Ways to Profit from Writing for Free | Metaglossia: The Translation World | Scoop.it

by Audrey Faye Henderson

Writing is one of those functions that many people don't think anyone should be paid to do. Worse, a whole segment of the population believes that anyone who can produce a sentence, coherent or not, is entitled to call himself or herself a writer. As a professional writer, you may resist perpetuating such ideas by producing your work for free, and you would be well justified in harboring that resistance. Nonetheless, whether you're writing guest blog posts or producing your own blog, distributing a newsletter or providing writing services for a worthy cause, writing for free now can pay significant dividends in the long run. In many cases, you'll realize monetary benefits much sooner.

In his book Get Slightly Famous, Stephen Van Yoder promotes the idea of generating more clients by taking a proactive approach to the Law of Attraction. Namely, the best clients are those who seek you out, and his book spells out the means to cultivate those clients. And he's right. If someone approaches you, he or she is more likely to be willing to pay your going rate without balking because, and this is important, that client is already positively disposed toward you. In other words, you've been pre-sold. A definite potential advantage of foregoing immediate cash compensation for your writing is the opportunity to reach that pre-sold client.

Your efforts may also generate publicity that would otherwise cost big bucks in ad space or air time, if you could manage to generate that sort of publicity at all. You may not wind up on Today, but you may very well find yourself invited to appear on your local newscast at noon or during the dinner hour as an expert on a given subject. If you are so inclined, you may be able to generate lucrative speaking engagements or a paid position as a commentator for print publications, radio or television.