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Football is a common language: Al Sadd coach - World - Sports - Ahram Online

The Uruguayan coach of Asian champions Al Sadd said Thursday that he had no problem getting his message across to his men after a press conference held in Arabic, English, French, Japanese and Spanish....

"I don't want an interpreter (in the changing room)," he said, switching back to his first language, Spanish.

"The players understand my English, although some can't. But football is a common language.

"I don't want an interpreter because he might not correctly translate what I'm saying or won't understand the language of football."!
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Provider Information - UA National Center for Interpretation Testing, Research and Policy

Since 1979, The National Center for Interpretation at the University of Arizona has striven to ensure the rights of people with limited English proficiency here in the United States. In that time, NCI has trained and tested thousands of interpreters and defined the field of court interpretation. NCI offers a variety of different trainings designed for all levels, from courses for individuals wanting to begin their education in the interpretation field, to advanced skill development courses for working interpreters. NCI also provides training workshops to prepare for a variety of interpreter certifications, including the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Exam and the Interpreter Consortium Exam. We additionally offer annual intensive 2 and 3 Week intensive summer Institutes for healthcare and legal interpretation.

Programs List...!
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Interpretation problems in medical care can mean loss of eye sight or a mistaken abortion referral

In a post last January I wrote about the experience I had taking a refugee to the doctor for a muscle tissue biopsy. He spoke Sudanese Arabic but the medical staff connected him via speaker phon...!
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At long last, the second edition of my book How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator is available on Amazon. I'm in the process of spiffing up its Amazon page with a Look Inside function and a Kind...!
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Chandler company hiring interpreters, job fair Thursday

There are good economic signs for Phoenix as companies are hiring, including a language interpretation company in Chandler called Cyracom International.!
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2-Week Medical Interpreter Training Institute

The Medical Interpreter Training Institute (MITI) aims to improve medical vocabulary, interpretation, and translation for any medical or allied healthcare professionals or personnel who use Spanish, serve as interpreters or translators, or work as bilingual staff who serve the public in Spanish. The goal is to improve understanding of the interpreters'; role, Spanish<>English medical language proficiency, cultural competency and its application, specialized terminology, and interpretation/translation techniques in order to reduce interpreter error and promote improved healthcare for Latinos.!
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José Mourinho: "Yo no soy traductor" Rueda de prensa 6-12-2011 Ajax-Madrid Previa

Extracto de la rueda de prensa del martes 6 de diciembre de 2011 Previa al partido de la sexta jornada de la Liguilla de la UEFA Champions League entre el Aj...!
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Interpreter delays Moon case

The trial of soccer star Bryce Moon has been adjourned after a court interpreter was accused of denying him a fair trial.!
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JOSÉ MOURINHO e REAL MADRID - Mourinho irrita-se com (espécie de) tradutor -

Mourinho irrita-se com (espécie de) tradutor - Treinador falou em inglês e a pessoa que tinha sido contratada para fazer a tradução para espanhol adulterou completamente a resposta. Mourinho não gostou, claro.!
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Job (washington): Hassaniya Arabic interpreters (simultaneous and

Meridian International Center, a Washington, DC-based NGO which arranges study tours, training programs, and reverse trade missions to the United States for foreign professionals, is seeking 2 simultaneous and 1 consecutive Hassaniya (Mauritanian) Arabic interpreters to provide interpretation and travel escorting services for a delegation of 15 mid-to-high level Mauritanian officials traveling to the US in late January and early February on a study tour entitled "Outreach to At-Risk Youth: Combating Extremist Voices." Mauritanian participants include government and justice officials, youth and sports representatives, media personalities, representatives of youth and women-oriented NGOs, and teachers and academics.

