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Do Sign Language Interpreters Ever Have “Clients?”

As a sign language interpreting student about eighteen years ago, I was told that the term client was falling out of use in our profession. If only that dream had come true by now. Sadly, the word is still far too commonly used.!
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Sign language interpreter to take on London Marathon

A SIGN language interpreter from Astley is running the London Marathon to raise at least £2,000 for a deaf children’s charity.!
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Glossaire du développement durable en langue des signes française (LSF) - Médiaterre France

L'actualité du développement durable avec Médiaterre, le système d'information mondial francophone pour le développement durable concoure à la mise en oeuvre du développement durable dans l'espace francophone par la diffusion et l'échange...!
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Why Sign Language Interpreting is indeed Satisfying » Scope Articles

A sign language is one thing which is used as a means involving communication between people who find themselves hard of listening to or deaf and should not speak. They use hands signals, facial movement, gestures, etc to effectively communicate with the other person or with people associated with other nationalities or even regions.

Sometimes, people who are not disabled likewise use sign languages. For example in instances where they can’t talk aloud like in places associated with religious worship, throughout hospitals, in public your local library, in a recording business or during hunting, people resort to using sign languages.
Sign languages have a set of guidelines just as any other language. These kind of rules include the syntax. Sign languages vary depending on the area and country. Every area and every country have sign language interpreter professionals who conserve the handicapped communicate quite easily.
Sign language interpreting is a commendable profession which is also satisfying. A deaf man or woman may need the help of these kind of interpreters when they have to communicate with individuals from another location or nation. Since the sign languages vary from place to place, they will seek the services of interpreters that are proficient with both languages.!
Nick Cheripka's comment, March 3, 2014 10:27 AM
#2 sign language has its set of rules. sign language varies in each country.each country has there own interpreters for there own form of sign language.
Nick Cheripka's comment, March 4, 2014 10:05 AM
#3 sign language is a helpful career to partake in. a person who is deaf may need your help to help translate for them. but since sign language is different in ever country of region deaf people will seek sign language interpreters in there area.
Nick Cheripka's comment, March 5, 2014 10:10 AM
#5 sign language is a way to communicate with the deaf. facial expressions, hand gestures, and movements are means of communication to the deaf. This is also the same for deaf people in different regions to communicate easily.

Sign Language Interpreters Seek Clarity to Defend RID NIC Certification

I want to thank StreetLeverage for creating a forum where issues affecting sign language interpreters and the field of sign language interpreting can be raised and discussed thoughtfully and respectfully.!
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FSCJ sign language interpretation program accredited | Mobile Edition

The Sign Language Interpretation associate in science degree program at Florida State College at Jacksonville has been awarded accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education, which is the accreditation board for interpreter education programs.

The FSCJ program becomes one of only four A.S./A.A.S. degree programs in the nation to achieve this designation.

The vote for accreditation was based on the FSCJ program’s compliance with the CCIE accreditation standards, determined by a thorough review of the program, including a site visit in March 2012.

Noted as strengths of the program were the state-of-the-art Sign Lab, which recently underwent a $250,000 renovation; and the availability of specialized labs offering tutoring services as well as support in the areas of reading, writing, math, research instruction and information literacy.

“You are joining an ever-expanding group of stellar programs who have been recognized for excellence in interpreter education,” said CCIE President Elisa Maroney, Ph.D., in her acknowledgement letter to FSCJ.!
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Hi-tech Gloves Provide Sign Language Translation with Ease | Original Buzz

Now a high-tech contribution to the world of language translation, the EnableTalk Gloves promise a unique function in that it can translate sign language to speech or text. The implications of this technology is massive as the hearing impaired can in the future find a voice, so to speak, and communicate with anyone regardless of whether they understand sign language or otherwise. This may revolutionise how professional translations of sign language is handled, without mentioning the more ground floor breakthroughs improving general value of life for the hearing impaired due to practical language translation services.

The showcase of this new technology took place at the Microsoft Imagine Cup taking place this year in Australia which promotes, celebrates and awards student developing technology to solve real-world problems. With a language translation app like the EnableTalk Gloves it was a relatively easy win for the Ukrainian science team quadSquad who walked away with $25,000 and a true sense of accomplishment. In the future we could see these gloves in every aspect of life for those who use sign language; from legal translations to news broadcasting and even public speaking. The sign language translation gloves use software that translates hand movements into speech in real time and hardware in the form of the gloves rigged with sensors.!
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Enable Talk, des gants pour traduire le langage des signes

Mise au point par une équipe d’étudiants ukrainiens, une paire de gants bardés de capteurs transmet les gestes du langage des signes à un smartphone, lequel traduit le message sous forme d'un texte et le restitue vocalement.!
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Adding a personal touch to burlesque

Her undergarments are bejewelled, her routines are cheeky, but it is what Jepha Krieg does with her hands that sets her aside from other burlesque dancers.

Sign language is a pivotal communication tool for the hearing-impaired and for the 22-year-old Wellingtonian who incorporates it into burlesque, the language is another way to express her creativity.

By taking sign language a step further, she is not only making her mark in the Wellington burlesque community, but she also believes she is the country's first signing burlesque artist.

"Sign language is so expressive and is perfect for performance," says Krieg, whose first show involved signing to Katy Perry's song Peacock, and Born to Handjive by Johnny Otis.

"That was perfect, as deaf people are born to handjive," she says.

Signing is an official New Zealand language and, for Krieg, it is more than just a communication tool.

"My performances open up a new avenue to show the creative side of sign language. It's not just a novelty, or a way for handicapped people to talk."

