías cocidas, por citar un ejemplo, llegan a los 76. La razón de este idea equivocada hay que buscarla en los primeros meses de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, cuando las autoridades encargaron a un presunto experto la búsqueda de un alimento rico en hierro para introducirlo en la dieta infantil. El comisionado leyó en un texto científico alemán que las espinacas contenían mucho hierro, sin fijarse en que se trataba de una errata de imprenta.!
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Does “NBA” Belong in Chinese Dictionaries?

More than 100 Chinese scholars have signed a letter of complaint over the inclusion of English words in the new sixth edition of Contemporary Chinese Dictionary.
The scholars believe the inclusion of 239 English words in the dictionary, including NBA and the PM2.5 measurement for air pollution, violates regulations regarding standards for the Chinese language.
The words take up 15 pages in the dictionary, which was published by the Commercial Press this year, the Beijing Evening News reported on Aug 28.
Li Minsheng, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said at an academic symposium on Aug 27 that the dictionary plays an important role in setting the standard for the Chinese language.
Li said that if English words replace Chinese characters in the dictionary, it would damage the Chinese language.
I’m a big supporter of languages raping and pillaging. You know, dynamism and all that. English, of course, is an old pro at this sort of thing. A friend of mine, who teaches English Lit in the U.S., has this in his email signature:
English doesn’t borrow from other languages. English follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over and rummages through their pockets for loose grammar.
Indeed. So I’m cool with putting foreign words in Chinese dictionaries if they are now part of common usage. However, there must be standards. I have a problem, for example, with “PM 2.5.” Yes, a big topic of conversation, but the thing is, it isn’t a word. How can it be in the dictionary if it isn’t even a damn word?
Similarly, “NBA” isn’t a word either. It’s an acronym. Now, I’m touchy when it comes to acronyms, and I’ve had a long-running battle with young lawyers over the past decade or so who don’t think that it’s a big deal to use acronyms in professional writing. {Sigh} For blogs, fine. For formal stuff, no way, not until you’ve introduced what the acronym stands for to your reader.
Curious, I looked up “NBA” on and was disappointed to see it there. It included several definitions, including the National Basketball Association and National Boxing Association. But I think that proves my point. There are probably a lot of other “NBA”s out there that didn’t make the cut. How fair is that?

Read more:!
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Does "NBA" Belong in Chinese Dictionaries?

More than 100 Chinese scholars have signed a letter of complaint over the inclusion of English words in the new sixth edition of Contemporary Chinese Dictionary.

The scholars believe the inclusion of 239 English words in the dictionary, including NBA and the PM2.5 measurement for air pollution, violates regulations regarding standards for the Chinese language.

The words take up 15 pages in the dictionary, which was published by the Commercial Press this year, the Beijing Evening News reported on Aug 28.

Li Minsheng, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said at an academic symposium on Aug 27 that the dictionary plays an important role in setting the standard for the Chinese language.

Li said that if English words replace Chinese characters in the dictionary, it would damage the Chinese language.

I’m a big supporter of languages raping and pillaging. You know, dynamism and all that. English, of course, is an old pro at this sort of thing. A friend of mine, who teaches English Lit in the U.S., has this in his email signature:!
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Chine : des universitaires contre les sigles en anglais dans le dictionnaire

Les sigles et acronymes en anglais, de plus en plus présents dans la langue de tous les jours en Chine où ils remplacent des idéogrammes, devraient être exclus du principal dictionnaire du pays, ont estimé des universitaires chinois cités mercredi par la presse.

Des expressions comme "NBA" (principale ligue de basket-ball aux Etats-Unis), "WTO" (Organisation mondiale du commerce) ou "CPI" (indice des prix à la consommation) sont largement usitées en Chine, même si des traductions officielles existent avec des caractères chinois.

Plus de cent universitaires ont estimé, dans une lettre ouverte, que l'inclusion de tels sigles et acronymes dans le "Xiandai hanyu cidian" (dictionnaire du chinois moderne) "violait" les règles du chinois académique.

La dernière édition de cet ouvrage, un dictionnaire en un volume très populaire et respecté en Chine, contient 239 termes en lettres latines, contre seulement 39 dans l'édition de 1996, a rapporté le journal Global Times.

"Remplacer des caractères chinois par des lettres dans un tel dictionnaire porte les plus graves atteintes à la langue chinoise depuis un siècle", a dénoncé Li Mingsheng, un des signataires cité par le quotidien.!
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Scholars to ban NBA from Chinese dictionary - The Standard

Scholars to ban NBA from Chinese dictionary - The Standard...

