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Diario de un futuro traductor: Crónica #ortUMA11: Curso de Ortotipografía y Corrección de Estilo (I)

El día 14 de diciembre comenzó el curso de Ortotipografía y Corrección de Estilo en la Universidad de Málaga. La verdad es que tenía muchas ganas de empezar el curso por todo lo que sabía que iba a pasar allí: la talla de los ponentes se ponían el listón alto a cualquier otro ponente que venía detrás y también al de delante. Fueron tres días muy intensos en los que, a veces, pudo un poco el cansancio, pero que, en general, fue bastante bien.

Hoy os voy a contar el primer día, en el cual acudieron Alberto Gómez Font, Juan José Arevalillo y Miriam Seghiri. Os voy a hacer una pequeña introducción de ellos (en el caso de que no los conozcáis) y también me gustaría explicaros las ponencias que nos presentaron con todos los detalles posibles (era imposible estar atendiendo, tomando notas y tuiteando de vez en cuando en la etiqueta que se abrió para este fin: #ortUMA11).!
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15 ways to use parentheses | Articles

These paired punctuation marks are exceedingly useful in certain, specific cases (some of which you may not have known about).!
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L’inacceptable dans la langue : le cas d’Alexandre Hardy

Le 8 octobre 1622, Alexandre Hardy reçoit un privilège pour faire paraître l’ensemble des pièces de théâtre qu’il a rédigées depuis le début de sa carrière.!
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Paris tries to change spelling - Hindustan Times

Here’s the good news for those who remember struggling through dictation in French class: French spelling has been simplified.!
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Top Posts of 2011: Five Proofreading Techniques Every Talented Writer Should Know |

As a service and holiday treat to our readership, Publetariat will be re-printing the top posts of 2011 between now and the end of the year. We begin with this guest post from Randall Davidson, which originally appeared on Publetariat on 6/1/11. It was the most popular post on Publetariat for all of 2011, and has received a total of 13,898 pageviews since it first appeared.

Professional proofreaders use a number of proofreading techniques in order to produce the most polished and error-free results for their clients. These methods allow them to maintain their concentration on the material while ensuring that it is thoroughly checked for mistakes and necessary corrections. By adopting these proofreading techniques, authors and small business owners can improve the quality of their written communications.!
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La única doble S del español es la de 'grosso modo' -

El primer trabajo que hizo la Real Academia Española, fundada en 1713, fue unificar.

Las formas de una palabra variaban según las convicciones o el capricho del escritor. Para referirse a la 'vigilancia cautelosa' algún poeta había escrito «acecho»; algún novelista, «asecho»; alguna reformadora religiosa, «azecho»; algún editor rebuscado, «açecho» y algún trovador enamorado, «assecho».
Los académicos dejaron solo la forma con c, «acecho», para 'vigilancia cautelosa'; reservaron «asecho», con s, para 'asechanza' o 'engaño' y descartaron las demás. Lo mismo hicieron con cada una de las palabras usadas en la escritura culta. Resultado: el Diccionario de autoridades, primero de la serie que en 2013 llegará a la vigésima tercera edición.!
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Tip of the week: Copyediting education in 2012 |

I firmly believe that copyeditors should continue their education throughout their careers, not just when they’re first learning. Language changes, sometimes at Internet speed. We also don’t use every rule every day, and we can’t possibly remember them all, anyway. We have to use the rules or forget them.

So when it comes time to think of goals for 2012, make sure education is part of it. Understandably, companies have cut their training budgets and individuals have less money to spend on training. But if copyediting is your career, you must invest in it. This week’s Tip shares different ways you can stay current and continue your education in 2012.!
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Arcade Time: Redundancies |

Referring back to this week’s posts to generate ideas for a Friday word game, I closely scrutinized WOTY choices, commonly confused homonyms, and troublesome and ineffective buzzwords but couldn’t resist sharing the video-game fun of redundancies. Consider it a free gift—a post so completely full of redundancies that you’ll have a hard time missing as you shoot them down. And shooting them down is an absolute necessity. Not only is it one of the basic fundamentals of editing, but it’s the sole and only point of this post. Pause for a moment and consider: Did you notice the eight redundancies you’ve already read?!
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How To Be A Qualified Proofreader |

Many people are under the supposition that proofreading and editing is usually an IninherentIn ability. In reality that must be really an purchased ability. By simply following these guidelines, you’ll be able to change yourself to the pro proofreader you’ve often desired turning into!!
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Which means you would like to certainly be a proofreader: 10 tips … | Proofreading Services

The headline in this post ought to get your awareness for one of two causes: you would like being a proofreader or maybe you notice the terminology is incorrect. InWannaIn just isn’t conventional Uk. Checking out this headline, you may found one of two a conclusion: the article author deliberately made use of an oversight to acquire your awareness, or perhaps the author failed to critique effectively. At Aaron Words Services, we percieve blunder immediately after blunder from people who submit an application for proofreading and editing work. Do not expect perfection, but we do have ten suggestions to help proofreaders get nearer to producing great.!
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Editing, An Imperative Part of Writing

Today's guest blogger Jason Boudreau offers irrefutable tips on editing, an imperative step in the writing process.!
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Can Post-editing Be Used Every Time?

