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Expansión y la cercenada traducción de la “esperanza” alemana de Florentino Pérez -

El inglés siempre ha sido una asignatura pendiente en España. Sobra decir que ninguno de los cuatro últimos presidentes del país balbuceaba el idioma de Shakespeare (Aznar lo aprendió ya fuera de la Moncloa).!
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Spanish Language Enjoys Excellent Health

The Cervantes Institute, one of the largest Spanish-language cultural institutions, unveiled on January 14 its annual report on the overall status of the!
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Tradução de autores brasileiros se torna negócio rentável

Ganhos com a venda de direitos autorais mais que dobraram em dois anos.
Ministério da Cultura promete investir R$ 70 milhões até 2020 na área.!
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Despite Strong Earnings, Google Is Still Stymied by Mobile

While Google’s most lucrative business, search on desktop computers, is slowing, the search giant has not yet figured out how to make equivalent profits on mobile devices.!
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Google announces Q4 2012 earnings: impressive revenues of $14.42 billion, excluding Motorola Home

Earnings season is swinging into high gear and today\'s big player is Google. The internet giant just announced its earnings for the fourth quarter of!
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Google under pressure ahead of earnings - The Buzz - Investment and Stock Market News

Click chart for more on Google stock.

Google is reporting earnings after the bell Tuesday and all eyes will be on the search giant's expenses as it transitions deeper into other markets.!
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What is a PO and why is it important in freelance translation? by Lucia Leszinsky (Business Issues) - translation articles

On a recent survey on disputes between service providers and outsourcers, 59.6% of professional translators (most of them with at least 5 years of experience in the translation industry) stated that they do request a PO with relevant and complete project details as a measure to prevent disputes with clients.

What is a PO?

A project order (PO) --or purchase order-- is a commercial document issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller will provide to the buyer. Sending a project order to a supplier constitutes a legal offer to buy products or services. Acceptance of a project order by a seller usually forms a contract between the buyer and seller, so no contract exists until the project order is accepted.*

Why are POs important in freelance translation?!
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Google, Facebook, Amazon may be subject to French taxes

The European government proposes levying a tax on Internet-based tech companies that make mass amounts of revenue with online advertising. Read this article by Dara Kerr on CNET News.!
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Asia governments pour cash into technology to erase the language barrier

A league of linguists hailing from almost every sizable Asian nation has released an iPhone application called “U-STAR.” Their goal: disseminating technology that can ingest speech in any widely spoken language and regurgitate a translation on the...!
Blake Turnbull's curator insight, April 26, 2013 7:16 PM

Linguists have developed an iPhone appication aimed to understand majority of the widely spoken languages of the world and produce a target translation on the spot to break the language barrier between nations. I downloaded this to checked it out for myself, and to be honest it's not too bad! It's very good at actually picking up on what is being said- however the translations leave a little bit to be desired for, but oferall I was impressed! Looks like we're heading towards that seemingly impossible concept of a 'universal translator' afterall!!

Report: Google made €50 million copyright offer, French publishers want €100 million

As Google gets bogged down with the French government over a so-called “internet tax,” the newspaper Le Monde reports that the search giant tried and failed to reach a large-scale copyright deal before Christmas.!
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On-Page Optimization for Multilingual Sites

On-page optimization is a crucial step in your multilingual SEO campaign. Here’s how spending a little extra time optimizing your keywords, organizing your domain and URL, titles and meta tags will help give your site an edge over the competition.!
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Translation industry forecast for 2013 – The AAA (Africa, Arab, Asia) and AT (Automated translation) moment

The translation and localisation industry has been defying economic trends for quite some time now. While the world´s economy insists on slowing down, the language industry continues its steep ascent with a 12% growth expected in 2013.

If you are a freelance translator, though, trying to make a decent living, these figures might contradict the struggle you face to get a job booked, late payments from demanding clients or the ever decreasing rates you get awarded for a job well done.

So, what are the trends we need to watch out for to ensure we get a fair share of the approximately US$35 billion the language industry turns around per year?

