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Get savvy on the latest cloud terminology

As with all technology, some lingo stays popular, while other phrases decline in use. Use this list to find out the newest terminology for all things cloud.!
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Cision AB : Essex Business TTC wetranslate to Sponsor Inaugural Essex University Translation Competition | 4-Traders

The Essex translation company , TTC Wetranslate has confirmed an exciting new partnership with the University of Essex. It will join forces with the University’s Department of Language and...!
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Pinterest Acquires VisualGraph And Its Visual Search Technology

Pinterest announced today that it has acquired VisualGraph, an image recognition and visual search technology startup.!
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Why Apps Will Dethrone Content as King of Digital Marketing

The sites with the best tools dominate the web. Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, WordPress, and LinkedIn don't owe their success to content marketing because they are more than content. Here's why apps are the future of digital marketing.!
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Why Pinterest Needs To Upgrade Visual Search Stat

Pinterest is already the Visual Web’s most notable search engine—just not a very good one.!
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Google Glass $99 prescription frames available now | Android |

Google Glass owners who also have prescription lenses have been hunting for a solution that keeps their $1,500 computer on their face and still allows them to see the world. The Wetley GGRX [...]!
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Harnessing Chaos Constructively: Google Glass in India

So what did I learn in India? I learned that Glass (or any innovative wearable technology company) has enormous potential here and India has a lot to offer Glass.!
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Google Teams Up With Audi, Others for Open Automotive Alliance

Google today unveiled the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), a collaboration with Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai, and Nvidia that's intended to accelerate in-car tech innovation.!
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Google forms new organization to bring Android to cars

Other members of the Open Automotive Alliance include Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia!
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Introdução à Tradução da Aliança Cultural Brasil-Japão! | Nacional|Clipp Notícias para Seguros|Saúde

A prova de admissão ao Curso de Introdução à Tradução da Aliança Cultural Brasil-Japão para o primeiro semestre de 2014 já tem data! Os interessados têm até o mês de janeiro para se prepar!
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Equal Sign Named 'Symbol Of The Year' For 2013

As an undergraduate major in the Symbolic Systems Program at Stanford University, I had amazing opportunities to interact with scholars from a variety of!
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some quotes on writing

Anxiety, like light, is a fine source of energy. Success is entirely dependent upon constancy of purpose. Fail. Fail again. Fail better. Attention is the ruler of the craft. and a good quote from Ira Glass...!
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Translation Begins on Tibetan Version of China Encyclopedia

Translation Begins on Tibetan Version of China Encyclopedia!
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Media Freeware Creates Bible Dictionary to Elaborate on the Meaning of Words in the Bible

Press Release issued Jan 6, 2014: The Bible is the most popular and best-selling book on earth, and has been in print since the invention of print. Indeed, the Gutenberg printing press was first used to print the Bible.!
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Why Freelancers are Happier than Day-jobbers | Inbox Translation

Freelancing may not be for everyone, yet those who have chosen it seem to be happier than those stuck in an office. Freedom and flexibility are the key.!
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Your professional translator: How do you stay healthy and fit? Interview with Carole Seawert

How do freelancers stay healthy and fit? Interview with Carole Seawert!
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El Othmani soutient l’officialisation de la langue amazighe

El Othmani soutient l’officialisation de la langue amazighe!
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Pinterest Acquires Image Recognition And Visual Search Startup VisualGraph | TechCrunch

Pinterest has just acquired two-man startup VisualGraph, which creates machine vision, image recognition, and visual search technologies. The company's..!
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La competencia gramatical

Según El Diccionario de términos clave de ELE, la competencia gramatical (también llamadacompetencia lingüística) es la capacidad de una persona para producir enunciados gramaticales en una lengua, es decir, enunciados que respeten las reglas de la gramática de dicha lengua en todos sus niveles (vocabulario, formación de palabras y oraciones, pronunciación y semántica). Sabemos, además, que lengua y habla no siempre van por los mismos carriles y que, ante las dudas, conviene recurrir a los especialistas: la RAE, la Fundéu,, solo por mencionar algunos de los varios recursos en línea.


