Iranian translator working on “Coherence in the Quran” - Tehran Times | Metaglossia: The Translation World |
TEHRAN -- Iranian scholar Abolfazl Horri is busy translating the book “Coherence in the Quran”, written by Pakistani scholar Mustansir Mir, from English into Persian.

The book, to be released by Hekmat Publications after the translation is complete, reviews the coherence of the Quran, giving a response to those who believe the Holy Quran lacks coherence.

“Some Orientalists claim the Quran is void of any coherence since it took 23 years to be sent down to the Prophet Muhammad (S). Scottish historian Thomas Carlyle tried to say that 23 years is a long time for a book to preserve the coherence in its verses,” Horri told the Persian service of MNA on Saturday.

The first chapter follows the opinions of ulema and interpreters of early Islam about the issue of coherence, and the second chapter covers the idea of order, Horri said.

Chapters three and four studies the methods and interpretations by eminent world scholars such as Amin Ahsan Islahi (1904–1997), the Pakistani Muslim scholar, famous for his Urdu exegeses of Quran.