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Transitions of a theater translation
By The Nation Sunday, 23 September 2012 00:00 font size Print EmailLingual aspects of Ruwanthi de Chickera’s Kalumaali

Playwright and drama directress Ruwanthi de Chickera’s Kalumaali opened with its English version on September 13 to a full house and enjoyed a near similar fullness of the Lionel Wendt auditorium the following day, debuting the Sinhala version. What is remarkable in this project by the Stages Theatre Group is having performances on successive days as English and Sinhala productions. Thus one is left to wonder which is the original? If there can be one of the two scripts pinned down as the original, ‘language wise’. With no discernable deviations in theme, plot, scene line-up, and techniques of stagecraft, it is safely presumable that Kalumaali being presented as a stage play in two languages, as two separate productions did not in its ‘story essence’ and ‘purpose’ attempt to come out as two separate stories.