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Survey Analytics Blog: Feature Spotlight: Language Import Translation Tool

Many researchers conduct international surveys and need a powerful research tool that can handle multilingual surveys. This new tool allows you to set up multilingual surveys faster with the import language tool in Survey Analytics. Instead of the old traditional way of adding/editing languages under each question, you can now translate your entire survey at once to over 30 languages. If you have a survey already in English that you would like to have in other languages, simply go to Settings -> Language. Select the languages you plan to import translations to, and download the Translation Import Template. It will give you an excel spreadsheet in which you can add the other languages you specified that you would like the survey to be in. 

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Classement des ventes livres : l'indispensable "Bescherelle" toujours au top - RTBF Litterature

D'après le classement EdiStat-TiteLive du 19 au 25 août 2013, la nouvelle édition du "Bescherelle : la conjugaison pour tous" se maintient en tête des ventes devant le "Dictionnaire Larousse de poche".!
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Sherlock mystery published in Welsh

It has taken over 120 years but fans of the fictional Victorian detective Sherlock Holmes say one of his cases has finally been translated into Welsh.

The Deerstalkers of Welshpool, a Welsh Sherlock Holmes society with 20 members, has published The Speckled Band - Y Cylch Brith - in Welsh.

It is one of 56 short stories penned by author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who also wrote four long stories about Holmes.

His books have now been translated into 99 different languages.

Deerstalkers founder Roy Upton-Holder said the group now had ambitions to publish one of Conan Doyle's longer stories about the super sleuth, such as The Hound of the Baskervilles or A Study in Scarlet.

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There are 400 Sherlock Holmes societies worldwide so we don't think selling the books will be a problem”

Roy Upton-HolderThe Deerstalkers of Welshpool

The group intends to ask the Welsh government for money towards the publishing costs.

Mr Upton-Holder, 83, an enthusiast of Conan Doyle's books for 60 years, said it cost £1,400 to translate and publish Y Cylch Brith.

He announced plans to translate The Speckled Band into Welsh in November 2012.

The first 100 books were delivered to his home in Welshpool on Tuesday and he hopes they will sell quickly, even though most of those who have ordered a copy cannot speak Welsh.

"The president of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London has asked for a copy as have members of societies in the United States and Northern Ireland," said Mr Upton-Holder.

"They're collectors. It doesn't matter that they can't read the book in Welsh. I collect the books too and I have copies in Polish, Spanish and Danish.

"There are 400 Sherlock Holmes societies worldwide so we don't think selling the books will be a problem."

Mr Upton-Holder said his group had received donations from the United States towards the translation and publishing costs of Y Cylch Brith.

Conan Doyle's hero is enjoying a resurgence thanks to the BBC Wales-produced TV drama Sherlock

Its translator Eurwyn Pierce Jones, from nearby Montgomery, worked for up to five months on the text, translating around 10,000 words and producing four or five drafts before he was satisfied.!
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Sony's 'Cloudy 2' Helps Promote Literacy Day

To celebrate International Literacy Day, the International Reading Association (IRA) and Sony Pictures Animation will host an "Invent Your Future"-themed Twitter chat on Sept. 9 at 8 p.m. (EST). Participants may join using the hashtag #IRAchat.!
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RIVERSIDE: Evening of Poetry with Sholeh Wolpé set

The Inlandia Institute welcomes back Sholeh Wolpé, a poet, literary translator, writer, and editor.

The event will take place at Thursday, Sept. 5, 7 p.m. in the main auditorium at the Riverside Public Library downtown.

Born in Iran, Wolpé spent most of her teen years in Trinidad and the U.K. before settling in the United States. Her most recent awards include the 2013 Midwest Book Award and 2010 Lois Roth Persian Translation prize.

