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75 Years Ago A Made-Up Word Was Found In The Dictionary

Pobody's nerfect, not even dictionary publishers. On February 28, 1939, an editor found a mysterious word with no etymology in the second edition of the New International Dictionary from 1934. The ...!
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How to Turn the Google Now Launcher on Your Galaxy S3 into a Home Screen Powerhouse

The new Google Now Launcher has hotword detection and one-swipe access to Google Now, but personally, it's not enough to convert me away from other launchers like Apex or Nova. Just because it's Google's official launcher for stock Android doesn't make it better than all the rest.

However, thanks to a root-only app called Xposed GEL Settings, I have a newfound love for the Google Now Launcher on my Samsung Galaxy S3, and it's now my default launcher. With this module, you can remove unwanted apps, hide the Google Search bar, and even resize app icons. Everything you could ever wanted from an Android launcher.!
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Proactive Steps to Managing Language Complexities in International Commercial Arbitrations - The Sacramento Bee

NEW YORK, Feb. 28, 2014 -- /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Any company doing business in the global marketplace must be prepared for the possibility of legal disputes taking place in other countries. In the event of such a dispute, it is not unusual for parties to handle such disagreements through arbitration rather than litigation because it allows for greater flexibility regarding the arbitrators, institution and languages used to settle the case. However, this same flexibility, especially as it relates to language, can introduce complexities affecting all phases of the arbitration.


The language related aspects of international commercial arbitration are manageable, if you partner with an experienced language services provider and keep the following practical advice in mind:

  • Be fully educated on the country's international arbitration institution. Early in the arbitration process, the parties need to agree on the institution that will oversee the matter and the means of arbitration to be employed. The institution is typically located in the country or region of the party initiating the arbitration. Major international arbitration institutions include the London Court of International Arbitration, the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, and the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission. Typically, the parties elect to use the arbitration rules of the institution that is chosen. However, rules vary from inst!
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New search engine delivers content matched to ability

Complexity Engine has been awarded a $10,000 development grant from the UAH Charger Innovation Fund and is in the final round of vying for an Alabama Launchpad grant. Launchpad is a program of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama to promote, reward and increase the pipeline of high-growth, innovative ventures that have the potential to grow and thrive in the state.

"We just have a host of features we want to roll out with Complexity Engine and that's why winning the Launchpad competition is essential," says developer Dr. Philip Kovacs, an associate professor of education who conceived the system and is collaborating with Dr. Ryan Weber, an assistant professor of English, to develop it. Tripp Roberts, a Georgia Institute of Technology computer science junior, collaborates to produce the necessary software.

Complexity Engine uses a sophisticated algorithm to search websites for content and delivers free, customized and age-appropriate reading materials to a user's computer. It promises to give teachers, parents and students an efficient, affordable way to promote reading. Teachers and administrators can set parameters for the search results, and the reading experience can be either student self-directed or guided by the teacher.

Read more at:!
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Ensenada.Net :: Noticias ::

Escribir una lengua es una tarea compleja, implica traducir a un sistema gráfico, un sistema que es de naturaleza sonora. Como toda traducción requiere grandes esfuerzos y otorga grandes satisfacciones. Sobre toda esta experiencia expondrá la lingüista Ana Daniela Leyva, en el desarrollo de su conferencia denominada ¨ De la A a la Y: propuesta de alfabeto práctico de la lengua kumiai¨

Como la primer charla dentro del ciclo mensual de conferencia del CINAH-BC., 2014, ésta se presentará el viernes 28 de los corrientes en el Museo Histórico Regional en punto de las 19:30 horas, señaló la investigadora del Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia.

Gran parte de esta conferencia se enriquece de los trabajos realizados en los talleres de la Normalización de Escritura de dicha lengua iniciados en el 2013 por iniciativa del Instituto Nacional de Lenguas Indígenas.

