Comparison with automatic translation - José Henrique Lamensdorf - translation - tradução | Metaglossia: The Translation World |
A comparison between (free) automatic translation and professional translation. In order to get it cheaper, is it worth paying anything at all for translation?

I see a relentless search for low rates in translation. No doubt about it, everyone wants to spend as little as possible in everything they buy, yet how far is this viable when there is a free alternative?

Now and then a translation agency goes overboard on the cheap side upon hiring a translator, and the end-client rejects the entire job. Sometimes they call me to fix it, begging to salvage as much as possible (often nothing or almost nothing; redoing is required), so they can deliver it. Hence I have seen what cheap translation looks like. On top of the expected mistakes, the individual learns a flock of new things on the way. Of course, they are not getting paid enough to go back and fix all their previous misdoings. Yet if the text is long, they'll often "unlearn" some of these new lessons before they are through, either resuming their previous slips or inventing new ones.