A group of Chinese academics has said English-language abbreviations which have become part of everyday life in China should be struck from the country's top dictionary, AFP reports.
A letter signed by more than 100 scholars condemned the inclusion of terms including NBA (National Basketball Association) and WTO (World Trade Organization) in the latest edition of China's most authoritative dictionary, the Global Times daily reported Wednesday.
Acronyms and other abbreviations derived from English are widely used in China, where millions of basketball fans refer to their favourite league as the NBA, rather than Mei Zhi Lan, the official Chinese translation.
English abbreviations for international bodies such as the WTO are also widely used, while PM2.5, a measure of air pollution, has become a familiar term among urban residents, who are increasingly concerned about air quality.
The latest edition of the Contemporary Chinese Dictionary, the country's most authoritative linguistic reference book, included more than 239 terms containing latin letters, up from 39 in 1996, the Global Times reported.
The academics say in their letter that the introduction of English abbreviations threatens the Chinese language, and their presence in the dictionary violates Chinese laws governing language usage.
"Replacing Chinese characters with letters in such a dictionary... deals the most severe damage to the Chinese language in a century,'' Li Mingsheng, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the paper.
"If we don't make standards, more and more English expressions will become part of Chinese,'' Fu Zhenguo, one of the scholars behind the protest letter, told The Beijing News.
China's state broadcaster CCTV triggered a public outcry when it banned English language abbreviations in 2010.!
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The Benefits of Audio Transcription

It takes an average person about five minutes of writing to transcribe what they speak in a minute. If you’re choosing to transcribe things for your work, chances are that you’re wasting time that you could probably use in a better way. Transcription companies can help you to save both your time and your energy so that you can focus them elsewhere. They offer audio transcription services and do the work of transcribing things that you need. All you need to do is send them in audio format that you choose. These companies hire skilled workers to do the job of voice transcription. The recording could be of anything – a meeting or conference, a patient’s health record, a legal document and so on. There are decided benefits of opting for such audio transcription services instead of doing it yourself.
The first thing is quite obviously that you don’t have to do it yourself – this saves you a lot of time. You can simply record that which needs to be typed out and send it off. You don’t even require sophisticated equipments to record your voice, as even mobile phones can act as recording devices. If the voice clarity is high though, it generally helps to heighten the accuracy of the audio transcription services. Transcription companies hire labour that is skilled in this particular matter – with a good knowledge of medical, legal or any other kind of jargon that may be needed. They take on the responsibility of hiring, and then training people in voice transcription in order to get the work done in the best quality possible. This means that you get the same or even better quality work than what you are used to getting, without the bother of having to do it yourself.

Read more!
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5 Tips to Set Up Your Home Office for Transcription

To set up your home office for transcription, 5 basic steps you have to taken care of like basic transcription equipment, hardware, software, proper furniture & accessories and a reference book.

Having a work at home career as a transcriptionist has its benefits and advantages, but in order to really be successful, the work at home job requires organization, reliability, discipline and a well equipped home office.

To set up your home office to be a transcriptionist, follow a few basic steps to ensure you have everything you need from the start to create a comfortable and efficient atmosphere.

Whether you prefer a tower, notebook or laptop, a computer with ample storage space and high-speed Internet connection is vital. It is a good idea to have a backup computer should your main computer crash. Purchase a combination printer, scanner, copier and fax machine as well.

You will need top of the line word processing software, transcription software, accounting software to track income and expenses, and security software to ensure the safety of the information on your computer.

Transcription Equipment
The following items are essential for a well-equipped home office:!
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International Business: Brand acronyms, initials lost in translation | Deseret News

When Utah-based PowerQuest expanded into France, the now-defunct technology company was forced to redo its logo. As product marketer Laura Shafer explained earlier this year at a breakfast meeting for the World Trade Association of Utah, the initials PQ were removed because in France PQ means toilet paper.

Some companies might think brand names made up of initials actually reduce risk of linguistic blunders in another language, but various examples prove this perception is far from true.

PowerQuest is not the only company to encounter intercultural linguistic problems with its acronym or initials. This column previously mentioned the Japanese PPPhone (pronounced “pee pee phone”), which had a perfectly valid meaning behind the two extra letters, but the pronunciation caused some snickers in the United States.

“In 1988, the General Electric Company and Plessey combined to create a new telecommunications giant,” wrote Tex Texin and Jem Shaw on a popular internationalization website. “A brand name was desired that evoked technology and innovation. The winning proposal was GPT for GEC-Plessey Telecommunications, (although it was) not very innovative … not suggestive of technology, and a total disaster for European branding. GPT is pronounced in French as ‘J’ai pété’ or ‘I've farted.’!
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Brands With Hilarious Names In Other Languages

Any company pushing overseas struggles with new demands and cultures. But the most annoying obstacle may be that pesky language barrier.!
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The Professional Transcriptionist Profession Could Be Just what Health professional Directed | Dating Women

The Medical Transcriptionists job can pay off well for all those trying to revise their own job coaching. Because thousands of tasks are being outsourced and sent overseas in each and every field, for all those fortunate enough to become inside employment rates high because health-related transcriptionists, this field will be estimated to grow faster than typical for those work through 2013. Interest in health-related transcribing solutions will probably be supported by a expanding and growing older populace. Old age brackets receive a lot more lab tests, treatments, and procedures which need documentation. An advanced associated with demand for transcribing solutions also will become sustained from the continued need for electronic documentation that will easily be contributed amongst companies, third-party payers, specialists, consumers, and health information techniques. Meratol.

