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Why No One Is Reading What You're Writing

I see it often: Businesses hire a blogger, or rely on an existing employee to spearhead their content strategy. They have high hopes for increased website traffic, email subscribers and sales. New content is frequently published to the blog.!
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Google launches Chromebox for meetings: A $999 video conferencing system

Google launches Chromebox for meetings: A $999 video conferencing system!
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Moving from Simple to Faceted Search

In the early 2000, most organizations wanted a simple search button or search function that gave them 10 links on a search results page to find documents and web pages faster.!
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Don't be scared: dialogue without quotation marks

Richard Lea: In one way, reported speech without inverted commas is more direct. But it's also making an oblique signal of the author's ambitions!
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Online Reputation Company Completely Removes Defaming Pages from the Net - The Sacramento Bee

/PRNewswire/ --, an online reputation management company, is at it again.!
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La traducción financiera: un ámbito de alta especialización | Blog de Laura - Blogs

La traducción financiera: un ámbito de alta especialización | Blog de Laura - Blogs!
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Nueva traducción de Potteriana

Uno de los eventos más esperados de la casa editorial de Azbuka Attikus es la edición rusa del libro de Joanne Rowling, traducido por María Spivak. Su traducción del prime!
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Search over

IN NOVEMBER 2009 Foundem, a price-comparison website, first complained to the European Commission about Google. The American company, Foundem...!
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Google agrees to concessions to settle EU antitrust case

Google Inc. cleared out a key antitrust case, among other battles it faces, by agreeing to terms with European officials over allegations that the Internet giant abused its search-engine dominance to promote its own services over those of...!
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Should Adjunct Professors Write Reference Letters?

As an adjunct, I’ve worried that my words won’t carry the weight of my tenured colleagues. So I asked around. Here’s what I learned.!
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Report: The NYPD Is Testing Google Glass

According to a report by VentureBeat, The New York City Police Department is currently investigating how useful Google Glass could be in the fight against the city's crime.!
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Harry Potter tem nova tradução em russo

Um dos acontecimentos mais esperados na editora russa Azbuka-Attikus é a publicação dos livros de Joanne Rowling sobre Harry Potter, traduzidos por Maria Spivak. Sua traduç!
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Oxford English Dictionary Tour

The latest adventure of the Ertegun scholars was not to a London museum or in the far-off world of 19th-century Russian drama, but was five minutes away from the Ertegun house. In a quiet street of...!
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Google Awards $106M in Stock, Cash to Eric Schmidt | CIO Today

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is getting an award of $100 million in Google!
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How To Sneeze In Ten Different Languages

Manchester-based artist James Champman illustrates how to sneeze in ten different languages. Previously he explored what various animals sound like in different languages.!

Google is Now Showing Large Embedded Videos in Search Results - Search Engine Journal

Next time you do a search for video content, instead of the YouTube results you're used to seeing you may get a large embedded video that's playable within!
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Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus - An online thesaurus and dictionary of over 145,000 words that you explore using an interactive map.

An online thesaurus and dictionary of over 145,000 words that you explore using an interactive map. It's a tool for people who think visually. The most fun you've ever had with words.!
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A New Pedagogy is Emerging... and Online Learning is a Key Contributing Factor | Contact North

A New Pedagogy is Emerging... and Online Learning is a Key Contributing Factor | Contact North!
Sande Woodson's curator insight, February 6, 2015 6:55 PM

A great article with lots of great examples.

Fundéu BBVA: Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno, claves de redacción

Con motivo de los Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno, que se celebran en Sochi entre el 7 y el 23 de febrero, se ofrecen algunas claves para una correcta redacción de las informaciones relacionadas con este acontecimiento:

1. La denominación oficial es "XXII Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno".

2. La palabra "olimpiada", según recogen los principales diccionarios del español, significa tanto 'periodo de cuatro años comprendido entre dos celebraciones consecutivas de los juegos olímpicos' como 'competición deportiva universal que se celebra cada cuatro años en un lugar previamente determinado'.

3. "Olimpiada" y "olimpíada" son acentuaciones válidas, como lo es su uso en singular y en plural, según señala el Diccionario panhispánico de dudas.

4. La "Ortografía de la lengua española" señala que los nombres de los torneos deportivos se escriben con inicial mayúscula en todos sus elementos significativos: "Juegos Olímpicos". Su abreviatura es "JJ. OO.".!
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Reading is a fun challenge

Reading is a fun challenge

Lexington Eighth Grader Christopher Amador reads during his reading class at Lexington Middle School, taught by Tina Thompson. The class recently won the Master Classroom reading award.

Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 9:00 am

Kevin Zelaya C-H staff writer | 0 comments

LEXINGTON, Neb – The Model Reading Class certification that hangs on Jody Bauer’s classroom wall symbolizes not only her students’ reading proficiency, but on a broader scale, shows Lexington Middle School’s passion for literacy and improving reading skills.