Wolpé is the author of several collections of poetry, including “Keeping Time with Blue Hyacinths,” “The Scar Saloon” and “Rooftops of Tehran,” and editor of numerous anthologies, including “Breaking the Jaws of Silence — Sixty American Poets Speak to the World” and “The Forbidden: Poems from Iran and its Exiles.”!
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Tips for Writing Better Emails for Sales - Business 2 Community

Whether you work in a retail store or sell via an eCommerce site, it’s important to learn to write compelling sales emails to compete in today’s marketplace. Unfortunately, not all personal sales skills translate into virtual communication. Use these tips from industry experts to get the most out of your sales emails. In an article for, international sales strategist Jill Konrath reminded sales professionals to watch their language. She wasn’t talking about four-letter words, although it’s probably a good idea to avoid them as well when writing emails of any kind in relation to your job. Konrath advised against the use of so-called delete-inducing words. Such verbiage might include things like state-of-the-art, exciting, or leading edge. Avoid over-the-top descriptions and clichéd words that customers are tired of reading. Instead, opt for simple, honest communication. Leslie O’Flahavan and Marilynne Rudick, partners in E-WRITE, add that you should always include benefit information in sales emails. It’s important to tell potential customers what service or product you are offering, but if you don’t tell them why the item is important to their lives, then you aren’t giving them a reason to make a purchase. Make sure you include one or more things the product will do for the client, and then close the email with a call to action. Instead of pushing clients to make purchases, create an educational call to action that shows how they can take advantage of the benefits you listed.
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Richly descriptive writing

The Road Between Us
Nigel Farndale

THE Road Between Us is a powerful examination of love, violence, heroism and social morality, versus private desire and the power of memory in relation to the reality of time and loss.
The story intertwines two generations of characters. The first strand centres around the story of Anselm and Charles, starting from their arrests overlooking Piccadilly Circus in 1939, and then covering their struggles to be reunited.
The second is the present-day story of Edward, a diplomat who is Charles’s son. He is released after 11 years of captivity in a cave in Afghanistan, after having been captured in an ambush. The story tells of his battle to come to terms with the changes that have happened in his absence, including the loss of his wife.
The power of the writing lies in its evocation of the living present, its rich, descriptive scenes filled with deep symbolism, where even the atmosphere and the objects surrounding the characters are revealed to be charged with symbolic meaning and deep history.
The language is highly suggestive, with words and concepts, and their shades of meaning, examined and probed. The reality of time, both as an agent and a context to live in, come repeatedly to the fore. In a sense, past and present keep curving into each other, as the characters live and move through similar spiritual experiences, similar physical landscapes and the same morality in a different form. 
The author draws unflinching descriptions of war and the violence that human beings subject each other to, but also sketches love and desire struggling for realisation. Violence and love are examined poignantly, with their disturbing inversions of each other. Poignant in the light of the novel is the word Edward thinks he hears his father say in his frail-care home — “answer” repeated again and again, as Edward tells his father about his experiences of captivity.!
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El servicio de traducción atiende a 27 personas en Reina Sofía

Un total de 27 personas han recibido atención en el Hospital Universitario Reina Sofía de Córdoba a través del servicio de traducción simultánea de Salud Responde entre enero y mayo del presente año. Este servicio fue puesto en marcha por la Consejería de Salud y Bienestar Social en el 2009 para facilitar la atención sanitaria a las personas no hispanohablantes en los centros sanitarios públicos de Andalucía.

El sistema permite la traducción simultánea en conversación a tres (paciente-traductor-profesional sanitario) por vía telefónica en 46 idiomas disponibles durante las 24 horas del día. A través de este servicio se eliminan las posibles barreras idiomáticas que pueden encontrar los usuarios al acudir a un centro sanitario o requieren de asistencia para resolver un problema de salud, favoreciendo la comunicación fluida y directa entre el profesional.

Los idiomas más demandados por los usuarios han sido durante el 2013 el inglés, que supone más de un tercio de las conversaciones, y el chino mandarín, con cinco atenciones registradas. En menor medida se atendió a personas en árabe (tres), francés (dos), urdú (dos), georgiano (dos), rumano (una), portugués (una) e hindi (una).!
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Mi Zamora - Traduce el INALI la guía de programas sociales a 18 lenguas indígenas - ...Noticias, Hoteles, Sociales, Universidades, Clasificados

Ciudad de México ( Con la finalidad de llevar a las comunidades más alejadas la Guía de Programas Sociales 2013, la Secretaría de Desarrollo Social SEDESOL y el Instituto Nacional de Lenguas Indígenas INALI, realizó el Taller de Traducción a Lenguas Indígenas. 

