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World War II translator honored for service with Flying Tigers

More than 70 years after he volunteered to serve as a translator for the original World War II Flying Tigers in China, and two decades after the U.S.

More than 70 years after he volunteered to serve as a translator for the original World War II Flying Tigers in China, and two decades after the U.S. government granted other members of the legendary mercenary group veteran status, John Yee was recognized Tuesday night as “an American hero.”

It wasn’t the official government recognition Yee has sought and been denied for lack of a piece of paperwork. But the 90-year-old American citizen — one of the last remaining members of the original Flying Tigers still living today — said the evening was beyond his imagination.

Former Veterans Administration Secretary Jim Nicholson read a proclamation honoring Yee. John Sie, founder and former chairman of Starz Entertainment and a fellow native of China who organized the event, also read a proclamation from Gov. John Hickenlooper declaring Tuesday “John H. Yee Day.”!
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El valor de una traducción: tarifas y conocimientos

¿Eres un mono? ¿No? Pues entonces no aceptes cacahuetes Estamos en pleno verano y resulta difícil hablar de según que asuntos.!
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Judge in Polish row queried cost of interpreters to State

JUDGE MARY Devins, who apologised for a second time yesterday for remarks she made last week about Polish migrants, questioned in 2010 why the State had to pay for interpreters for Polish defendants when “the country was on its knees”.!
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Conference stresses importance of interpreters, translators

Sheryl Connolly was recently reminded of the invaluable service interpreters and translators provide to their communities.!
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Court interpreters play crucial role in criminal justice system, officials say WITH VIDEO

The Oakland Press is your source for all Pontiac and Oakland County 24-hour breaking news, local news, sports, entertainment and more. View daily weather updates, watch videos and photos.!
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A big hand for translators - The Times of India

Amid a literary scene in which translators are seen to be second class writers, the effort by Disai Ettum to encourage them by giving out cash awards lends the tribe some much-needed prestige and recognition.!
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A Conference Guide to Sign Language Interpreting

Sign language interpreting is used to enable effective communication at conferences all over the world. Hearing-impaired audiences benefit greatly from this service, but only if conference organizers address the challenges involved.!
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The true value of interpreters

Here in Brighton, sign language interpreter services are under attack. Various NHS services have decided to pool interpreter contracts into a ‘single agency’, to cover all languages including British Sign Language. They (the agencies I was in communication with) have stated their terms: £30 ph, minimum call out charge of 2 hours, no travel expenses, no travel time, and cancellation charges only allowed within 24 hours.

In response, I made an immediate investigation into the impact of these diminished terms and conditions and discovered that 17/20 interpreters consider this terms to be ‘adversely different’ from their own whereas the remaining 3/20 consider the terms to be just ‘different’. This means that 6 interpreters out of 7 may need to consider a different stream of income because they just can not afford to work as an interpreter in this setting, if these imposed rates persist.

The simplistic argument is £30 per hour is a fair salary and no one gets paid for travel from home to work anyway – why should interpreters get special treatment? The answer may lie in some crucial points:

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Success: Revenue found in translation - Technology - NZ Herald News

At first blush, it seems surprising that Australian corporates would need to translate English into one of the globe's more obscure languages, Tigrinyan, an Ethiopian Semitic tongue...!
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Language Translation and its Importance in Modern Times : Babblefish

Professional language translation is used in various aspects of communication that may include translation of books from one language to another, communicating between clients, contract translation, manuscript translation, product label translation, professional multilingual translation etc. When companies can effectively communicate with international customers, it gives them an edge over their competitors as they can effectively communicate with international clients. Such jobs require a lot of research and time.
A language translator performs the difficult job of translating documents from one language to the other. The documents may range from project reports to medical reports, user manuals or any other form of paperwork. As it requires skills and expertise to provide translation services, only an expert professional can handle the job in the correct manner. They should have efficient training in editing and dialect. The demand for translation services have increased with the rise in globalization. Many companies have joined the industry of providing such services and have earned great success in their business. With the advent of the internet, you can now easily choose a qualified company that will provide you with quality work. Business houses have greatly benefitted from such services as they have helped them to erase language problems and reach new horizons. There are many reputed service providers of language translation who take utmost care to ensure that all the information on your corporate documents are fully safe and secure.!
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Translation teams continue work despite food shortages in Uganda (