Developing variety of health-related transcriptionists will probably be needed to and recognize inacucuracy in health-related reviews, change patients’ records, and edit files coming from speech recognition techniques . An increasing demand for standardised records ought to result in quick employment development in physicians’ places of work, particularly in large party methods. Medical transcriptionists held strong employment representation about A hundred and five,500 work in 04. Regarding 4 away from 10 proved helpful in hospitals and the other 3 away from 10 proved helpful in places of work associated with physicians. Other folks proved helpful regarding enterprise support solutions; health-related and analytic labs; hospital care facilities; and places of work associated with bodily, work-related and speech therapists, and audiologists.Settlement methods for health-related transcriptionists fluctuate. A few are paid out depending on the quantity of hrs they work or even around the quantity of lines they copy out. The bigger earners can forseeably assume more than $20 an hour or so. Meratol Reviews.!
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What is audio transcription? | Health articles

What is audio transcription?
Author: Sharad Gaikwad
Medical transcription is an ancillary industry which is closely associated to the medical industry. Medical transcription is quite popular in the western countries but is still at a nascent stage in India. Even when you type Medical transcription in the Google search engine, thousand different results will pop up. This clearly implies how popular the industry is. Medical transcription also provides jobs to millions of trained and skilled individuals. There are certain qualifications and certifications required for anyone to start working as a medical transcriptionist. Apart from the basic education, one needs to train in medical typing and also how to use the advanced medical software that is commonly available online. You also need to have a clear idea of what tools and equipment are required for executing any task. Audio transcription may not be as easy as it may sound to be. Delivering accurate and high quality results requires a lot of dedication, effort and extraordinary skills.
When you wish to start your own medical transcription business, you first need to purchase the right software essential for medical transcription. This software is easily available online. However, it is crucial that you buy the latest software. There are a lot of scamming websites online that want to make a quick buck by promoting and selling sub-standard and fake transcription software. Not all software programs are reliable. While some are programmed astutely, the rest are just uploaded to dupe your hard earned money.
You need to buy softwarerecommended by experts. There are various ways which help you differentiate between genuineand bogus software.!
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Qualities of a Good Legal Transcriptionist - Business

Every once in a while people come across the term legal transcription. People may have heard it once or twice not knowing what they really are. Some may be considering it as a career option. ...!
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Police Interviews Transcriptionist (bilingual/Spanish) - Translation and interpreting jobs -

Translation or interpreting job posting, entitled: Police Interviews Transcriptionist (bilingual/Spanish)...

Police Interviews Transcriptionist (bilingual/Spanish)
Posted: Jul 24, 2012 13:54 GMT

Job type: Potential Job
Services required: Translation, Transcription

Languages: Spanish to English

Job description:
We need a couple of experienced transcriptionist that regularly transcribe audio/video recordings, preferably in the court system, that are both in English and Spanish.
The transcriber has to transcribe everything being said by every speaker and later translate the parts in Spanish into English. Therefore, we need someone who can transcribe (and even has equipment to do it more effectivel), and someone who is a good translator from Spanish to English.

Please send your CV, relevant experience, a reference with email, and your rates for these types of projects.

Poster country: United States

Service provider targeting (specified by job poster):
Membership: Non-members may quote after 12 hours
Preferred native language: Spanish
Subject field: Police Interviews
Required quoter location: United States
Quoting deadline: Aug 10, 2012 21:00 GMT

About the outsourcer:

This job was posted by a corporate member.

Note: Sign in to see outsourcer contact information.

If this job is reposted elsewhere, the following notice must be included:
This job was originally posted at!
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Audio Transcription on the Nexus 7

This video demonstrates how well the Nexus 7 (actually Jelly Bean Android) is able to transcribe audio into text.!
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Comment favoriser l’utilisation généralisée des TIC en langues africaines

Le programme ERELA (Ecoles rurales électroniques en langues africaines) est entré dans sa deuxième phase d'extension et de généralisation. Il recherche actuellement des volontaires pour soutenir son projet qui consiste à expérimenter un modèle généralisable d’utilisation des TIC en langues africaines dans des écoles rurales au Cameroun.!
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Convert Audio to Text Accurately, Audio Transcription by Expert Transcriptionist | PRLog

Convert Audio to Text Accurately, Audio Transcription by Expert Transcriptionist. Fast, secure and accurate audio transcription services for transcribing audio to text at low transcription cost by audio transcribing experts.!
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Transcribe and translate tool could help foreign students follow lectures

A new computer system that automatically transcribes lectures and translates them into English is being tested at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, or KIT, in southwest Germany.

It could benefit foreign students who have difficulty following lectures and other students who have struggled to take notes, as the scripts are stored in ‘clouds’ and can be called up when needed.

With the KIT tool, translations of lectures are streamed live on the internet, and students need no special software to read them on their computer screens. They can also view English versions of PowerPoint presentations.!
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La UPV coordina un proyecto para transcribir y traducir vídeos educativos. Murcia - La Verdad

Valencia, 23 jun (EFE).- La Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) coordina un proyecto que permite la transcripción y traducción de...!
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