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SLOVKO 2013 - The Seventh International Conference NLP, Corpus Linguistics, E-Learning - ResearchBib

SLOVKO 2013 - The Seventh International Conference NLP, Corpus Linguistics, E-Learning!
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EU Translation Workshop, London

Lots of resources originating from the UK this week! Today, I’d like to make you aware of a workshop – …Continue reading »!
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Unprofessional Translation: A Wake-Up Conference?

Many people have an irksome bee in their bonnet. Lionel's, over at The Liaison Interpreter, is AIIC and the supercilious, crème de le crème attitude of conference interpreters towards the other breeds. Mine, you may have noticed, is Academia and more particularly academic Translation Studies, with their conference rituals and priesthood, publication norms (I'm struggling to turn my Forli PowerPoint presentation into an article), fashions and careering (pun) bandwagons, university beancounters who use computers to count the beans – and yawning gaps.

One gap that this blog has complained about several times is the scant interest in religious translation compared with literary translation, although religious translation has been incomparably important throughout history, more than literary translation, which is so fashionable with graduate students and has produced so many publications in recent years. Religious texts and preaching reach out to all classes of society. Of course in Translation Studies there was Nida, but even he has fallen out of fashion and there's no longer a obligatory quotation from him in the opening chapter of every thesis as there used to be 30 years ago. At the Forli NPIT conference, I called the commemoration of the 400th centenary of the King James Bible "the academic non-event of the year in Translation Studies." Fortunately the popular press and publishers in the English-speaking countries did much better.

So to cut the tirade short, it now gives me pleasure to relay the announcement of a mini-conference called Translating and Interpreting in Religious Settings, to be held at the University of Mainz at Germersheim, on the Rhine near Karlsruhe, Germany, from 29 to 31 August, 2013. The link is here.!
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Endangered Languages and Cultures » Blog Archive » And another new book and conference

Moving from Nigeria to Australia… We in Australia owe thanks to Maïa Ponsonnet, Loan Dao and Margit Bowler, who have shepherded the Proceedings of the 42th ALS Conference – 2011 to publication online on the ANU Research Repository in close to record time. Papers on lesser-known languages (old, new, created) include:

On Australian languages (old and new)
Taking to the airwaves. A strategy for language revival, by Rob Amery

Grammar rules, OK? What works when teaching a higly endangered Aboriginal language versus a strong language, by Mary-Anne Gale

Body-parts in Dalabon and Barunga Kriol: Matches and mismatches, by Maïa Ponsonnet

On created languages
I can haz language play: The construction of language and identity in LOLspeak, by Lauren Gawne and Jill Vaughan

The morphosyntax of a created language of the Philippines: Folk linguistic effects and the limits of relexification, by Piers Kelly

On other small languages
Simplifying a system: A story of language change in Lelepa, Vanuatu, by Sébastien Lacrampe

Non-referential actor indexing in Nehan, by John Olstad

The expression of potential event modality in the Papuan language of Koromu, by Carol Priestley

And language and music
Musicolinguistic artistry of niraval in Carnatic vocal music, by Mahesh Radhakrishnan

And the problems L1 speakers of Australian creoles face
Sad Stories. A preliminary study of NAPLAN practice texts analysing students’ second language linguistic resources and the effects of these on their written narratives, by Denise Angelo

Editing proceedings is an arduous task, but wonderful for the discipline – the world gets to see papers early, people are more inspired to go to the conference, and so there are more opportunities for fruitful collaboration: a virtuous cycle which repeats again at this year’s Australian Linguistics Society conference being held in Perth. Check out the presentations and abstracts – some fabulous-looking papers!!
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Workshop on translation

Workshop on translation

The Karnataka Education Network (KEN), under its Vidyashilpa project, will organise a three-day workshop on translation here from October 26.

A press release by Shivanand Hombal of Dhwani Shaikshanika Kendra, Bangalore, said the workshop would be open for those with a good command over Kannada and English.

Freshers interested in exploring career opportunities in translation too could take part. Eminent thinkers, writers, and translators would participate as resource persons.

“A lot of study material is available in English on the radical changes that are happening in education, environment, and life style. However, books on these topics in Kannada are comparatively few. KEN is trying to build a network of translators to fulfil this objective,” the press release added.

For details, contact 0836 – 2745684 or 9448143100, e-mail: The last date to apply is October 10.!
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RITerm 2012: Terminología, traducción y TIC: interacción social y trabajo colaborativo para la construcción y difusión del conocimiento

RITerm 2012: Terminología, traducción y TIC: interacción social y trabajo colaborativo para la construcción y difusión del conocimiento
Accesos : 24
Fecha: del 25 al 27 de octubre de 2012
Lugar: Alicante - España

Domicilio Edf. Biotecnología - Apdo 99
Alicante - España
Teléfono 965909579 Fax 965903800
Contacto Secretaría Científica: Chelo Vargas ( )
Ccontacto Secretaría Técnica: Cristina Cambra ( )

Durante los días 25, 26 y 27 de octubre de 2012 la Red Iberoamericana de Terminología y el Instituto Interuniversitario de Lenguas Modernas Aplicadas (IULMA) celebrarán el XIII Simposio Iberoamericano de Terminología en la Universidad de Alicante. El tema central del congreso será la Terminología, traducción y TIC: interacción social y trabajo colaborativo para la construcción y difusión del conocimiento, y se acogerán trabajos en las áreas representadas por los ocho paneles temáticos en los que se ha estructurado el Simposio!
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Académie de Versailles - Label Européen des Langues

L'agence "Europe Education Formation France" (2E2F) organise le Label Européen des Langues (L.E.L.), qui récompense les projets pédagogiques les plus innovants en matière d'apprentissage et d’enseignement des langues étrangères.
3 critères sont retenus pour la sélection des projets : innovation, pertinence et transférabilité
Pour l'année scolaire 2012-2013, les priorités définies par la Commission Européenne sont les suivantes :
L'apprentissage des langues fondé sur les nouvelles technologies
Les classes multilingues
N'hésitez pas à vous présenter si vous avez monté un projet !
Public cible : Toutes structures (établissements publics et privés, entreprises, universités), tous publics, dans toutes les langues.
Date limite de participation : 28 septembre 2012 à minuit!
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Ethiopia to host Japanese conference on Africa

Ethiopia will host the Ministerial Meeting of the fifth Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD V) in the first quarter of the 2013 says the Embassy of Japan in Addis Ababa. The conference is expected to increase Japanese investment in Africa.
The TICAD which is held once every four years is expected to lay a new milestone for African Development. The conference will focus on ways to accelerate sustainable and equitable economic growth that can build a robust society while enhancing peace and security.
“We expect a lot of things from TICAD V. We expect more than 40 African Heads of State will visit Japan during this time, judging from the past TICAD. When issues are discussed at such a high level meeting, positive results will happen. We will focus on development issue, trade and investment, encouraging Japanese companies to invest in Africa. In addition to that, peace and security issues will be addressed. We have high expectations that TICAD V will be the milestone for African growth,” said Sunny, Spokesperson of the Embassy.!
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Ghana to host preparatory meetings of the Africa Telecommunication Union

Accra, July 27, GNA - Ghana is to play host to two major conferences of the Africa International Telecommunication Union in September to discuss and consolidate positions ahead of the ITU World Conf...!
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