We have seen in previous posts that post-editing is the human process of reviewing a text translated by a machine to give it grammatical and semantic sense to...!
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Mwangwego script gets international recognition

Typical of the age old adage that a prophet is not recognised in his land, Nolence Mwangwego's invention, the Mwangwego script is receiving international recognition while it continues to be ignored in the country.!
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Nueva biblia para periodistas: Agencia EFE trajo primer manual de estilo multimedia

El manual, que debiera convertirse en la nueva biblia del periodista actualizado en la multimedia, también es una excelente herramienta de estudio y perfeccionamiento para los estudiantes de periodismo. El detalle es que los 500 libros que se distribuirán en Chile sólo estarán a la venta en librerías de la capital.
Que ¿por qué se alude a un estilo urgente en el título? Según el mismo Manuel Fuentes, se privilegió la palabra urgente porque tiene que ver con la celeridad con que hoy los profesionales de la prensa deben redactar y despachar sus textos noticiosos, lo que les obliga a tener un manual muy rápido de consulta.!
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Falibo - Learn English As a Second Language - Tips For Blog Writing

Blogs are becoming a really big thing these day, and for a good reason, it give the average person a chance to present his view, idea, life though his/her eyes, and in return it give the reader a chance to see life the an average persons eyes.This...!
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Tips for Translators: Quality

The attitude held by many who are requested to provide translated documents is that they will not be read so accuracy doesn’t matter. Regardless to what a client may state to justify this attitude, the fact remains that usually these documents ARE read, and then the client will have to deal with the consequences.

Translators are valued for their ability not their inventories which means that clients have no way to judge our service except through recommendations. This method of acquiring assignments via referrals is the bane of new translators who are looking for their first break into the freelance arena, just as every translator has done before them.!
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What To Look For When Proofreading An Essay

When you proofread, you’re not looking for content errors, or inconsistencies in the writing, but rather you are checking that all your spelling is correct (and yes, spell correct is a life saver, but if you mistype a word with another correctly spelled word, it may not catch it), all your grammar makes sense and all your punctuation is right. You don’t proofread until all your other edits and writing are complete – it should be the final stage in your essay writing....!
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Tips for Writing Better « Editorial Inspirations: Editing, Indexing, Proofreading

Editorial Inspirations provides exceptional manuscript editing and indexing services to both publishers and authors. Services include critiques, copyediting, developmental editing, indexing, proofing and manuscript submission.!
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The The Impotence of Proofreading

I'm skipping a day in the Novel Writing 101 series to bring you this:

I know I'm going a bit over the line with this one, but it is just too funny to pass up.

A writer friend of mine reminded me of this very funny presentation about ...!
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Translation Tribulations: Back to 2003!

Like many people, I am deeply unhappy with the changes that Microsoft made to its Office Suite in the 2007 and 2010 versions. Since I upgraded from Office 2003 about a year ago, I have been unable to find many functions I used for decades. I find the "ribbon" paradigm used in the current interface appalling. Icons have been carried much too far in interfaces. We need words to figure out where things are in most cases. Or I do at least.!
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Become a proofreader

Are you fed up of having your dissertations handed back to you due to poor spelling, grammar and punctuation? Well you could change this, by becoming a Proofreader!!
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Garnier, Xavier. — Le roman swahili, la notion de littérature mineure à l’épreuve

Pierre Alexandre, l’un des fondateurs des Cahiers d’Études africaines, fut longtemps en France l’un des rares africanistes à étudier la langue et les littératures swahilies.!
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Copy Editing « Grammar Guide «

If you are a copy editor, you probably recognize the problem in the following sentences, and they probably give you a chuckle just before you realize how challenging it might be to fix the problem. As the 27-year-old owner of four Raleigh restaurants, it’s hard to tell which part of G Patel’s resume is more impressive. Standing at the burned house, where Daniel Moses’ mattress springs can be seen through the charred window, cotton stretches to two horizons.....!
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Wabeladio Payi D. consacré Docteur Honoris Causa des Universités du Congo-Kinshasa pour ses découvertes en linguistique - Le Deuil des Chauves-Souris

The researcher Wabeladio Payi David, devoted Doctor Honoris Causa of universities in Congo - Kinshasa for his discoveries in linguistics. ...

En tant que système de signes, au sens de Ferdinand de Saussure, cette nouvelle écriture peut représenter toutes les langues humaines. Des applications ont été opérées pour les langues bantu comme le lingala, le swahili, le ciluba et pour des langues indo-européennes comme le français et le portugais. Il poursuit actuellement ses recherches en linguistique à l'université Simon Kimbangu de Kinshasa (Congo Démocratique). Il a créé à Kinshasa un institut de recherches nommé CENA (Centre d l'écriture négro-africaine) pour l'approfondissement du Mandombe. Pour l'encourager dans ses recherches, le Ministre de l'Enseignement supérieur et universitaire (ESU) de la République du Congo Démocratique Monsieur Léonard Mashako Mamba en accord avec les présidents de trois universités congolaises, l'Université de Kinshasa, l'université de Kisangani, et l'université de Lumbumbashi va décerner le 19 décembre 2011 le grade de Docteur Honoris Causa à Papa Wabeladio. Ce système d'écriture est basé sur deux caractères, le chiffre cinq en capitale et sa symétrie axiale verticale qu'est le chiffre deux. Ces deux premiers caractères sont appelés Mvuala, c'est-dire des consonnes.!
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Google Translate for Android now recognizes handwriting in seven languages

The Google Translate for Android app has been updated with a new handwriting recognition feature that works with seven different languages, including Chinese and Japanese, as well as English, French,...!
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