MOOC Around the World - Our Global List of Distance Learning Resources, Part 2 - | Metaglossia: The Translation World |
Join us on the second leg of a journey to discover all the distance learning resources in the wider MOOC world beyond the major American providers.

We’re boarding now for the next leg of our journey exploring MOOCs around the world. In case you’re joining us mid-itinerary, in part 1 we had a whirlwhind three-country tour of distance learning resources from Germany, the U.K. and Ireland. This part will take us back to the continent to introduce MOOC platforms in northern and southern Europe as well as a pan-European platform based in the Netherlands.

FYI, as I explained in part 1, I am including platforms dedicated to providing MOOCs as well as independent courses offered outside of a dedicated platform. I am also including some classes that have already finished if I expect them to be offered again or when the materials have been left open and accessible.

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