Graphic version of the entire Bible to be published | Metaglossia: The Translation World |
Series will run to 2,000 pages in 12 volumes and aims to establish '"Marvel" of the faith market

From the creation of the world and the great flood to the Book of Revelation, a 12-volume, 2,000-page comic-book version of the entire Bible is in the works in America – "the most complete graphic adaptation of the Bible ever done", according to its Christian publisher Kingstone.


'An evergreen product in the marketplace' ... the cover for the Revelation volume of the Kingstone Bible

The comic version, said Kingstone, is intended to "teach and explain the major stories and themes in the Bible in a historical and chronological manner". TheFlorida-based publisher will launch the first four volumes of its Bible adaptation this year, covering the Old Testament up until the book of Judges, with the remaining eight graphic novels– which will cover the New Testament as well as concluding the Old – to be published next year. Chief executive Art Ayris says the company's aim is to become "the 'Marvel' of the faith market", with the Kingstone Bible to be "a centrepiece for us in our offerings".


"The Bible is continually the best-selling book of all time. The Bible series on the History Channel was just the top-rated cable programme ever. We suspect The Kingstone Bible … will be an evergreen product in the marketplace," said Ayris.