Delegates will arrive in the US on January 22, 2012, and depart on February 12, 2012, and will visit several cities throughout the US. Interpreters must be available to travel with the group for the full date range. Duties of the 2...!
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DIPR officer to be suspended over interpreter’s blunder ... English Daily Manipur

Like the proverbial hunt for a scapegoat instead of initiating action against those responsible for the blunder caused by a interpreter during the public meeting addressed by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi at Kangla...!
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Gile: coping tactics

Coping tactics:

Difficulties arise in interpreting all time: that's why interpreters earn more money than translators!
Interpreters learn to calmly cope with problems and continue interpretin...!
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What that means to me: The Tireless and Tiresome Search for Meaning

I have been a community sign language interpreter in the US for over twenty-one years and here I am in my forties pursuing my PhD. It is safe to suggest this reveals a tireless commitment to meaning and understanding (linguistic and existential) and yet, here in these instances, having to figure out what people mean is tiresome. Out of the sheer need to conserve limited energy, meaning and understanding have not always been my top priorities. I have learned to “pick my battles” and ask for clarification only on important topics....!
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Mox's book

Mox is a young but well educated translator. Two PhDs, six languages... and he hardly earns the minimum wage.!
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New blog for interpreters

I've often harped on the topic of unfilled blogging niches, and specifically on the lack of blogs for/by interpreters and for/by translation buyers and clients. So I was excited to see Tony Rosado'...!
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DIPR officer to be suspended over interpreter's blunder : 06th dec11 ~ E-Pao! Headlines

Like the proverbial hunt for a scapegoat instead of initiating action against those responsible for the blunder caused by a interpreter during the public meeting addressed by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi at Kangla on December 3, the state government has reportedly given green signal to place an officer of DIPR under suspension.!
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Cameroun : Traducteurs et interprètes présélectionnés – Ceci vous concerne… Par Charles Tiayon

Le ministre camerounais de la Fonction publique et de la Réforme administrative,  président du Comité technique du recrutement spécial de 25000 jeunes diplômés par la Fonction publique au ti...!
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John Benjamins: Book details for Interpreters in Early Imperial China [BTL 96]

This monograph examines interpreters in early imperial China and their roles in the making of archival records about foreign countries and peoples. It covers ten empirical studies on historical interpreting and discusses a range of issues, such as interpreters’ identities, ethics, non-mediating tasks, status, and relations with their patrons and other people they worked with. These findings are based on critical readings of primary and secondary sources, which have rarely been utilized and analyzed in depth even in translation research published in Chinese.!
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Lesson 19: Terms and conditions for translators | Marta Stelmaszak

Translators are still scarily passive when comes to terms and conditions – we keep signing them (hopefully, after reading) for agencies, we do that sometimes for bigger direct clients, but only a very small percentage of us actually have their own terms and conditions. Well, are you wondering why would you need them?!
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Hospital Interpreter Honored By Elgin Hispanic Network - TheDailyGlobe

hospital: Hospital interpreter honored by Elgin Hispanic Network on TheDailyGlobe...!
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Six Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Translation Career | Translations Lisko

To get the most out of a translation career is not easy and requires a certain decisiveness on the part of the professional. You can choose to specialise or expand your area of expertise, outsource the less pleasant work, or learn to do new things.!
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Some NOTA members trained as translators, other interpreters. Many possess English as a second language. How does one decide to translate or interpret? Can a linguist do both?

The answer is yes....!
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Videos on Interpreting: The Masters Series

I'd love to write a post introducing the interpreting profession to newcomers, another looking at the basics of consecutive note-taking, and a third giving tips to students starting out in the boot...!
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Unprofessional Translation: Terp Bounty Money

I break silence to respond to a Comment. It was made by a New York attorney in connection with my post of November 21, which bore the title 'The Go-Betweens' and which quoted Michael Griffin's book The Broken Road: America's War in Afghanistan. (To find it, enter attorney in the Search box on the right.) He complains:
"This past weekend I reviewed a translation contract for a friend. She is a retired teacher, U.S. citizen, immigrant from Afghanistan, who is a native speaker of Pashto, also speaks Dari and Arabic and holds degrees from Kabul and graduate degrees from 2 U.S. universities which she attended on a Rhodes scholarship. She is an expert teacher and translator. When she sent my comments to Worldwide they terminated her offer and security clearance. They said that having their contracts (which are incredibly one-sided) questioned is unacceptable. It shows their priorities."!
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5 Reasons Why Bilingual Staff Shouldn’t Do Translations - - Joshus'blog

For most companies, bilingual executives are great assets as they are able to conduct business in more than one language. However, there is one task you should never ask them to perform and it is to do your translations for business purposes such as translating your company information, business contracts, leaflets, sales letters, newsletters, website or even advertisements.

Here are 5 reasons why your top bilingual executives shouldn’t be doing translations!
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