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UN Job List

UN Job List - Redirect to vacancy: REVISER/SELF-REVISING TRANSLATOR (English) - Conference Management, Language in NEW YORK offered by UN DGACM VA ID: 260308. All vacancies compiled by Sebastian Rottmair.!
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The Hindu : News / National : Official language status for sign language demanded

On World Disability Day, the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People and the National Association of the Deaf have demanded official language status for sign language and training of people to become sign language interpreters at public places.

Addressing hearing impaired persons who carried out a silent march at India Gate here on Saturday to protest against the Union government's silence on their concerns, NAD president Zorin Singha, aided by an interpreter, said India was home to over 70 million people with disabilities.!
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Hospital interpreter honored by Elgin Hispanic Network

Patty Arroyo has been speaking Spanish at various levels of fluency and precision for her whole life.!
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Yankton Press & Dakotan > Ap-state-sd > SD panel urges improved use of court interpreters

A study committee recommended Friday that South Dakota move quickly to improve the use of interpreters and translators in the state's courtrooms, which are dealing with an increasing number of immigrants with limited knowledge of English.!
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Judge tosses DUI conviction for deaf man

- - A local attorney is heralding Thursday's dismissal of a five-year-old DUI conviction in Benton County District Court as a victory for deaf people.!
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Videos on Interpreting: The Masters Series

I'd love to write a post introducing the interpreting profession to newcomers, another looking at the basics of consecutive note-taking, and a third giving tips to students starting out in the boot...!
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Impartiality - Medical Interpreting Code of Ethics

1. Do not impose your values, or try to persuade or dissuade the patient about what to do or not do regarding decisions.

Example: If a medical intepreter does not believe in abortion, he or she must interpret what is said accurately and impartially without interfering or trying to influence the patient's thinking regarding a decision.

2. Interpret what is said without bias, edits or interjections even about religious or spiritual beliefs far different than your own.

Example: If a patient sees visions or spirits which is part of his or her religion, you must interpret what the patient said without interjecting or adding any opinion, or bias based on how you feel.!
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Medical Interpreter Training Opportunity |

VNMAP is collaborating with Northern Virginia Area Health Education Center (NV AHEC) to bring to its bilingual members a unique opportunity to become trained interpreters in Health and Community settings.!
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T&I Short Courses - Upcoming Programs from the Monterey Institute of International Studies


This 30-hour course will help candidates prepare for written exams, either federal or state, as part of court interpreter certification. One-half of the course will focus on English, and will be suitable for prospective interpreters of all languages preparing for the Consortium Written Exam as well as the English portion of the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Exam (FCICE). The other half will focus on Spanish and will be oriented towards both state and federal exams. Participants will become familiar with the different sections of the exams and will learn strategies for taking multiple-choice exams.!
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JOB PROFILE: Interpreter » Resort Workers

(JOB PROFILES) INTERPRETER: Can you speak two languages? The prospect for interpreter jobs is expected to increase by 22 percent through 2018 — a growth rate that is far faster than average job growth.!
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Diario de un futuro traductor: Aquellos que no juegan en la liga

Se supone que hay ciertos caminos que hay que recorrer en la vida. Algunas veces es porque, supuestamente, es una continuación del camino que hemos estado tomando durante una etapa de nuestra vida; otras, en cambio, es simplemente un camino que se nos impone desde fuera, simplemente porque la gente a nuestro alrededor espera que tomemos ese camino y ese, a los ojos de esa gente que nos observa y que está a nuestro alrededor, cree que es el que debemos tomar. Es más, si me dejáis «exagerar», esa gente cree, incluso, que debemos caminar por ese camino durante toda nuestra vida.!
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For non-deaf professionals only: If you think you are like her, please raise your hand?

Part 2 continues our discussion about interpreting.


