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Dhanush enjoys 'Raanjhnaa' dubbing

Southern star Dhanush, who makes his Bollywood debut with "Raanjhnaa", has finished the first phase of the movie's dubbing. After admitting that he was finding it tough to dub for the film, he has now said he is satisfied with his work.!
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Close Approximations: An International Translation Contest - Asymptote

Asymptote is a new international journal dedicated to literary translation and bringing together in one place the best in contemporary writing including: fiction, poetry, drama, visual poetry, criticism, essays and interviews.!
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Translator Training in Higher Education : Pedagogy, Practice, Research and Educational Technology: BA programs (Translation Majors) in the Gulf Countries

Few months ago, and as part of my ongoing PhD research enquiry, I was surveying the universities which deliver degrees, diplomas or certificates in Translation (and languages) in the Arab world. I was checking their websites and see : 1) if they have a course outline displaying the objectives, types of activities and assessment methods designed by faculty (or the institution ) to that specific course in translation (or interpreting); 2) if they have them, I went to examine these elements (objectives, activities and assessment methods) to check if there is an alignment between them or not (in other words: if faculty or any stakeholder involved in this course design is/are consciously and aware of the various dimensions and implications of these designed elements). Above all, implications on students learning outcomes ( I mean meaningful and significant learning outcomes, such as applying what they learnt and creating something out of it on their own).!
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Languages: do your homework - Daily News | Opinion |

On Monday, this newspaper argued that learning an African language for nation-building purposes was better suited to schools than the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

On Tuesday, news emerged from the Department of Basic Education that tuition in African languages would start in grades R and 1 from next year.

The Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, actually signalled it in her budget speech in the National Assembly on May 7. It was a brief reference, largely missed.

“We believe good grounding in a learner’s home language is essential,” she told Parliament. “In 2014, a new policy will come into effect mandating the learning of an African language in all schools. This builds on work we’re doing to improve competencies in African languages.”

We welcome the announcement that all primary school pupils will have to learn an African language. But, like those involved in education, we wonder if next year is not too ambitious.

There are understandable curriculum concerns, and reasonable doubts about the necessary teacher skills. Thousands of educators will have to be trained in African-language teaching, meaning that many will still have to be recruited.

This is not the first time education officials and the ANC administration have pushed hard for especially white South African children to learn an African language. Some 15 years ago, there was a plan for children in former Model C schools to be taught an African language.!
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Translation shown to be a factor in maternity deaths — Irish Medical Times

"The lack of adequate translation services has been highlighted as a factor in the deaths of 10 women who died giving birth here and who were not born in Ireland. A particular concern was the issue of engagement with the services by non-national patients in receipt of alternative medical advice from outside the country."!
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Those Incredible Interpreters

Interpreting is one of the most difficult linguistic skills

Have you ever sat down in an interpreter's booth, put on the headphones and tried to interpret the incoming speech? I did when I was a young and rather naive student who thought that being bilingual meant one could interpret simultaneously. No sooner had I started that problems arrived. As I was outputting the first sentence, the second one was already coming in but I hadn't paid enough attention to it. I remembered its beginning but not its ending. Very quickly I fell behind and I just couldn't say anything more after a few minutes!

Many years later I still remember the scene vividly and because of it, but also because of my own research on the perception and production of speech, I have the utmost respect for interpreters and the training they have to go through to do their job well.

Interpreters come in various types (community, conference, sign language) and interpreting itself is diverse in that it can be consecutive or simultaneous. I will take two extreme cases of interpreting that differ on many aspects including age: bilingual children who act as interpreters and adult simultaneous interpreters.!
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The French protect their language like the British protect their currency

Andrew Gallix: A row over using English in universities has blown up in France, where language is at the heart of the national identity

The front page of Libération, one of France's leading dailies, was printed entirely in English on Tuesday. "Let's do it," ran the banner headline. Sounding like a Nike slogan penned by Cole Porter, it in fact referred toa new bill, which, if passed, would allow some university courses to be taught in English.