Las reglas de operación de los programas sociales se tradujo a 18 lenguas indígenas, como son: el náhuatl de la huasteca, el otomí del Valle del Mezquital; el tzeltal, el tzotzil y el zapoteco del Valle del Norte Central; purépecha, mexicano de Guerrero; mazahua del oriente; tarahumara, y ch´ol, del noroeste, entre otras. 

A través de la traducción se tendrá la posibilidad de llegar a las personas que no hablan español con los programas diseñados para el bienestar de los pueblos. 

Las traducciones y grabaciones se difundirán a través de los medios de comunicación, carteles, trípticos, audios, perifoneo, páginas electrónicas y una guía impresa.!
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Prosecution's witnesses continue to testify in trial of court interpreter accused of leaking grand jury secrets

Syracuse, NY -- With testimony from an investigator in the district attorney's office wrapped up, the prosecution is expected to call a fresh witness to the stand this morning during the trial of court interpreter Nancy Rodriguez-Walker.

Tuesday afternoon, inspector Donald Hilton testified about an interview he conducted with Rodriguez-Walker after former defense attorney Ezequiel Neuman accused her of leaking secret grand jury information related to a murder case.

The interview was videotaped and played in court. Rodriguez-Walker told Hilton she "never" spoke to Neuman about secret grand jury proceedings. She also said she "never" gave Neuman a ride in her car, but then recanted when Hilton told her that cameras in the courtroom and on the street had the ability to capture her whereabouts.

Hilton told Rodriguez-Walker that Neuman knew information he couldn't have gotten from anyone else but her.

This included details about the electronic surveillance of an alleged drug ring, a meeting held in May in the DA's office with a witness that Neuman had bribed, and the fact that two witnesses in a 2010 murder case testified before a grand jury in June of 2012.

The common denominator, Hilton said, was that Rodriguez-Walker interpreted during all of the events.

Rodriguez-Walker is charged with felony unlawful grand jury disclosure.

Hilton told Rodriguez-Walker that he didn't believe her when she said she "never" told Neuman about what happened in the grand jury. He said it just didn't "make sense" because Neuman couldn't have known what he did, otherwise.

After the video was played, defense attorney Jim McGraw questioned Hilton's assertion that the information Neuman gave to prosecutors could have only come from Rodriguez-Walker.

Neuman was arrested for bribing a witness in a murder trial, but avoided jail time by agreeing to provide prosecutors with information that would help in upcoming trials!
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Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies

Lecturer: £32,558-£46,741 p.a. inclusive of London Allowance
Senior Lecturer: £48,075-£55,367 p.a. inclusive of London Allowance

SOAS wishes to appoint a lecturer in translations studies whose duties will be in teaching, research, and administration. The successful candidate will be required to undertake convening and teaching at the under/postgraduate level, with contributions in teaching, course and programme development to the existing BA and MA programmes in the department. In particular, MA Theory and Practice of Translation (Asian and African Languages). A willingness to be involved in the development of a new portfolio of courses and degree programmes is vital.

Applicants should hold a PhD in Translation Studies, Linguistics or related discipline. Their research should focus on theory and practice of translation involving at least one Asian or African language. Expertise in Chinese is highly desirable. 
Potential applicants may contact Professor Irina Nikolaeva, Department of Linguistics, SOAS, for informal discussion or queries (email to:
To apply for this vacancy or download a job description/further information, please visit ;

Interviews are provisionally scheduled for week commencing: 14th October 2013

The start date for this post will be 1st January 2014.!
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Marks for speaking and listening axed from GCSE English - Telegraph

Teenagers will no longer be awarded marks for speaking and listening in GCSE English amid fears over inconsistent marking in schools, it was announced today.!
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Twerking bounces into Oxford dictionary

Twerking, the rump-busting up-and-down dance move long beloved on Americas hip-hop scene, has officially gone mainstream. Its got the English dictionary entry to prove it. Britains Oxford Dictionaries...!
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Après le corse et le latin, le Petit Nicolas est traduit en yiddish

Le Petit Nicolas, best-seller de René Goscinny va être traduit dans la langue maternelle de l’auteur, le yiddish. L’éditeur de la collection «Langues de France» a aussi prévu des traductions en arabe et breton, après avoir publié des éditions en corse et en latin.