A los talleres de elaboración del alfabeto práctico del kumiai asistieron miembros de las cuatro comunidades donde actualmente se habla la lengua, algunos de ellos, los mayores, eran hablantes, otros sólo entienden la lengua pero no la hablan así que este ejercicio fue una provocación para estrechar los vínculos entre los hablantes y los kumiai no hablantes pero interesados en la preservación de sus conocimientos de manera escrita.

Señala Leyva que en las tres reuniones se tomaron en cuenta las variaciones en la pronunciación que tiene el kumiai en las distintas familias y comunidades que la hablan y se llegaron a algunos acuerdos. Y advierte que el papel del lingüista en dichas reuniones fue solo de guía y acompañamiento. De tal manera que para que el proceso sea exitoso, las decisiones lingüísticas y no lingüísticas deben estar a cargo de los miembros de las comunidades, su escritura debe responder a sus propios intereses y ser usada por ellos mismos.

A través de la creación de un alfabeto práctico y todo lo que éste implica se logrará frenar un poco el proceso de desplazamiento lingüístico que viven los hablantes kumiai aportando herramientas para que ellos puedan usar su le!
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Yerbabuena Software releases a translation plug-in for Nuxeo

Silicon Valley, California (PRWEB) February 28, 2014 -- Yerbabuena Software Inc., the business that created Athento, the smart document management software, is releasing a new translation plug-in for Nuxeo today.!
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Titles of Hollywood hits lost in translation abroad, results sometimes offbeat

JERUSALEM - David O. Russell's crime drama "American Hustle" could be a big winner at Sunday's Academy!
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Proactive Steps to Managing Language Complexities in International Commercial Arbitrations

Proactive Steps to Managing Language Complexities in International Commercial Arbitrations!
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Balakrishna dubbing for Legend - The Times of India

Balakrishna, it is learnt will be seen a very powerful role in the film billed as a political thriller.!
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Teacher launches lip-reading classes at Rawdon Library

New lip-reading classes are starting for hard-of-hearing people living in the district.!
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Seven reasons to pay attention to the Swahili language

Swahili could become a more important language, and anyone looking to Africa should pay attention to it.!
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deeSeven reasons to pay attention to the Swahili language

Swahili could become a more important language, and anyone looking to Africa should pay attention to it.!
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Dropbox vs. Microsoft OneDrive vs. Google Drive vs. Apple iCloud vs. Amazon Cloud Drive

Following Microsoft's recent relaunch of SkyDrive as OneDrive, there is a little more parity and competition at the top of the cloud storage market. How do ...!
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Google adding voice recognition to Chrome browser search

Google has posted a blog entry detailing what will be coming with the next update (over the next several weeks) of its Google Chrome web browser—one the main highlights is the implementation of voice activated, hands-free searching.!
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Hollywood movie titles lost in translation

Next time you’re at the diner for breakfast, try ordering “Zeppelins in a cloud.” That’s slang for sausages and mashed potatoes, inspired by the airships used for spying and bombing during World War I, according to the editors of theOxford English Dictionary.

The distinctive flying machines “must have captured the imaginations of soldiers,” the editors say. But Oxford’s word sleuths have been able to trace the use of the phrase only back to 1925, when it turned up in Edward Fraser and John Gibbons’s Soldier & Sailor Words.

So the OED’s lexicographers have put out an appeal to the public, asking for help in hunting down earlier uses of “Zeppelins in a cloud” and a handful of other terms “related to or coined during the war.” The Great War appeals list includes “shell shock,” “camouflage,” “trench foot,” and “demob,” along with words not often heard by modern ears: “conchie” (a conscientious objector), for instance, or “jusqu’auboutiste” (someone who fights to the bitter end, from the French “jusqu’au bout”). Another featured word, “skive” (“to avoid work”), remains in circulation in Britain but doesn’t seem to have invaded American English.

