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What Online Tools Work for Teaching Language Arts?

Growing excitement around technology’s potential to transform the classroom has the education community chattering about laptops, tablets and smartphones. Continue reading →!
Blake Turnbull's curator insight, April 28, 2013 12:43 AM

An interesting look at technology in the classroom from two case studies, one examining the use of avaliable software, the other examining freely avaliable web 2.0 tools. The results found that many of the softwares (such as Achieve3000) are dry and at times disconnected from classroom cirruculums because many software developers are more focused on developing science-based software than those related to languagre learning. On the other hand, free web 2.0 tools such as Collaborise Classroom allowed students to engage verbally with both their peers and online and was esay to intergrate into the everuday classroom/curriculum.

(TOOL)-(PDF) - Studies on Translation & Multilingualism: Crowdsourcing Translation | European Commission, 2012

"The advent of the Internet and its rash development in the past few decades have revolutionised our habits and patterns of behaviour. It offers huge opportunities for communication or access to information, but is often blamed for disrupting human relations. We all — and especially young people — spend more and more hours in front of the screen. An increasing number of tasks, which in the past involved direct human contacts, are now performed through a machine — from carrying out banking transactions or buying plane tickets, to playing interactive games with people living thousands of kilometres away, or even donating money for a worthy cause."!
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