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The Editing Process by Scott Bury

Guest Post by Author, Scott Bury

Thanks to PJ and Karen for inviting me to write about my editing process. This is what works for me, and it has also worked for hundreds of students I taught it to when I was a college English professor.!
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Google Translate now supports handwriting recognition

Getting the right message across is always crucial – I believe that wars have started due to miscommunication in the past, so with tools like Google Translate at our disposal these days, it makes perfect sense to maximize their use.!
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Le Clézio : " Je suis un indigné de l'Afrique "

Prix Nobel de littérature, J.M.G. Le Clézio est le "Grand invité du Louvre" et publie un nouveau livre, "Histoire du pied et autres fantaisies" (Gallimard).!
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Afidel : le français s'écrit dans toutes les langues - La Dépêche

L'atelier d'écriture de l'Afidel, à Saint-Gaudens, a officiellement débuté en septembre, même si Chantal Benquet, la for...!
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Simply Typing

Home Based Business, Editing, Proofreading, typing...

If English is our primary language shouldn't we at least attempt to use it correctly, especially when writing books, stories and web sites?. I am constantly amazed that they get any business at all!! There are so many mistakes, both spelling and grammar. Words used incorrectly and spelled badly.
This is why I decided to help and use my skills as an editor/proofreader.

Your Website is the Window Front of your Business. Do you want to make a good first impression on your visitors and potential customers? Of course you do!! Website Proofreading and Editing will ensure that the entry to your business is error-free and inviting.!
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A few words on corpus linguistics part 2

by Ron Carter

Part 2 of 2

In the second of this two-part blog entry, Prof. Ronald Carter of the University of Nottingham looks in more detail at the kind of information corpora can reveal about the use of language and why this is so important for the development of language teaching materials....!
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Google Translate Updated, Now Allows For Handwriting Recognition In Seven Different Languages

Google Translate just got a little update that brings big functionality: the ability to recognize written words in seven different languages. The previou...!
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Writing Tips

When writing consider the recipients. What do they know already? What can you tell them?
Outline your memos and letters before beginning to write.
When writing reports, summarize key points or ...!
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Pearson Education Extends Scope of Permissions Licenses

Writer Beware has learned that Pearson Education, a major education services company (and the parent company of trade publisher Penguin), is currently requesting vastly extended licenses for copyrighted text and images that it has received permission from rightsholders to include in its print textbooks and other publications.

The original licenses were limited by language, territory, and/or format. Here's an actual example: North American English rights only, for a first printing of 5,000 copies.

Pearson's extension request expands that limited scope to include pretty much everything, everywhere. Here's the exact language:...!
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Proofreading – An Essential Skill for ALL Freelancers

Thanks to the internet, reaching prospective clients has never been easier. Whether you are a freelance web ...!
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La revisión de traducciones juradas | Blog de Leon Hunter

Interrumpo un largo silencio para añadir otra entrada sobre algo que me tiene ocupado (bastante ocupado) recientemente que es la revisión de traducciones juradas.

Mito 1: Las traducciones juradas no se pueden revisar

Es cierto que un proveedor de servicios lingüísticos (una agencia, por ejemplo) no puede obligar a un traductor jurado a modificar una traducción y esto es debido a las especiales características de las traducciones juradas que sella y firma el traductor jurado bajo su responsabilidad.....!
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More Thoughts on Plagiarism - Innovations - The Chronicle of Higher Education

I received so many insightful comments and off-site e-mails about my last post on plagiarism that I’m postponing my post about student evaluations (another end-of-term issue which concerns us all) to continue discussing this topic. For those of you who have not read all the comments (I always do!) Sandy Thatcher, who, I assume, is Sanford Thatcher, director emeritus of Penn State Press—and thus someone who knows much more about the subject than I do—had the following to say, worth quoting in full:....!
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"For many tiny, endangered languages, digital technology has become a lifeline." | MetaFilter

I enjoy and respect the diversity of world's languages. As a computer nerd I'm less excited about a diversity of writing systems. There's a lot of national and cultural pride in having your own writing system, Cherokee being a successful example. The Mormon Deseret is a fascinating example of a failure, doubly so since it was an alternate writing for English.

Still, I have to wonder whether a Roman script transliteration (or Arabic) wouldn't work just as well as a writing system for Manding languages; the Wikipedia article says both are in common usage. The obvious benefit is that literate Manding speakers could then use mainstream software without special effort or adaptation. The question seems particularly germane for a relatively new script like N'Ko. The question is balancing the value of a unique script for cultural identity vs. the limitation of delaying texting culture by years.!
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Quote Me on This: How Language Affects Punctuation

As translators bring text from one language to another, one seemingly-small matter makes a big difference: punctuation. You might think that there’s nothing to it, but as with most aspects of translation, punctuation is not as simple as you think.!
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7 Habits For Effective Text Editing 2.0

Google Tech Talks February 13, 2007 ABSTRACT A large percentage of time behind the computer screen is spent on editing text. Investing a little time in learn...!
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How to be a good proofreader

Mox is a young but well educated translator. Two PhDs, six languages... and he hardly earns the minimum wage.!
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A Practical Reference Guide for Translators

As a translator, one of the most  consuming tasks is not the translation itself but the research involved. In many cases it is the most mundane but important information that takes hours. I...!
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A Submitting Author’s Guide to Copyediting

And, no, google, as usual, this post isn't going to be as interesting as you think it's going to be.
Dear Independent Clause,

In light of today's post, I was wondering whether there are any pag...!
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Yankeedaves world – Article Directory » Proofreading and editing as well as Copyediting

You may be working in a business wherever British is needed to convey to consumers or business associates, or you might be a pupil who’s creating forms and tasks in Language. Maybe that you are basically publishing emails to buddies. However you utilize English, whether you might be a local loudspeaker or understanding Uk, you should keep the Language is just as superior as is possible.
Most of us already have simple transliteration and syntax checking abilities built into our concept processors. Nonetheless, if you’re searching for additional accuracy and range of proofreading and editing you may want to check into getting a further application that inspections your Language. You may well be questioning what these applications supply and if they are really the good value. This easy summary outlines and assesses a number of the methods proposed by these plans!
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Translators are writers

It's that simple. Writing is an essential part of the translation process. By the way, how many steps does the translation process involve? Academics from the translationsphere have come up with di...!
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Oxbridge Editing Blog

No matter how good your English, there will always be moments when a piece of grammar, punctuation or spelling needs extra consideration. It can be embarrassing to ask a friend for help with English when it feels like everyone else already knows the answers.

This blog will offer regular tips to help you improve your English language usage. If there is a particular problem that you can’t find the solution for – let us know. Are you worried about where you should insert that apostrophe? Is ‘–ize’ wrong and ‘–ise’ right? Are you splitting your infinitives and do you know how to stop? Whatever your writing query we want to help you find the solution.!
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The Funny Grammar Guide to Misused Words | Oxbridge Editing Blog

Explanation of commonly misused English words with funny grammar mistakes and funny signs to illustrate. Including homophone pairs like your and you're and there, their and they're.!
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Writing Center teaches skills, critical thinking | The Kentucky Kernel

The UK Writing Center has been helping UK undergraduate, graduate and faculty writers for nearly 30 years. We have a long and proud history of committed service to everyone at UK who wants to improve their writing, including undergraduates at all levels and abilities.!
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J W Griebel - Editing

I am a freelance writer and an aspiring horror novelist. Currently working on two manusripts. In my spare time, I play guitar, from thrash to power metal.!
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