Inside the paper (and in French), the editorialists urged their compatriots to "stop behaving like the last representatives of a besieged Gaulish village". The nod to Asterix – the diminutive comic-strip hero who punches above his weight thanks to his cunning and occasional swigs of magic potion – is highly significant. For decades, France has identified with the plucky denizens of Asterix's village, the last corner of Gaul to hold out against Roman invasion. This is how the French fancy themselves: besieged but unbowed – a kind of Gallic take on the Blitz spirit.

The reason Uderzo and Goscinny's books resonated at the time of their publication is that they replayed the myth of French resistance in the context of the cold war. This time around the invaders were no longer German or Roman, but American. Asterix's first outing (in a long-defunct magazine called Pilote) occurred in 1959, the year Charles de Gaulle became president, and grammarian Max Rat coined the word "franglais". My contention is that this is not purely coincidental.!
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Un diccionario de niños que emociona - Cultura

Un maestro compiló las mejores definiciones de palabras creadas por chicos y generó conmoción en la Feria del Libro de Bogotá, Colombia.!
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Los intérpretes arremeten contra la traducción de José María Íñigo

La AICE se queja de «los lamentables fallos» que se produjeron durante la gala «por prescindir de profesionales»
El comentarista de Eurovisión en España, José María Íñigo 

La Asociación de Intérpretes de Conferencia de España (AICE), la agrupación más antigua del gremio, han criticado que RTVE decidiera no contratar a intérpretes profesionales para la retransmisión deEurovisión y dejaran la tarea en manos de José María Íñigo, «excelente presentador pero no intérprete», según una nota difundida por la organización.

«El periodista se limitaba a ofrecer un escueto resumen, decía solo una parte de lo que oía o se quedaba en completo silencio», argumentan desde AICE, que remarca que no van en contra del presentador, sino de la organización que prescindió de sus servicios. «Nuestro propósito no es criticar a José María Íñigo, a quien consideramos un gran profesional de los medios de comunicación, por lo que resulta aún más sorprendente si cabe que se prestara a hacer ese remedo de traducción,empañando su trabajo de presentador», afirma la asociación.

Además califican de «dislate» el momento en que la representante deAlemania se equivocó al dar su voto a Dinamarca en vez de a Noruega, e Íñigo no entendió lo que estaba ocurriendo. «No solo no tradujo lo que estaba diciendo la desesperada alemana, sino que se quedó totalmente perdido durante varios segundos, preguntando a su alrededor», reza en la misma nota.!
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Afghan interpreters fear they are being abandoned by Britain and left at the mercy of the vengeful Taliban

EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION: Hundreds, who say their lives and those of their families have been directly threatened because of their work with UK forces, believe they have been betrayed by the offer last week.!
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Language Translation Software Markets

Language Translation Software: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019
Language Translation Software Brings Globalization to Everyone's Doorstep

LEXINGTON, Massachusetts (May 14, 2013) – WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Language Translation Software: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019. The 2013 study has 437 pages, 122 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the language translation software systems are put in place to support mobile end point information collections that are localized.

Language translation software market driving forces are related to the Internet usefulness to people in every locality. Smart phones are the latest market driver for software language translation. Every enterprise has to make its web sites user friendly in every locality in which it has a market.

Globally integrated enterprises generally have a presence in from 80 to 170 countries. Localization is equivalent to translation. People then access these web sites and buy from the sites using their smart phones. The Samsung Galaxy S IV can translate several languages in real time. It has the ability to translate off a piece of paper from the camera.

Cloud business solutions, social media, and platform systems of engagement represent major IT market shifts. The lines of business are taking over from the IT departments. Systems of engagement leverage the apps market segment that is defined by the line of business more often than by IT. A key cloud computing segment relates to development of apps for every industry. Visual feature and discovery decision tablets permit decision making. Visual decision making components can be exported.!
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Tradução da Bíblia nas Américas e no mundo é tema de painel da SBB - Notícias Gospel Prime

No próximo dia 7 acontecerá no Museu da Bíblia o IX Fórum de Ciências Bíblicas que terá entre outras atividades um painel com o tema “A tradução da Bíblia nas Américas e no mundo”.

