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Having eleven official languages in one country makes the decision for advertisers that much more difficult. Does one have to produce all advertising campaigns in all languages? Many opt for doing English only commercials, but this results in many not being exposed to the advertising message. That’s African Language Stations (ALS) are so important, and why it is vital for advertisers to communicate with the audience in their home language.

We live in a country with diverse cultures and languages, which are often misunderstood.

African languages play a major role in the day-to-day communication for the majority of our country’s population. While English may be spoken primarily at work during the day, a person’s home language will mostly be used when communicating with family or close friends.

When it comes to ALS stations, many have been viewed in a negative light because the perception is that people listening to these stations are not economically viable, which results in advertisers not allocating appropriate budgets.

Currently, ALS stations have a combined ‘Past 7 Day’ listenership of 25.9 million people with the majority of listeners falling in to the LSM 5-8 bracket (63%).

In terms of lifestyle this target audience might have moved from a township to a suburban area but they still value their culture and tradition. The radio station they grew up listening to remains a large part of their tradition because it embraces their culture.