Oxford regularly issues appeals meant to harness the enthusiasm of language aficionados, who “love to try to outdo us in their research,” says Katherine Connor Martin, Oxford’s head of U.S. dictionaries. That’s just dandy with the professional dictionary makers. “Our ultimate goal is to record the best earliest example,” Ms. Martin says. More primary sources go online all the time, including word-rich resources such as diaries, letters, and newspaper archives, and “we can’t possibly search all databases” or all the print or manuscript materials where sought-for words might lurk.!
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Coastweek - The most from the coast

By  Christin Lagat NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- Joe Kamau, a 40-year-old ice creamer vendor in Nairobi was thrown off balance on Friday afternoon as young shoppers from a nearby elementary school made their orders in posh and incomprehensible English.

The son of farmers in central highlands of Kenya grew up speaking plain mother tongue and only learnt the national language, Kiswahili when he emigrated to the capital as a young adult.

Like his counterparts from rural heartlands, mother tongue meant everything to Kamau to define cultural identity, heritage and pride.

The father of three was forced by circumstances to pick up the national language, Kiswahili and basic English in order to fit in the city.

“I belong to a generation that is well versed with native customs and even modernity has not succeeded in dislodging us from cultural norms and values that we learnt in the formative years,” said Kamau.

He spoke to Xinhua during the International Mother Language Day held on Feb. 21 to push for recognition of native tongues in order to foster harmony and better understanding.!
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Celebration of language and culture

THE town’s MP Amber Rudd attended the Hastings International Mother Language Day 2014 event on Saturday (February 22).

International Mother Language Day has been observed every year since 2000 in February to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. The date represents the day in 1952 when students demonstrating for recognition of their language, Bangla, as one of the two national languages of the then Pakistan, were shot and killed by police in Dhaka, the capital of what is now Bangladesh.

Ms Rudd said: “It was a great pleasure to join this event run by Hastings Intercultural Organisation bringing together local faiths and nationalities. It was a delightful afternoon where we witnessed poetry and dancing from across the world.”!
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UNPO: UNPO Meeting with UNESCO addresses Minority Language Rights in Iran

On the occasion of the international “Mother Language Day” (21st February), UNPO organised a meeting with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and representatives from non-Persian nations in Iran to discuss minority language rights.

The delegation consisted of Ms. Ayda Karimli from Southern Azerbaijan, Mr. Nasser Boladai, president of the Balochistan Peoples Party and Mr. Amir Saedi, from the Ahwaz Human Rights Organization. They met with Ms. Serena Heckler, a Programme Specialist at the Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems Programme of UNESCO, and Ms. Irmgarda Kasinskaite-Buddeberg, a Programme Specialist at the Universal Access and Preservation Section of the Knowledge Societies Division of UNESCO.

Iran is a multinational state where Turks, Persians, Kurds, Arabs, Baluchis, Turkmen and Lors live with different national, linguistic, ethnic and cultural characteristics. This diversity, however, is not reflected in the political system ruling the country. While about 70% of the pupils entering primary school have a language other then Persian/Farsi as their mother tongue, state-schooling in these regions is conducted exclusively in Farsi, the only official language in Iran. The Ahwaz, Baloch, Kurds, Turks and Turkmen face difficulties in exercising their right to use their own languages in both private and public. Activists for broader linguistic and cultural rights for minorities are detained arbitrarily.

- See more at:!
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Fundéu BBVA: "de primera" y "de primeras" no es lo mismo

La Fundación del Español Urgente (Fundéu BBVA) indica que la expresión "de primera" significa 'sobresaliente en su línea', mientras que "de primeras" equivale a 'de un golpe, según viene'.

Sin embargo, en las noticias futbolísticas es habitual confundir ambas locuciones: "Apenas un escarceo por la banda derecha que acabó con un mal remate de primera" o "Le cuesta horrores jugar en profundidad, abrir el balón a la banda o tocar de primera".

El Diccionario académico define la locución "de primera" como 'sobresaliente en su línea'. Por otra parte, la "Nueva gramática de la lengua española" indica que "de primeras" se usa con el sentido de 'en primera instancia, en un primer momento'; a su vez, "en primera instancia"  significa 'al primer ímpetu, de un golpe', esto es, en fútbol, sin preparar el disparo, el centro o el remate.