Para tratar sobre este assunto, a equipe da Sociedade Bíblia do Brasil (SBB) separou alguns colaboradores e convidou consultores de Tradução da Sociedades Bíblicas Unidas.

Juntos eles irão debater sobre o trabalho de tradução das Escrituras para os diversos idiomas falados no continente americano e em outras regiões do mundo.

O Fórum irá começar no dia 6 de junho, nesses dois dias de eventos acontecerão diversos debates sobre como alcançar as novas gerações com a mensagem bíblica. Além dos especialistas em tradução, também são esperados representantes de diversas instituições brasileiras e internacionais, que se dividirão em torno de oito palestras.!
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Armenian Reporter:

The Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society of Eastern United States is pleased to announce the winner of the inaugural Minas and Kohar Tölölyan Prize in Contemporary Literature. Mr.!
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Prize of place - Indian Express

Prize of place - How the Anglophone world still determines the Man Booker International
On Thursday, the newspapers baldly reported that the Kannada writer U.R. Anantha!
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Le commissaire aux langues officielles évalue ses options pour forcer le gouvernement à l'écouter |

Le commissaire aux langues officielles, Graham Fraser, affirme évaluer ses options pour forcer le gouvernement à se plier à la Loi sur les langues officielles quand vient le temps de nommer magistrats, ambassadeurs, sous-ministres et dirigeants de...!
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Terminology Related to Poultry Disease - eXtension

Salient Terminology Acute: An acute disease typically involves a sudden onset of severe clinical signs and death (in contrast with a chronic...!
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Colloque international sur la «méditerranéité» - Culture - El Watan

Langues, Cultures et méditerranéité», tel a été le thème du Colloque international organisé, le 22 et 23 de ce mois, à l’auditorium de l’université Aboubakr Belkaïd de Tlemcen, par le Laboratoire de recherches d’ouvrages du supérieur et l’Ecole doctorale langue de spécialité.

Des Allemands, Espagnols, Français, Tunisiens et Marocains, en plus d’éminents chercheurs algériens de toutes les universités du pays, ont présenté une centaine de communications. Ce qui ressort le plus de ce colloque, c’est cette nouvelle notion de «méditerranéité». A ce propos, le professeur Spillener de l’université d’Essen en Allemagne, a, d’emblée, mis sur rails l’assistance en déclarant : «Tels les concepts de francophonie et d’africanité, aujourd’hui, il est temps de parler de ‘‘méditerranéité’’ pour toutes les valeurs culturelles, linguistiques, cultuelle et sociales que recèle cette région du monde.» Le chercheur allemand a également soutenu que «la ‘‘méditerranéité’’ est un sujet fascinant pour lequel nous devons agir ensemble et dont le concept doit encore être défini».

D’ailleurs, le responsable de l’organisation de ce colloque, le professeur El Korso Kamel de l’université d’Oran, nous a spécifié que le thème qu’il a choisi avec son équipe s’articule sur l’axe de la «méditerranéité», une valeur régionale qui doit être étudiée dans tous ses fondements. Pour bien définir les contours de cette nouvelle notion qui n’a que deux années d’âge, El Korso ajoutera : «pour nous universitaires, la question de l’interculturel en Méditerranée demeure une question d’actualité pour plusieurs raisons. La Méditerranée est le berceau d’un ensemble de croyances et de modes de vie qui reflètent des identités culturelles que l’on retrouve à travers le monde, en Orient comme en Occident. Les deux rives de la Méditerranée constituent un ensemble géopolitique linguistique et culturel pluriel et varié que l’on a soumis à la réflexion lors des travaux de ce colloque.»!
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Google Chrome Beta Translates Entire Web page; 71 Languages Available

Users may now enjoy reading a web page on their own language by installing the latest Chrome browser.!
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[Lost in translation] L'art périlleux des sous-titres de séries

Lost in translation ou le fléau des fautes de français dans les sous-titres de séries étrangères. Aujourd’hui : Game of Thrones.!
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The new style lexicon - The Times of India

Are you a recessionista or a Mobama? Don’t scurry for the dictionary. Browse through our essential guide to new fashion buzzwords.!
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MOOC Around the World - Our Global List of Distance Learning Resources, Part 2 -

Join us on the second leg of a journey to discover all the distance learning resources in the wider MOOC world beyond the major American providers.