Adapté au cinéma, vendu à l’international à 15 millions d’exemplaires, le Petit Nicolas de René Goscinny et Jean-Jacques Sempé, poursuit sa route sur les sentiers de la gloire. Aymar du Chatenet, beau-fils de l’auteur de l’ouvrage a décidé d’éditer les aventures du célèbre écolier en langue yiddish. Unelangue parlée avant la Seconde Guerre mondiale par plus 10 millions de personnes. Aujourd’hui, on ne compte qu’un ou deux millions de locuteurs. Une façon de donner une seconde vie à cette langue menacée d’extinction.

Un concept qui fonctionne

L’éditeur, Aymar du Chatenet a entrepris de créer cette collection spéciale lorsqu’il a appris que 75 langues figuraient sur la liste officielle des «langues de France». La collection éponyme est un succès dès la sortie du premier ouvrage en décembre 2012, le Petit Nicolas en latin, Pullus Nicolellus latina lingua, qui s’écoule à plus de 10.000 exemplaires. Fort du ce succès, le beau-fils de René Goscinny décide de récidiver pour mettre cette histoire, celle d’un écolier, au service de l’apprentissage des langues régionales, dont beaucoup sont menacées. Les langues régionales ,jouent encore un rôle important en France, les enfants sont chaque année plus nombreux à apprendre une langue régionale. Toutes langues confondues, on estime que l’enseignement des langues régionales attire environ 25% d’élèves de plus par an depuis 2009. Après la parution du Petit Nicolas en yiddish , en octobre l’ouvrage sortira en breton et en arabe maghrébin.

Le yiddish, la langue maternelle de René Goscinny!
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El sistema de traducción en más 50 idiomas del 112 Extremadura ya esta operativo para los usuarios

MÉRIDA, 29 (EUROPA PRESS) La plataforma de teleinterpretación de idiomas del Centro de Atención de Urgencias y Emergencias 112 Extremadura ya está puesta en!
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Jagged Alliance Online será traducido al castellano este año

El juego se adaptará al mercado español y latinoamericano!
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High blood pressure seems to enhance cognition - TeleManagement

A study suggests that older people with high blood pressure do better on certain cognitive tests than those with normal blood pressure. Previous research has shown how controlling high blood pressure might decrease the risk of dementia.!
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Thinking as a discipline | Self Improvement Blog on

Thinking is a discipline that needs practise to reach a certain degree of proficiency. If not viewed..!
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Los juzgados piden un millar de servicios de intérprete desde 2010

Cruzar la puerta de la sede de cualquier tribunal puede suponer, para muchos ciudadanos, entrar en una especie de Torre de Babel en la que el idioma representa un serio problema para ejercer el derecho a la tutela judicial efectiva. También para los propios órganos pueden implicar una traba los escritos y documentos redactados en otras lenguas.

Para resolver todas estas situaciones, la Consejería de Justicia e Interior cuenta con el Servicio de Interpretación y Traducción en los procedimientos instruidos por los órganos judiciales en Córdoba, que tiene un coste de 68.245 euros anuales y que atiende a más de una treintena de lenguas.

En los últimos tres años, los juzgados de Córdoba han reclamado más de un millar de servicios de interpretación (1.092). Y los ciudadanos extranjeros que más precisan un traductor cuando tienen que interaccionar con jueces, fiscales y abogados se expresan en rumano y en árabe.

El pasado ejercicio fueron requeridas 624 intervenciones de intérpretes, de las cuales 285 eran del idioma rumano, lo que representa el 45,6 por ciento y 105 de árabe, con un 16,8 por ciento. Le siguieron el chino, con 69 actuaciones y un 11 por ciento del total; el inglés, con 55 (8,8 por ciento); y el ruso, con 21 y un porcentaje cercano al tres. Este departamento de la Consejería de Justicia también presta auxilio en lenguaje de signos, que en 2012 constituyó el 3,2% de las interpretaciones, con 20 asistencias.

Lenguas menos comunes

El servicio dispone, además, de personal para otras lenguas como el urdu, que se habla en India y Pakistán, donde en el primero forma parte de los 24 idiomas oficiales, mientras que en la India está considerada como la lengua nacional. Concretamente, el pasado año se requirió una decena de servicios para traducir a ciudadanos que se expresaban en este idioma. También se «descifra» el volofo, que se habla en Senegal y que el año pasado supuso un 0,6% de las interpretaciones, con cuatro casos. De la misma forma hubo nueve en los que se requirió traducción del georgiano, y uno para el hindi, utilizado en la India.

