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Language and Empire: My Language, Your Prison

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world - Ludwig Wittgenstein

Capitalism forces people to ruthlessly compete for market shares, natural resources, and human capital. Less obvious so, they also battle for terminologies. This is called lingualism.

Philosophy, religion, and science are ideological concepts that serve the needs of the dominant West, and in the past were hardly ever challenged. In this century, however, this could change.

Due to the former European conquest of the world most subject people adopted European vocabularies. The result is a large body of "international students" that no longer have any other concepts available to them other than philosophy, religion, and science, to explain the whole range of human thought. It's a bit dull.

The reduction of all the world's vocabularies to a few inherently European words makes it effortless for our elites to compose for example a 'Philosophy of China' without using a single original Chinese term.!
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