We’re boarding now for the next leg of our journey exploring MOOCs around the world. In case you’re joining us mid-itinerary, in part 1 we had a whirlwhind three-country tour of distance learning resources from Germany, the U.K. and Ireland. This part will take us back to the continent to introduce MOOC platforms in northern and southern Europe as well as a pan-European platform based in the Netherlands.

FYI, as I explained in part 1, I am including platforms dedicated to providing MOOCs as well as independent courses offered outside of a dedicated platform. I am also including some classes that have already finished if I expect them to be offered again or when the materials have been left open and accessible.

Follow us: @MOOCNewsReviews on Twitter!
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Toss-up: online note-taking software

If you've got plenty to remember, online notebooks help keep it all at your fingertips.

Rather than jotting things down on scraps of paper, online notebooks let you type in quick notes or upload items such as photos and audio recordings. They're stored and catalogued, so you can quickly search through them when you need to recall that important piece of information. Google abandoned its Google Notebook last year, leaving Evernote as the heavy-hitter of online notebooks, but the search giant is back again with Google Keep.

Google Keep is part of the Google Drive suite of online services, but at this stage Keep is only accessible via a desktop browser or Android smartphone. There's also a Chrome app that lets you use Keep in offline mode. Meanwhile, Evernote supports desktop browsers and standalone applications as well as Apple iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Windows 8. The Evernote Web Clipper browser plugin makes it easy to save pages or sections of text straight to Evernote.

Read more:!
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Your words, translated

When traveling, time often is of the essence, and those translation dictionaries can be a drag.
Cost: Free!
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Police spend £40 million on translators in just three years - Telegraph

Police Forces have spent nearly £40 million on translators for suspects and victims unable to speak English over the past three years, an investigation by this newspaper has established.

London’s Metropolitan Police paid out £7.1 million on decifering 97 languages including the African dialects of Wolof, Yoruba and Oromo.

Rural constabularies have also spent substantial sums on language services. Thames Valley Police’s bill for translators and interpreters has exceeded £1 million in each of the past three years.

Forces in Kent, Norfolk and Lincolnshire have at times spent more than £400,000 a year on translation.

The figures – obtained using the Freedom of Information Act - expose one of the hidden costs of years of high migration.

They emerge after the Communities Secretary Eric Pickles deplored the use of translators by local authorities and said he wanted all people who live in Britain to speak English as their “first and predominant” language.!
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Fábrega: Perder no está en mi diccionario

Jorge Gutiérrez Sanjur / Crítica

En medio de una guerra desatada a lo interno del PRD que incluso ha llevado a lanzar amenazas al adversario y en la que salen a relucir grabaciones, el precandidato a la alcaldía de Panamá José Luis Fábrega conversó con “Crítica” y dijo que la palabra “perder” no está en su diccionario.


¿Cómo es eso de resolver a la gente?

Antes de incursionar en política en 1999 anónimamente cubría gastos de operaciones, medicamentos, prótesis... en memoria de mi única hermana que murió a los 13 años de edad el 16 agosto 1976.

Cuando salí electo en 1999, seguí la labor humanitaria... ante ataques, comentarios, críticas, hasta burlas, ¿qué tiene de malo ayudar al prójimo?, ¿qué tiene de malo el querer buscar el bienestar de aquellos que no tienen?

¿Por qué le dicen ‘el hombre del tanque de gas’?

Eso data de 2001, cuando preocupado y consternado veía cómo la gente caminaba con tanques de gas de abarrotería en abarrotería, llegaban a la tienda y no había el tanque que ellos usaban y se iban a otra tienda. Hablé con las dos compañías (que distribuyen tanques de gas) para presentar un anteproyecto que ordenara el uso de un regulador único para las dos empresas. Se aprobó el proyecto, pero nunca se reglamentó. El apodo se quedó.!
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