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Study: Google accounts for 25 percent of all Internet traffic | PCWorld

The diversified range of new products being built and provided by Google now make the company accountable for nearly 25 percent of all Internet traffic, up from a mere 6 percent just three years ago, according to a new study.!
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Google bigger than Facebook, Netflix and Instagram combined

Google, and its bevy of services, including Gmail, search, YouTube and Maps, account for 25% of all Internet traffic in North America, on average, according to Deepfield, an Internet monitoring company.!
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Cricket launches kids' magazine in Spanish

Cricket launches kids' magazine in Spanish :: La Prensa :: America in English, portal de noticias y mucho más.!
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Pedro Gomez gives English-language voice to Spanish-speaking players - VOXXI

Pedro Gomez, the son of Cuban immigrants, knows his translations mean a lot to the players and he has known that since long before he was on the air.!
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Researchers develop device that translates sign language into text | NDTV Gadgets

Researchers develop device that translates sign language into text: Researchers have developed a novel computer system that enables deaf people to translate gestures u...!
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Joseph Smith’s Supernal Gift of Translation

Michael Ash’s wonderful Meridian article describing the translation process of the Book of Mormon entitled “How to Read Ancient Nephite” should be read by all Latter-day Saints.!
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Kinect Based Automatic Translator/Interpreter for Sign Language

Sign language, though powerful enough to express any idea or thought, only bridges the communication gap between deaf people. Talking to someone with h!
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Learning a language depends on good connection between regions of the left hemisphere of the brain

Language is a uniquely human ability. The average person's vocabulary consists of about thirty thousand words, although there are individual differences in the ability to learn a new language.!
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Writers’ Trust names jury for top non-fiction writing prize | Toronto Star

A jury of three will select the next winner of the Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Non-Fiction, which comes with a $60,000 prize.!
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Plus d’enseignement

Les auteurs d’un rapport remis à la ministre de la Culture, Aurélie Filippetti, préconisent le vote d’une loi. L’enseignement des langues régionales progresse-t-il ? Frédérique Espagnac...!
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Il y aura un sixième forum des langues régionales

Hier, en fin d’après midi, Patrick Lavaud, directeur des Nuits atypiques, a suspendu la cinquième édition du forum des langues jusqu’à la sixième l’an prochain. Une édition ouverte à des...!
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Dans quelle(s) langue(s) enseigne-t-on dans le monde ?

Cette contribution aborde les langues d’enseignement dans le monde, et s’intéresse plus particulièrement aux langues d’enseignement des matières scientifiques. Ceci...!
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La langue allemande comparée aux autres par le collectif Copy Cat Channel

Les membres du collectif Copy Cat Channel ont publié une vidéo montrant les différences de prononciation entre...!
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Rouen : le site de l'office de tourisme disponible en deux nouvelles langues - Tendance Ouest

Le site internet de l'Office de Tourisme de Rouen continue de s'étoffer : il est désormais disponible en brésilien et en russe.!
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Sur l'usage de langues étrangères dans les documents électoraux

Les candidats peuvent-ils diffuser des documents de propagande électorale en langue étrangère ?!
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Les langues de nos mères - Terangaweb

En octobre 2007, l’Institut für Auslandsbeziehungenun (Institut Allemand des relations culturelles internationales) réunit à Berlin un comité international d’experts chargés [...]!
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