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United Nations Voluntary Fund 2013 Call for Applications

The United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery is now open to accepting proposals under its 2013 Call for Applications.!
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Fallece el poeta tapatío Guillermo Fernández :: El Informador

Víctima de un asalto, el poeta tapatío Guillermo Fernández, murió a la edad de 79 años en la ciudad de Toluca, Estado de México, donde actualmente residía y se desempeñaba como profesor de traducción de poesía y poesía.

Hasta el momento, familiares y amigos cercanos al poeta que ganara el premio Juan de Mairena en el IV Verano de Poesía de 2011, no han detallado información sobre el lamentable hecho.

"No tenemos mucha información al respecto, todavía están haciendo las averiguaciones en Toluca. Yo me enteré a mediodía. Fue víctima de un asalto en su propia casa y ahí fue asesinado", explicó Jorge Esquinca, poeta, traductor, editor y amigo de Guillermo Fernández.!
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Être traducteur à l'ONU - Journée de la langue française

Anne Fassotte témoigne de son expérience de traductrice à l'ONU.!
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La traduction en questions

ENTRETIEN. David Bellos raconte l'histoire fabuleuse de cet art sans lequel les échanges internationaux n'existeraient pas.!
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Profile: Professor Ngugi wa Thiong’o – Literary and Social Activist

Ngugi wa Thiong’o, currently Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Irvine, was born in Kenya, in 1938 into a large peasant family. He was educated at Kamandura, Manguu and Kinyogori primary schools; Alliance High School, all in Kenya; Makerere University College (then a campus of London University), Kampala, Uganda; and the University of Leeds, Britain. He is recipient of seven Honorary Doctorates viz D Litt (Albright); PhD (Roskilde); D Litt (Leeds); D Litt &Ph D (Walter Sisulu University); PhD (Carlstate); D Litt (Dillard) and D Litt (Auckland University). He is also Honorary Member of American Academy of Letters. A many-sided intellectual, he is novelist, essayist, playwright, journalist, editor, academic and social activist.

The Kenya of his birth and youth was a British settler colony (1895-1963). As an adolescent, he lived through the Mau Mau War of Independence (1952-1962), the central historical episode in the making of modern Kenya and a major theme in his early works.!
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Donald G. Ellis


Donald G. Ellis is Professor of Communication in the School of Communication at the University of Hartford. His Ph.D. is from the University of Utah, where his doctoral disser...!
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La mujer detrás del Diccionario

María Moliner es un nombre que evoca familiaridad y respeto porque con esos sustantivos se identifica a la creadora del Diccionario de Uso del Español (DUE), una de las obras lexicográficas más importantes del habla hispana.!
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Unprofessional Translation: Two Translation Preparatory Schools for Children

A book about language that’s popular at the moment is David Bellos’ Is That A Fish in Your Ear. Bellos himself is an Expert Translator of French literature besides being director of Princeton University’s Program in Translation and Intercultural Communication. He knows a lot about the history and practice of translation; the book is erudite, though what one reviewer describes as “a bouillabaisse”. I learnt from it, and especially something about training children in preparation for becoming interpreter-translators. It's well known among translation historians that in the late 17th century, Louis XIV’s enterprising minister Colbert founded a language school for such children in Paris.!
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Six Arab Novelists on Why They Write

During recent visits to Jordan and Syria, Boston librarian Diane D’Almeida (pictured) videotaped short interviews with a dozen different Arab authors. She also has since interviewed a dozen Bost...!
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Saudi Gazette - Project in UAE among translation award winners

Renowned translators who translated works from English into Arabic and vice versa were ... honored by the Board of Trustees. These translators included Mona Baker, translation professor at Manchester University and Dr. Dolinina Arkadivinia, Russian professor who translated famous Arabic poems into Russian language!
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TWO VOICES: Perry Link, China Specialist and Translator of Nobel Winner Liu Xiaobo

On January 26, translator and China scholar Perry Link joined the Center, the Asia Society, and the Mechanics Institute in San Francisco for a discussion on imprisoned Chinese activist and 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo’s No Enemies, No Hatred, a collection of his political essays and poetry. In his role as translator, editor, and scholar, Link reviewed the process of publishing the collection, Liu’s literary background and career as writer and activist, and both the personal and political influences of his development into one of China’s most notorious and celebrated “dissidents.”
Link begins with a portrait of Liu as an independent thinker out of necessity; he was pulled from school along with a generation of young people during the Cultural Revolution, and any education he received was self-motivated. He repeatedly references Liu’s wide intellect—gathered during years of autodidactic study. For instance, talking about the idea of the Dalai Lama becoming prime minister of China—which Liu compares to Barack Obama becoming America’s first black president—Link says, “he takes an idea that sounds like it’s from the other side of Pluto and makes it sound reasonable.”!
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Dismissed Concordia president returns to teach

Controversy over Former president Judith Woodsworth quietly returning to the translation department at beginning of January

"This time, she's not returning to the executive offices on the upper floors of the administration GM building, but to a office on the sixth floor of the McConnell building where the études françaises department is located. Twice a week, Woodsworth heads to the new MB building, where she teaches two small 400-level courses on translation.

“I am fundamentally an academic,” Woodsworth said in a phone interview with Canadian University Press when asked why she would return to Concordia after her dismissal. “I felt that the academic life was something that was really very much a part of me, and I wanted to come back and continue where I left off when I left Concordia 14 years ago.”"!
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New from St. Jerome: Translation and Literary Studies‏

Translation and Literary Studies
 Homage to Marilyn Gaddis Rose

Edited by Marella Feltrin-Morris, Deborah Folaron and María Constanza Guzmán
 ISBN 978-1-905763-34-4, £22.50 (inc. postag...!
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Ayo Bamgbose at 80

NAAyo Bamgbose, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics (the scientific study of language) turns 80 today 27 January, 2012. An international intellectual giant, Prof. Bamgbose has for almost half a century remained one of the few home-based icons of scholarship who have been making unquantifiable contributions to education in Nigeria and positively enhancing Nigeria’s image in the international community of scholars.

A professor in the Department of Linguistics and African Languages, University of Ibadan, from 1969 to 1990 and a professor emeritus in the same Department from 1994 till date, his birthday is worthy of celebration with sober reflections.
The 80th birthday of Ayo Bamgbose, whose simple approach to life is semiotically reflected in his name, deserves to be celebrated, not only by his family, friends and hosts of former students many of whom are professors today, but also significantly, by a nation to which he has contributed so much in service on matters relating to language, with stunning humility, honesty and a selflessness rare on our shores.TIONAL NEWS INDEX FOR SUN NEWS ONLINE, NIGERIA'S LEADING TABLOID DAILY NEWSPAPER.!
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