The reading class certification requires students in reading classes to read a certain amount each day, obtain a class average of 85 percent or better on Accelerated Reader quizzes and earn 80 percent of class points from independent reading.

The reading classes aim to improve reading skills and make reading fun.

“Improving literacy at LMS is a school wide-goal. The sheer quantity of books checked out from our library and participation in reading clubs shows students’ passion for reading,” said Erin Hanna, literacy coordinator for Lexington Middle School. “Book fairs are very popular events at LMS.”

LMS Math Teacher Tina Thompson, whose reading class has already earned the higher reading level certification of Master Class, said improving reading skills has a positive effect on student’s performance throughout their school day.

“We’ve seen that when our students improve their reading skills, we see them improve in other classes,” Thompson said.

“Using the Accelerated Reader program affords students with time in the school day to practice reading,” Hanna said. “Along with classroom instruction on reading strategies, this practice does lead to improved reading ability and reading confidence.”

The schools strong emphasis on reading, along with a quiet reading environment during reading classes allows students to pursue their reading interests or explore and try new reading genres, Thompson said.

“Students pick out what they want to read. It’s a great opportunity for students to pursue their interests,” Thompson said, who has selves full of books in her classroom readily available to her reading students.

Jody Bauer, a sixth grade reading class teacher at LMS, whose reading classes have won the model reading class distinction three-years-in-row, said recognizing reading goals helps motivate students.

“It helps my students see the accomplishments they can be a part of in reading class,” Bauer said, noting that her reading students plan on receiving the model class award again this semester.

One interactive project Bauer incorporates into her reading classes is having students create book trailers, where they pr!
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Le russe est la deuxième langue en Allemagne

Par La Voix de la Russie | Le russe est la deuxième langue après l’allemand d’après son usage dans le langage parlé en Allemagne et la troisième d’après l’utilisation dans les médias, selon la recherche « Publications étrangères en Allemagne », publiée aujourd’hui à Berlin.

Cette recherche avait pour son but de déterminer les langues les plus utilisées dans les médias allemands.

L’anglais occupe la deuxième place dans le langage de presse. Il utilisé essentiellement dans la littérature spécialisée.!
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Le français n'est pas au menu | Philippe Orfali | Actualités régionales

La scène s'est déroulée au Spin Dessert Café & Bistro, situé sur la rue Clarence dans le marché By. L'un des nouveaux «restaurants partenaires officiels» du Bal de neige, organisé pour la première fois cette année par le ministère du Patrimoine canadien. L'échange s'est reproduit au Cornerstone Bar & Grill, chez Kinki Sushi, le Blue Cactus, le Heart & Crown...

Comme la plupart des restaurants partenaires officiels du Bal de neige, Spin n'offre ni service ni menu en français. Et ce même si le contrat liant ces entreprises privées à Patrimoine canadien «exige que les membres du public puissent communiquer et recevoir des services dans la langue officielle de leur choix, tant à l'oral qu'à l'écrit».!
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Les langues étrangères ont de l'avenir ! Bien choisir son séjour linguistique - Fais Ta Com

Face aux exigences du marché du travail, il devient indispensable de maîtriser une langue étrangère. Pour mettre en avant la maîtrise d’une langue sur son CV, un diplôme ne suffit plus. Rien de tel qu’une expérience à l’étranger à mettre en avant.


Avant de passer la frontière, les mêmes questions résonnent dans la tète des parents et des futurs participants : quelle formule choisir ? Quel organisme? Quelles garanties ? Comment se préparer ?


Plusieurs formules existent pour se perfectionner en langue, quelque soit son âge :

-          Enfants/ adolescents : séjour en famille ou en centre résidentiel, cours + activités, séjour à thème (sportif, culturel…), séjour en école de langues, stage intensif…

-          Pour les adultes : séjour en école de langues, séjour en famille, stage intensif, job/stage en entreprise,  séjour au pair…


Rencontrez les spécialistes agréés du séjour linguistique et préparez votre projet grâce aux conseils personnalisés des professionnels et grâce aux conférences thématiques : rendez-vous le samedi 22 mars au Salon des séjours linguistiques et des voyages scolaires de 10h00 à 18h00 au Lycée Henri IV de Paris 5.


Prenez le temps de vous renseigner auprès de L’Office national de garantie des séjours et stages linguistiques sur les pièges à éviter et les garanties à exiger.


L’Office agrée et contrôle plus de 40 organismes grâce à des contrôleurs indépendants. L’Office impose aux organismes de séjours un Contrat Qualité portant sur l’encadrement, l’hébergement en famille et en collectivité, la qualité des cours, la disponibilité des correspondants sur place, les brochures … (!
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