I previously started a not well structured review of the seminal text "Business culture versus interpreting culture" by John Martin Dodds published on September 2011 in the book Interpretazione e Mediazione. You can find links to resources online and my own previous takes here.

Although I was able once to get in touch and received an answer from the author concerning an enormous typo, I was not able to engage into a dialog.

It is from the very lines where that typo is located that I would like to pull back a little as multiple readings of the same text over the past months have slightly modified my views on it. It is still a seminal and percutant article intended to shake the monopolistic diktat of conference interpreting research and canons that simply do not exactly fit some settings that have incidentally nothing to do with conference interpreting. Liaison interpreting in business settings is more than often a boothless, biduleless, long discourse devoid affair. Headphones are useless and no glass panel separate the players.