Inoni Denied Bail, Interpreter | Metaglossia: The Translation World |

Thursday’s court hearing was devoted to the grilling of Government’s second witness, former Finance Director of the National Hydrocarbons Corporation, SNH, preceded by former Transport Minister, John Begheni Ndeh, listened to by the court on Wednesday, March 06.
On the issue of a professional interpreter, referenced to article 354 of the law, the prosecution argued with reference to article 1, sub 1 of the constitution that English and French are recognised as official languages in Cameroon, and called for a rejection of the request for a professional interpreter by the court.

Barrister Eta’s call for a full reading of article 354 was futile. According to him, it highlights that “if there is necessity for interpretation, then the services of an interpreter might be sought.” Meanwhile, one of the defence lawyers, Barrister Claude Assira, decried the presence of heavily armed gendarmes and policemen in court.