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Writing troubles me, even when it’s an essay for my school project! Why write, what’s the point?” I have been asked several times. And I’m so crazy; I’ve decided to write a reply to that, too.

Well for one, writing just stirs up a renewed creativity and brings a lot of satisfaction. You can put down all your opinions like an experiment to see how the rest of the world reacts to them. You can simply yell on paper, vent your emotions without actually punching someone you are mad at; writing is a non-violent solution to violent anger. Returning another day to read it, you may find it funny or be inspired to try and find a solution.

Writing is a powerful tool of self-expression. It is easy to influence people with what you write. So if you’ve got worthy thoughts with a positive influence, writing is an effective way to express it.

As weird as you may think it sounds, writing can bring you joy — if you are daring enough to attempt it. I did, after being a ridiculer myself; I hurt my writer friend, then wondered how it’d actually feel to write. And I found it leads one on a path of self-discovery and, better still, one develops a new talent; something to hold on to if your day hasn’t gone well.