De la solapa “Recomendaciones y dudas” de la Fundéu (Fundación del español urgente), elegimos algunos consejos que hacen a la adquisición de la competencia lingüística.

1. a día de hoy, al día de hoy

Debe evitarse la expresión a día de hoy, al día de hoy cuando se quiera expresar que un suceso determinado ocurre en el mismo día o en la actualidad. La Fundéu BBVA, que trabaja con el asesoramiento de la Real Academia Española, recomienda usar otras formas, como las que propone el Diccionario panhispánico de dudas: hoy por hoy, hasta hoy, hasta ahora,hasta este momento, etc.; o, sencillamente, hoy, en el día de hoy, hoy en día, ahora o en la actualidad.!
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What’s the good word?

The old year has gone; a new one is upon us already. While some things haven’t changed with the coming of 2014, there is a rather long list of hackneyed words from 2013 that people would like evicted from our vocabulary this year.

It has been named ‘word of the year’ by The Oxford Dictionary but even those who use social networking sites say ‘selfie’ (a photograph taken of and by oneself to be uploaded on a social media site) is on everyone’s nerves. YOLO (you only live once) and hashtags, again popularised by social media sites are receiving much flak. “These aren’t words you say out loud,” says collegian Rohit D’ Souza who adds, “Instagram sure is a popular app but people who constantly post pictures of their food on Facebook and Twitter really annoy me. Foodstagramming must be banned and so should the words Photobomb and Throwback Thursday. Also, I don’t get why people use random so loosely. On Facebook, every other person has an album titled random.”

In every area there are words that were popular in 2013 that people would like to discard. As far as the dance/music scene goes, thanks to Miley Cyrus, the word ‘twerk’ though added to the Oxford Dictionary, is among those words people across the word would love banished this year.

Milan Vohra, advertising professional and author of Tick-tock we’re 30, says: “If there is one word I'm severely allergic to, it is awesome. It is a one word cliché that is used much too generically. It shows a person is just plain lazy or lacks the vocabulary to find a more appropriate word. ‘Anyways’, ‘like totally’ and ‘isn't that the sweetest?’ are other phrases I detest.”!
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Zuma pays up for new Zulu Bible - KwaZulu-Natal | IOL News |

Durban - The Roman Catholic Church and the Jacob Zuma Foundation have embarked on a mission to ensure the correct translation of the Bible from the original Greek and Hebrew to Zulu.

The undertaking is expected to take at least three years, to ensure that it is accurate and that there are no omissions – as happened when it was translated from English.

On Sunday, President Jacob Zuma donated R500 000 on behalf of the foundation to complete the task started by Bishop Mlungisi Dlungwane of Mariannhill in KwaZulu-Natal.

He attended mass at the Mariannhill Mission with businessman Patrice Motsepe, MEC for Education Peggy Nkonyeni, MEC for Agriculture Meshack Radebe and eThekwini mayor James Nxumalo.

Zuma applauded the 32 people who would undertake the task, saying it would change people’s lives.

He commended the church for its role in protecting the community from poverty, adding that it also played a role in hospitals and schools.

“The Bible is a holy book. That is why believers should get the gist of it as it is, and it needs to be translated properly,” Zuma said.

“Zulu should not climb on top of other languages, but what is written should be translated directly from that language into Zulu.”

Zuma encouraged business people to contribute money to the project.!
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Game Gear Title ‘Royal Stone’ Now Playable in English ‹ Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer is a video game website devoted to delivering unique gaming articles, reviews, features and more.!
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-WordHippo Finds the Right Word You're Looking For - Life Hacker

Web: A dictionary tells you the meaning of a word. WordHippo tells you the meaning and also finds synonyms, antonyms, words that rhyme with it, sentences containing!
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