Por tanto, en los ejemplos anteriores lo apropiado habría sido escribir "Apenas un escarceo por la banda derecha que acabó con un mal remate de primeras" y "Le cuesta horrores jugar en profundidad, abrir el balón a la banda o tocar de primeras".!
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Euskaltzaindia adapta su web para la consulta a través de teléfonos móviles.

San Sebastián, 28 feb (EFE).- La Academia de la Lengua Vasca, Euskaltzaindia, ha adaptado su sitio web para hacer más accesible la consulta de sus contenidos a través de teléfonos móviles con acceso a internet, sin la necesidad de descargar ninguna aplicación adicional.
El presidente de Euskaltzaindia, Andrés Urrutia, y la informática de esta institución Alazne Gorrotxategi han presentado hoy esta nueva adaptación de la web de la Academia de la Lengua Vasca que permitirá consultar desde el móvil contenidos como el Diccionario Unificado del Euskera, el Diccionario General Vasco y la Base de Datos de la Onomástica Vasca en un formato especialmente adaptado para teléfonos.
Estos son los contenidos más utilizados por los internautas en la web de Euskaltzaindia, que no obstante también podrán consultar el resto de apartados de la página tradicional pulsando la opción correspondiente.!
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Push for Web addresses in era of search, apps

BARCELONA, Spain — In the early days, you typed in a domain name address to reach a website. Then came the ability to reach websites directly through a search engine. The mobile era brought us phone apps for accessing services without either.

Yet the organization in charge of Internet addresses is pushing a major expansion in domain name suffixes. At least 160 suffixes have been added since October to join the ranks of “.com,” ‘’.org” and scores of country-specific ones such as “.uk” for the United Kingdom. Hundreds of other proposals are being reviewed.!
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Hollywood movie titles lost in translation

JERUSALEM — David O. Russell’s crime drama “American Hustle” could be a big winner at Sunday’s Academy Awards. But for the movie’s many international fans, it may take a little longer to realize it. In their country, there is simply no word that captures the true essence of “Hustle.”So in Israel the film is known in Hebrew as “American Dream.” In France, it’s translated as “American Bluff.” In Argentina, it’s “American Scandal.” In Portugal, it’s “American Sting.” In Quebec, it’s “American Scam.” In Spain, it’s the “Great American Scam.” And in Turkey, it’s merely known as “Trickster.”!
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Accents Perfect Translation and The Language Link of Connecticut Celebrate 18th Anniversary in Business

(PRLEAP.COM) NEWINGTON, CT - Corporate language translation services provider Accents Perfect Translation and The Language Link of Connecticut have been providing quality translation services for the past 18 years. Specializing in more than 40 languages, the company uses only native speakers to translate to and from the English language. 

Conducting business in the same location since January 1996, AP Translation specializes in providing quick and accurate services for international companies of all sizes. "We help businesses improve their global capabilities with our expert translation services," said a spokesperson for AP Translation. The company has worked with Fortune 500 clients, as well as small firms.

AP Translation's outperforms other language translation companies providing similar services. Unlike some of the company's competitors, AP Translation works exclusively with native speakers living in the United States or Canada and never relies on automated or online translations. "Translation software often leads to errors and even borders on unethical," said a spokesperson for AP Translation. "We know our linguistic experts personally and communicate on a regular basis with them."!
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New version of Dilmanc translation system launched

Baku - APA. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies is carrying out complex activities to create new internet technologies within the framework of the State Program on the use of Azerbaijani language and development of linguistics in accordance with the requirements of the time, in the context of globalization.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies told APA that new version of Dilmanc has been launched.

This version makes it available to translate texts to and from Azerbaijani, English and Russian with better quality, look for the translations of the words, listen to the text, see the examples, where the certain word is used. Dilmanc Mobile Translator can be uploaded on Android phones and tablets to translate oral speech, text and separate words to and from Azerbaijani, English and Russian. The program is popular among the users. Within 2 months it was downloaded at Play Store by more than 40 000 users.

The new version of the program is available on as an online translating portal. The first version of the system will also understand and respond to the oral questions of the users on some topics.!
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