Education system should suit different types of learners | Metaglossia: The Translation World |

For some, the education system in the United States is less than ideal. One contributing factor is budget cuts targeted toward education. These policies are well-intended, but a country’s future is largely determined by its education and the professionals it is able to produce.
I believe that Western countries, because of labor and minimum wage laws, are losing the battle to keep companies within their borders, because other countries are successful at attracting labor-oriented companies because of their loose labor laws. These laws are often attractive to Western companies trying to maximize their profits, but this comes at the cost of worker exploitation and lower standards of living in those countries.
However, in the service sector, I believe countries like the United States are very successful because the work force is well-equipped for knowledgeable service sector jobs.
And this is the reason why my family came to the United States. The higher education system provides for better opportunities, but standardized testing and inadequate consideration for different types of learning come at a larger cost than we expected.