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Bible Society of Ghana holds translation seminar

Bantama (Ash), Oct. 1, GNA – The Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) has organised a day’s seminar on Bible translation with a call on pastors, teachers and evangelists to carry out more Bible teachings in the local Ghanaian dialects for better understanding and application.

It was organised for over 400 church leaders and workers from various Christian denominations at the Bantama Peyer Presbyterian Church in Kumasi.

Mr Erasmus N.B. Odonkor, General Secretary of BSG, said his outfit works closely with leadership, workers and congregations of the churches in the country by making the Bible available and affordable; thus there was the need for regular interactions to keep them abreast of changing trends in the usage of the Bible.

He said the seminar was therefore organised to offer Bible teachers, preachers and readers among other people for them to get more in-depth understanding of the contents of the Bible.

“It is important to share the reality of the Bible contents with the ordinary users, so that they will be well-equipped with the necessary information about the Bible,” he explained.

Rev Odonkor advised Christians not to just listen to Bible teachings, but to try as much as possible to understand it and be able to apply it positively in their everyday lives.

He hinted that as a follow up to the seminar, the revived Asante Twi version of the Bible would be launched in Kumasi on October 7, 2012.!
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The Asantes And The Ewes Are One People | Feature Article 2012-08-07

There are some soul-extinct individuals from both divide who are trying very hard to drive a wedge between the two homogenous ethnic groups, namely the Asantes and the Ewes through their pronouncements on the web; however, they will always fail miserably. The Forces that bind us together are much greater than their ignorance. In fact, the Forces that unite the African Race together as one people is the Bantu language, the source of our various ethnic languages. Bantu language is classified linguistically as Hamitic language and it originates from an Ancient African Language which is known as the Ancient Egyptian language or The Hieroglyphic Language. In fact the study of the Hieroglyphic Language will shed more light on our own various ethnic languages as well as the Hieroglyphic Language. For example, the fertility doll is found in all ethnic groups in Africa in one form or another and it signifies ‘Life’. In the Hieroglyphics the symbol for ‘Life’ is the fertility doll in pictographic form. The source of our various Ethnic languages is the Force that binds us together as one homogenous people.!
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