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COMMENT • Why the French are right to resist global English

One of the odd stories to come out of the French-speaking province of Quebec last year was the announcement that intensive English courses would be offered to students in state schools. Odd, because in the past half-century, much of the Quebecois identity has been built on resisting English. Last autumn, the Montreal newspaper La Presse revealed that two real estate executives had made presentations in English to a Montreal-based pension fund, violating the province’s language laws, which give workers the right to a French-speaking environment.!
Colten goemaat's comment, September 27, 2013 12:20 PM
I think that Quebec should have English class in schools because they live and are right by a English speaking nation.

CULTURE • Les effets pervers du "global English"

Quand la France a instauré un quota de 40 % de chansons francophones à la radio dans les années 1990, cela avait fait bien rire à Washington et à Londres.!
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