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Pocket for Android adds text-to-speech | Android Community

Sometimes, we all get super lazy and just want somebody to read things to us.!
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Kindle Touch Gets New Translation, Highlighting Features

After switching to a Samsung Galaxy Note for reading e-books, blogger James A. Martin has returned to his Kindle Touch, thanks to a recent Amazon software update. Here's a look at the most notable new features and improvements.!
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Video news: Linguist K. David Harrison launches talking dictionaries for endangered languages

You can watch the video presenting Harrison’s work with talking dictionaries on the blog TongueTheShaurii: Linguist K. David Harrison launches talking dictionaries for endangered languages ...

It’s been estimated that of the 7,000 languages in the world, half of them are endangered and may disappear in this century. This is happening for a variety of reasons, mostly because social pressure and attitudes that devalue those languages and tell people they’re not worthwhile or they’re not modern enough to continue using.

Some people see technology as a threat to the existence of small languages but the really savvy small language communities are using technology to sustain themselves, to expand their reach, to broadcast themselves out through many different channels whether it be social media, text messaging, to use technology as a way to survive.

Under the Enduring Voices program, which I co-direct, we’ve been building talking dictionaries. The goal of the talking dictionaries is to give some very small languages a first ever presence on the internet.

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