A triple A moment....!
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The ideal translation agency

  What constitutes a good translation company to work for, either as a freelancer or an in-house translator? That question keeps popping up in my head from ti!
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Creative Translation Blog | i-iter

Eugenia Loffredo and Manuela Perteghella, who both have connections to the university where I work (the University of East Anglia), have started a new blog on translation.This is how they describe it:...!
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8 Ways to Make Money Off Your Blog | Blogger tips, tricks, tutorials and widgets

8 Ways to Make Money Off Your Blog | Blogger tips, tricks, tutorials and widgets!
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6 Top-Paying Freelance Jobs

If you look in the right places, you can earn more as a freelancer than you would at a regular day job....


Writing There are freelance writers who manage to pull in  more than six figures every year. It takes plenty of work, but the upside to  writing is that you don't need any special equipment to get started. There are  plenty of sites that list freelance writing gigs that can help you land your  first client today. You don't even need to be Hemingway to land these projects,  you just need to be able to write clearly and avoid  grammar mistakes.
Translation If you're fluent  in a second language, translation can provide an excellent opportunity  for freelancing. There are some variables in how much a freelance translator  can earn that can make a major difference. However, a freelancer who is  certified by the American Translators Association can earn an average of $72,000  a year, while someone without that certification will average $53,000 a year.  There can also be some variation depending on just what languages you can  translate. There's just more demand for Spanish translators than for Malayalam.
Read more:!
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Language Industry Will Outpace World Economy In 2013 - The Sacramento Bee

/PRNewswire/ -- While the world's economy is forecast to slow next year, the language industry will continue strong growth due to rising demand for professional translation and localization services, its leading trade organization maintains.!
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La profesión ya no llora... tanto

El esfuerzo de los traductores materializa viejas reivindicaciones, pero sus nombres desaparecen de las cubiertas y de muchas menciones...!
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One Hour Translation expands to Russia and Eastern Europe | website translation news

NICOSIA, Cyprus, Nov. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — In the past year, One Hour Translation has seen a tremendous growth in demand for professional translation from Eastern Europe and from Russia. In order to better serve customers from these regions, One Hour Translation has recently opened an office in Kiev, Ukraine.
The Ukraine office will serve as a sales and support hub for East Europe and Russia, as well as an additional RD center for the company. One Hour Translation is planning on expanding its Kiev office to 50 employees by the end of 2013. “We have seen a substantial growth in the Eastern European market recently,” says Ofer Shoshan, CEO of One Hour Translation, “thus we decided to open a local office in Kiev that will work directly with Russian speaking customers that use our services,” continued Shoshan. “We already established local partnerships with various businesses and service providers in these markets,” Shoshan concludes.!
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How To Tell That You Are A Zombie Translator – 10 Telling Signs of Zombies Translating Among Us

They live and translate among us. We pity them, we ridicule them, we fear them. But have you ever considered that you yourself may be one of them, that you too may be slowly becoming a zombie trans...!
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Bellone orders language translation help - Newsday

NewsdayBellone orders language translation helpNewsdaySuffolk County Executive Steve Bellone on Wednesday signed an order requiring county agencies to translate vital public documents and provide interpreters to non-English speakers.!
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Content writing: 3 ways you can boost translation quality | Sajan Blog

By addressing content writing issues before translation begins, you can positively impact your translation quality.!
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Something you should know about interpreting rates | Global to ...

I wanted to make a quick point about how low interpreting rates have fallen. At the moment, it is about one THIRD as expensive for a customer to get an interpreter in-person as it is to get one over the phone.!
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Oldham News | News Headlines | Bullying translators blamed for chaos - Chronicle Online

THE former boss of a controversial, Delph-based court translation company has blamed interpreters for failures in the...!
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A Real Life Simulation - How Wrong Translation of Documents Can Ruin Your Business - Petchonka

Any business operating within the global market encounters its fair share of challenges. But one which can be easily side-stepped is the problem of miscommunication due to poor translation.

When translating documents, marketing materials or any information from one language to another, it is vital that companies consider how the end product will reflect on them professionally. A high quality, professionally delivered translation will convey a polished approach and can make locals in the target country more likely to listen to what your company has to say, as well as consider what it has to offer.

The quality of translation can make the difference in a marketing campaign as well as in the public’s perception of a product. For example, in 2004 the company “Waterpik”, famous in America for dental instruments, met with trouble when promoting their product to customers in Denmark. When the company tried to translate its name, ‘Water’ was translated to the Danish ‘vand’, and the company added their trademark ‘Pik’ to then end, resulting in ‘VandPik’ which is a Danish euphemism for an early morning erection.!
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