Sometimes interpreters show up at the last minute to interpret for one or more deaf people and then leave as soon as the meeting is over. Deaf people prefer that interpreters arrive 15-30 minutes early to give them time to get acquainted with the interpreter and for the interpreter to become familiar with the deaf persons signing. In the same respect, after the meeting or function is over, deaf people prefer that the interpreters chat with the deaf people briefly and ask the deaf people for a brief evaluation of their interpreting and what they can do to improve. This demonstrates respect for the deaf people and honors deaf cultural norms.!
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Medical interpreters break barriers to care

Spanish is Christina Alvarado's first language. The Toledo native didn't learn English until kindergarten. And for the last three years, the Mercy St.!
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IMIA - International Medical Interpreters Association : Health Care Interpreter Training On Line

Target audience:
Potential healthcare interpreters, healthcare professionals seeking healthcare interpreter education and skills and for persons with proficiency in English and LOTE.

Brief description:
This training is designed to train multicultural and multilingual students in developing the knowledge and skills necessary for effective language interpretation in health care settings through academic preparation and practical skills training. The program addresses the general principles of interpreting, ethics and standards of practice, palliative care, medical/dental terminology, anatomy and physiology, as well as, introduction to cultural awareness and mental health and business practices.!
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U.S. News - No interpreter: Sheriff sued by deaf man held 25 days

A Denver-area sheriff has been sued by a deaf couple who claim deputies failed to provide a sign-language interpreter for 25 days -- from the moment the two were approached over an alleged disturbance to the day the man appeared in court on...!
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Interpreter Training Program | ELL Parent Center News

The difference between a translator and an interpreter is significant and often confused.  A translator deals with written documents and an...!
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Tips for Translators: Building Your Professional Network

No professional can operate successfully in a business void. It is just as important for you to network and communicate with other translators and their abilities so that you are in a position to recommend them to the agency when you are unable to accept an assignment. Referrals of good translators are highly valued by agencies, because it saves them time and will add another feather in your professional cap.!
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Anne Jolis: Translating Afghanistan

The interpreters of the U.S. Third Infantry Brigade Combat Team on America's mission, the Taliban, and the future of their country.


In The Wall Street Journal, Anne Jolis writes about the interpreters of the U.S. Third Infantry Brigade Combat Team and their views on America's mission, the Taliban, and the future of their country.!
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Anne Jolis: Interpreting Afghanistan

Afghan interpreters debate their country's future, and America's role in it.


Anne Jolis, writing in The Wall Street Journal Europe, reports from Forwarding Operating Base Pasab on the Afghan people's debates about their country's future, and America's role in it.!
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Medical interpreters break barriers to care

Spanish is Christina Alvarado's first language. The Toledo native didn't learn English until kindergarten.

And for the last three years, the Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center registered nurse has combined those languages with a third — medicine — to interpret for Spanish-speaking patients such as Josefa Negrin of Toledo, an 81-year-old who left Cuba as a refugee with 36 relatives more than three decades ago.!
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Interpreter places hope on Canadian courts

Afghan Sayed Shah Sharifi, a ex battlefield interpreter, is left counting on Canada’s justice system to save him from a Taliban vendetta.!
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Signs of a future interpreter

Mox is a young but well educated translator. Two PhDs, six languages... and he hardly earns the minimum wage.!
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Interpreter’s bad practice

An interpreter violated professional standards of confidentiality when he agreed to be a private detective for Mohammad Shafia, says the Montreal Gazette.

Moosa Hadi was first hired as a Dari in...!
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Day 12 – Bujumbura, Burundi (16 November 2011)

Yes, this post is late.  With the last minute details of leaving Burundi and then folks arriving in and leaving Kenya it didn't get posted.  We had folks stranded at an airport when their flight ...

While in Burundi, our interpreter, Bill Ainsley, had the opportunity to meet with the two interpreters serving the entire deaf population of Burundi…1) Nijebariko Alain Chabel (taller one in picture), and 2) Koudra Massepe. (BTW, Bill is the guy in the middle.)!
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Mmegi Online :: Deaf association calls on state to learn sign language

The association of the deaf in Botswana has called on the government and the larger community to learn how to communicate in sign language.!
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