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Brain stores words in visual dictionary › News in Science (ABC Science)

When we read, our brains are instantly able to recognise words because we have stored them in a 'visual dictionary', say researchers.!
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'A Fish In Your Ear': What Gets Lost In Translation : NPR

Russian has a word for light blue and a word for dark blue, but no word for a general shade of blue. So when interpreters translate "blue" into Russian, they're forced to pick a shade.!
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The Hindu : Cities / Mangalore : Building an online repository of Konkani words

In an attempt to preserve the Konkani language for posterity, a website is assimilating Konkani words and creating an online repository with the help of volunteers from across the world.

Konkani is spoken by people along the western coast of India, in Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat.!
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Tipos de diccionarios | Tipos de

Este concepto alude a una recopilación de palabras ordenadas de forma alfabética, que incluye el significado de las mismas.!
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About Translation: New landing page for Xbench training

To access the presentation you can either go to the tab here on top (now renamed “Xbench Training”), or go directly to!
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Narrative Terminology

An uninterrupted stream of language modified by the speaker to capture and hold the listeners attention/interest.

4 Types of Narratives

Recounts: tell about past experiences and i...!
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The new travel lexicon: Find some terms that capture changing trends & concepts - The Economic Times

After the recession and amid fears of another one looming large, the word has broadened its scope to mean holidays with elderly people.!
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Occupy USF is flawed, misguided - The Oracle - University of South Florida

‘Occupy’ may become the word of the year, as the movement that started with Occupy Wall Street has swept across the U.S. and overseas in the last few months.!
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Don’t dingie Scots slang say dictionary compilers - Arts -

SLANG such as “dingie”, “numpty” and “cooncil curtains” could be included in the first updated compilation of the Scots language in decades.!
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New words – 14 November 2011

griefing noun the activity of deliberately annoying or harrassing other players in a multi-player computer game

Griefing is a crime of opportunity. They don't want to work for their random dest...!
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Occupy: Online buzzword of the year — RT

The word “occupy”, the phrase “Arab Spring” and the name “Steve Jobs” have been most-talked about terms in the English language blogosphere and online media this year, an Internet monitoring report says.!
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Région Franche-Comté | Les régionaux du Who’s Who - L'Est Républicain

Montbéliard. Ils n’ont pas la notoriété de Pierre Moscovici (député, Doubs), Nadine Morano (secrétaire d’État, Meurthe-et-Moselle) ou Carole Gaessler ...!
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Tips for Translators: Delivery

You have completed your translation assignment and now it is ready to be delivered. If you are fortunate enough to have clients within your area, you could deliver the assignment personally. But outside of this scenario, you need to clarify with the client how they want their work delivered. The terms of delivery can change due to external factors, i.e., a labor strike, technology failure or natural disaster or as a result of a request by client.!
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Tips for Translators: Payment Arrangements

Now that the assignment has been completed, you know you will be paid for your work, but the question is WHEN? Some agency contracts state payment will made in 30 days, for other agencies you may have to wait 45 to 60 days. It is rare to find an agency that issues payment in less than 30 days with the average being closer to 40 days.!
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The Inbound Marketer’s Link Building SEO Glossary | Business 2 Community

We recently received inquiries on some of the terminology in the 15 Effective Link Building Techniques for SEO blog post.!
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Looking Up Words In A Book Not So Strange Yet : NPR

"Smoot" is one of 10,000 new words featured in the fifth edition of The American Heritage Dictionary, out this month. In an era when every definition is just a click away, why publish an enormous book of words?!
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Microsoft Translator launches Language Labs – Contextual Thesaurus, Bookmarklet, and Universal Text Input |

Microsoft Translator launches Language Labs – Contextual Thesaurus, Bookmarklet, and Universal Text Input... To put it simply, it is an English-to-English machine translation system that lets you explore alternate ways of expressing the same sentence, phrase, or idea. How it differs from traditional thesaurus is that it provides synonyms or near synonyms for words according to its context. For example, try looking up the word “break” in a conventional thesaurus, then look up “businesses are asking for tax breaks” in the Contextual Thesaurus, and you will see the difference.!
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Dictionary Day takes place of Halloween costumes at East Coweta Middle School - The Times-Herald

Online edition of The Times-Herald, Newnan and Coweta County's Online Source. Find the latest local, state, national and international news. View and place classified ads online.!
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Piedad Villavicencio Bellolio : La esquina del idioma - NOV. 13, 2011 - COLUMNISTAS - EL UNIVERSO

La esquina del idioma - «Yapa» equivale a regalo, propina, adehala, ayuda, aumento, añadidura, agregado, extra. Se usa para referirse a cosas materiales o inmateriales. - NOV.!
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