En cuanto a la interpretación de textos, los idiomas incluidos abarcan tanto la escritura en caracteres latinos como los documentos orientales, cirílicos o árabes, entre otros. El año pasado se requirieron 90 servicios para la traducción de documentos que sumaron 786 páginas. De ellas, el 27 por ciento estaban en portugués (220); un 26 por ciento en inglés (205); el 15,9 en italiano (125); y un 12,3 (97) en alemán.!
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Google seeks help going vernacular - Times LIVE

Latest news from South Africa, World, Politics, Entertainment and Lifestyle. The home of The Times and Sunday Times newspaper.!
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Welocalize to Present at Machine Translation XIV Summit in Nice, France

Digital Journal is a digital media news network with thousands of Digital Journalists in 200 countries around the world. Join us!!
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El Diario de Coahuila - Acercan poetas el tema de la traducción al público

Para los escritores y traductores de poesía Emilio Coco, italiano; José Kozer, cubano y Blanca Luz Pulido y Minerva Villarreal, mexicanas, hablar de "traducción" es hablar de "traidor", recordando aquella expresión italiana de "Traduttore-traditore" que al castellano queda como "Traductor-traidor".

Con la mesa temática dedicada a la traducción poética ayer dio inicio en el Museo de las Aves de México la segunda jornada del Encuentro Internacional de Poesía Manuel Acuña y la primera mesa de trabajo dedicada a lo que es la traducción de la poesía, su proceso, sus problemas, aciertos y desaciertos.


Emilio Coco es poeta e hispanista, traductor y escritor. Ha traducido y publicado a numerosos escritores españoles y latinoamericanos, especialmente a los poetas de la Generación del 27 española, y su obra ha sido traducida a varios idiomas.

Él mismo señaló que desde los 20 años de edad estaba fascinado por los poetas del 27 y le gustaba mucho García Lorca, Jorge Guillén, Pedro Salinas, y un interés por la poesía que se estaba haciendo en España en aquellos años.

Su interés por esta poesía se remonta con el crítico y poeta español José Luis García Martín que dirigía la revista Jugar con fuego, que publicó una antología de poetas españoles que se llamaba "Las voces y los ecos" (1980), y fue así como se enamoró de esa poesía y de inmediato empezó a traducir. Y en 1975-76 publicó su primera antología de poesía española al italiano que se llamaba "Cinco pesetas de estrella".!
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Oficializan la palabra 'twerk' para el idioma inglés… ¿Gracias Miley Cyrus? - Diario Cambio

El baile con movimientos eróticos de cadera fue adoptado por la versión en línea del respetado diccionario a días del baile de Miley Cyrus Días despué...!
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Diccionario de Oxford incluyó término "twerk" tras provocativo show de Miley Cyrus

En español se asemeja a la palabra "perreo". Recuerda en algunos aspectos a cómo se consideraba el 'twisting' a principios de los '60, afirmó la universidad.!
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Google Works with Translators to Improve African Language Translation

Google Africa has approached volunteers to request that they judge the quality of beta translations in African languages including Zulu, Igbo, Somali and Yoruba.  A Google+ post advertised the initiative to users who speak one of the languages. They were then asked to rate the translation of passages to and from English as ‘poor’, ‘fair’, ‘good’ or ‘excellent.’ By using native translators to identify good and bad translations, Google hopes to improve the system as it prepares to add these new languages to Google Translate – the tech giant’s popular machine translation service.

While these languages may not have the number of native speakers as English or Spanish, for example, the number of native speakers of these languages is not insignificant. Zulu had an estimated 10.4 million native speakers and 16 million second-language speakers in 2007. Igbo speakers were estimated to be around 25 million in 2007. There are 17 million native Somali speakers and 28 million speakers of Yoruba, according to 2007 estimates. High population growth in Africa is likely to have increased these figures in recent years.

So in total, the new languages will allow Google to potentially help over 68 million people translate their own language into over 70 other languages.  This is a huge number. For instance the number of native speakers of French is estimated to be just over 70 million.

Read more:!
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