Uganda (AIM/MNN) ― The Ik make up a small farming and hunting community squeezed between the large, powerful Karamojong and Turkana pastoralist tribes in northeast Uganda.
Traditionally a peace-loving people, they fight against isolation and marginalization to overcome their difficult circumstances as farmers and enter Ugandan national life as a people with their own culture and voice.
The region is struggling through the dry season, and food stores are running low. The new reports from the United Nations food and Agriculture Organization indicate that the delayed rainy season could lead to food shortage and higher food prices.!
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How can multilingual bureaucracy be incentivised? | Fully (sic)

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of the phenomenon that the late Michael Clyne labelled the Monolingual Mindset: the outdated, flawed notion that it is normal for people to speak only one language, and that speaking two languages is both uncommon and difficult, and that bi- and multi-lingual people speak each of their languages inadequately. We at Fully (sic) loudly and proudly rally against the Monolingual Mindset wherever and whenever it emerges; and this morning is a prime example.

A report in The Age today, reveals that the Victorian Department of Human Services (DHS), which administers public housing, surveys its residents for valuable feedback, but does not provide the form in any language other than English. Moreover, the questions on the 12-page form are reportedly difficult to understand even for a native speaker of English. The provided example is ‘How can good tenant behaviour and mutual obligation be incentivised?’!
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«La crisis no puede con los buenos traductores»

Noticias de ultima hora en español sobre la actualidad nacional, politica, internacional, economia, dinero, deportes, sociedad, religión, salud, sanidad, opinión, cultura, medio ambiente, viajes, internet, televisión, tecnología, gente.!
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Unpaid translators angry as owner of firm which went bust sets up new linguistic firm

Angry translators have hit out after being left out of pocket when a Birmingham business went bust - only to see the firm's director set up another translation firm.

They are furious that ALS (UK) director Hayder Al-Ani bought the company’s assets from the liquidators, setting up a new translation firm Convocco.

Translation and interpreting company ALS (UK), based in Edgbaston, issued a meeting of creditors notice in March after the Refugee Migrant Justice and the Immigration Advisory Service charities closed down after Government funding cuts, owing ALS £80,000.

According to ALS this was almost a quarter of its £350,000 annual turnover – leaving it unable to repay £98,000 of debts to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs and a £20,000 personal loan to Barclays Bank owed by director Hayder Al-Ani.

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Court interpreter situation 'improving' | The Law Gazette

Large numbers of court hearings are still being hit by interpreter problems nearly three months after new contracting arrangements began - but the situation has improved, new ­figures indicate.

An online survey completed by 80 lawyers and judges shows that between 16-20 April, four in 10 cases requiring an interpreter were disrupted because an interpreter failed to turn up. This was an improvement from 12-16 March, when the same survey, conducted by education and training provider CrimeLine, showed that interpreters failed to attend in 56% of cases.

Several courts have listed hearings to consider wasted costs applications against contractor Applied Language Solutions (ALS), but a spokeswoman for the company said no such orders have been made to date.!
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The AIIC Technical & Health Committee

The Technical and Health Committee (THC) is an AIIC advisory body that protects and promotes better working conditions for interpreters by tackling two related areas:

the technical side of simultaneous interpretation
interpreters' health and how it is impacted by working conditions
The THC works to ensure that facilities for simultaneous interpretation world-wide enable conference interpreters to meet the high standards of professional performance expected of them without discomfort or detriment to their health, and comply at least with the minimum specifications laid down in ISO and IEC international standards.!
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