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Google-backed Machinima plans for online TV service

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Google-backed Machinima has become the latest Internet company to try to launch a TV-like online video network, and has begun talks with Hollywood studios to produce full-length...!
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CFP: Feminist Translation Studies: Local and Transnational Perspectives - Research-Relevantes - StV-Translation-Forum

CFP: Feminist Translation Studies: Local and Transnational Perspectives: Call for Papers Feminist Translation Studies: Local and Transnational Perspectives Edited by: Olga Castro, Aston University, Birmingham, UK – Emek Ergun,...!
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5 Ways to make reading fun for your kid - The Times of India

With other attractive options like television and laptops, the habit of reading often takes a backseat among children.!
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Early Reading Skills | Development Reading Skills | Becker's School Supplies

Build the passion and the reading skills will come. Browse through our hands-on materials, literacy manipulatives, and skill-building games to get you started.!
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Chinese researchers use the Kinect to translate sign language to text | ExtremeTech

Voice commands are de rigueur these days with products like Siri and Google Glass, but what about people who can't speak?!
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The Insider’s Economic Dictionary: The Antidote to Euphemism

The fallacies that lurk in words are the quicksands of theory; and as the conduct of nations is built on theory, the correction of word-fallacies is the never-ending labor of Science. … the party i...!
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IAPCO launches on-line dictionary

Meetings industry terminology is now available at your fingertips and, as is so much today, at the press of a button, thanks to IAPCO's new on-line dictionary.!
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Can The Google Search Algorithm Be Cracked? - ClickThrough Marketing

To all but a select few the exact nuances of Google’s search algorithms remain something of a mystery. As a result ranking within its SERPs (search engine results page) requires a little bit of experimentation.!
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Cool Kinect move: Reading sign language in real time

Here's another example of how the Kinect works great as a low-cost Swiss Army Knife for human and computer interaction: the multicamera device reads sign language like a champ. Read this article by Christopher MacManus on CNET.!
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Omega-3 levels linked to cognition and behavior in schoolchildren: Oxford University study

Blood levels of DHA and other omega-3s are directly related to measures of cognition and behavior in schoolchildren with below average reading ability, says a new study from the UK.!
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How to fix common communication blunders

Even introverts can learn techniques to converse more comfortably with colleagues!
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Incorporar los idiomas a mi negocio vende

La experiencia del Área de Traducción del Centro Superior de Idiomas, con traducciones a cualquier idioma, puede ser de gran ayuda para el plan de empresa.!
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Tribunal anula condena a latino por mala traducción al español de sus derechos | Noticias MundoFOX

El tribunal de apelaciones de EE. UU. en California anuló la condena de Jerónimo Botello Rosales, al considerar que se había realizado una mala traducción de sus derechos al español.!
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Ventajas e inconvenientes de tener una tarifa alta de traducción

¿Cuáles son las principales ventajas de tener una tarifa adecuada para nuestros servicios de traducción? Descúbrelo en este artículo. :)!
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Google Traduction sauve la vie des touristes russes

Un garde-rivière de Frenchtown dans le New Jersey a eu la présence d’esprit d’utiliser la technologie de traduction de son smartphone afin d’éviter un désastre il y a quelques semaines.!
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Film Distributors Will Face New Administrative Hurdles in Argentina | The National Law Review

Unexpectedly, the government of Argentina has decided to enforce law 23,316, enacted on May 23, 1986, regarding certain requirements for dubbing motion pictures and television programming (the “Dubbing Act”), which was only in the books and never...!
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Stepping out of a picture book

You’re never too old to be a fashion lover. The lovely costumes worn by illustrator Setsuko Tamura, 75, make her look as if she stepped straight out of the world of picture books.!
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Un parado se estudia el diccionario,y gana un premio millonario en "pasapalabra"

Juan Pedro Gómez, un operador de grúa sin  trabajo desde hace cuatro años, ha sido el ganador hoy del bote de  1.674.000 euros que acumulaba el "rosco" del programa de Telecinco  "Pasapalabra".

Tras resolver las 25 definiciones, este hombre de 42 años, casado  y con dos hijos, se ha llevado el premio más alto de la historia de  la cadena gracias al empeño puesto durante sus años de paro ya que,  como ha informado Telecinco en un comunicado de prensa, Gómez ha  pasado todos estos años "estudiando diariamente diccionarios y  enciclopedias".!
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Communicating Change: What People Want To Hear And What They Need To See

When developing your change communication strategy, you need to tell people what they really want to hear. You also need to look like you believe it!!
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South Korea drops antitrust investigation against Google | PCWorld

South Korea has dropped a two-year anti-competition probe into Google's Android smartphone operations in that country, sources close to Google confirmed Thursday.!
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