Through her performances, Krieg hopes to make both the comedy of burlesque and the songs she uses more accessible to the deaf, and to expose sign language to people who would not otherwise experience it.!
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Signed languages for professional purposes

European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML), Centre européen pour les langues vivantes (CELV)...!
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BOOKS - Turkey to release its own sign-language dictionary

The Turkish Education Ministry is set to release a new Turkish sign-language dictionary featuring 1,986 words and idioms particular to Turkish, daily Hürriyet has reported.!
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Signlab, puntera en avances de traducción en lengua de signos...

Maya no es una persona pero está diseñada para expresarse en lengua de signos. Apenas supone un mínimo espacio en una página web y la aparición de este avatar, particular Pinocho de Signlab, permite que la información llegue a personas con discapacidad auditiva. La empresa cordobesa ha puesto en marcha un sistema pionero en España en la traducción automática de texto a Lengua de Signos Española (LSE).

La herramienta, conocida con el nombre de TextoSign, consiste en un software que traduce, en tiempo real, texto a lengua de signos bajo la demanda del usuario. El sistema está diseñado para la integración en webs, pantallas de información y asistentes virtuales. Un avatar femenino en 3D, apodado Maya, diseñado por defecto pero personalizable según el cliente, dará cierta "vida" y realismo a la expresión de la lengua de signos que posibilitará una mejor comprensión por la persona sorda. "En unos años, lo que aportará el avatar será la interacción con el usuario desde diferentes perspectivas para que clarifique mejor el movimiento en la realización del signo, falta pulirlo tecnológicamente", anuncia Fran Tarifa, director de Textosign. Gracias al motor gráfico en tiempo real incorporado, la herramienta hace crecer en detalles cada signo.!
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Translating gloves take top prize in Microsoft contest

A team of students from Ukraine has claimed the top prize in the software design category of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup student competition with gloves that use sensors and a mobile app to translate sign language into speech.
The team’s project, EnableTalk, uses a pair of gloves with 15 sensors and a microcontroller that recognize the patterns being made by the hands, then transmits data via Bluetooth to a Windows Phone equipped with Microsoft speech technologies that convert the language into audio. The victory comes with a $25,000 prize.
Microsoft’s annual Imagine Cup competition includes regional events around the world, including the U.S., with the winners moving on to the finals. The finals were held in Australia this year, and will be hosted in Russia next year.!
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Official News Blog of The Christian Chronicle » Blog Archive » National Deaf Christian Workshop brings together the deaf and interpreters for worship

The recent National Deaf Christian Workshop — hosted by the Park Plaza Church of Christ in Tulsa, Okla. — drew more than 150 people, most of them deaf or hard of hearing.

The Tulsa World reports:

Mitch Wilburn, preaching minister at Park Plaza, said the church has had a ministry to the deaf for about 15 years.

About five years ago, that ministry “took off,” he said, and Carl Moore was hired to be the minister of the deaf congregation. The deaf church meets Sundays in its own auditorium in a separate building near the church.!
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Technology News: Emerging Tech: Sensor-Equipped Gloves May Give Voice to Sign Language

Making use of sleek black gloves, sophisticated sensors, a microcontroller and a smartphone, students from the Ukraine have created a device that translates sign language into speech.!
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Sign Language Translation Glove – The Language Blog by K International

A team of Ukrainian students won first prize at Microsoft's Imagine Cup for their prototype of the EnableTalk gloves, which translate sign language into speech.!
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At Microsoft Challenge, Students Showcase Gloves That Translate Sign Language to Speech | NewsFeed |

The winning innovation at this year's Microsoft's Innovation Cup brings a voice to those with speech and hearing impairments.!
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Sign language-to-speech translating gloves take out Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012

The Ukraine’s quadSquad has taken out the 2012 Microsoft Imagine Cup with the EnableTalk gloves that translate sign language into speech in real...!
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Gloves That Do the Talking By Translating ASL to Speech

Taking the notion of talking with your hands to a whole new level is a pair of gloves that can translate sign language into speech.!
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Ukrainian Students Develop Gloves That Translate Sign Language Into Speech | TechCrunch

There is no dearth of impressive student projects here at the finals of Microsoft's Imagine Cup in Sydney, but one of the six finalists that caught my attention was a project called EnableTalk by the Ukrainian team QuadSquad.!
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InAVate - EnableTalk wins Microsoft prize for sign language interpretation software

Audio visual technology solutions for an integrated world...

A team of students from the Ukraine has won the top prize at the 2012 Microsoft Imagine Cup for its sensory glove system called EnableTalk. The system detects the hand movements of sign language and transmits that information to a mobile telephone app, which then interprets the movements and outputs digitised speech, translating the signs for those who don’t know sign language.
Equipped with flex sensors, touch sensors, gyroscopes and accelerometers, the gloves work with a Bluetooth-enabled Windows Phone and Microsoft’s Speech and Bing APIs to translate hand gestures. Team member Osika Maxim said that the idea to develop the gloves came about from needing to interact with hearing-impaired athletes at their school in Ukraine.!
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Self-Talk: A Sign Language Interpreter’s Inner Warning System?

As my team interpreter and I stood outside the courtroom, red-faced, sputtering and hissing at each other like a pair of angry snakes, it was clear that I could have handled this situation more effectively.!
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What is an ASL Interpreter?

An ASL Interpreter is a language interpreter that uses American sign language to translate between the deaf and those with hearing. Those engaged in this career choice have a wide range of work that their skills can be applied to. You can see them used in the medical field to help interface between doctors and patients. They are needed in the area of law for court proceedings as well as other areas of the judicial system. Businesses have a strong need for them also. An ASL interpreter salary can be quite high, but in order to obtain the best paying jobs, you will need to get ASL interpreter certification. This level of accomplishment takes extensive training and eduction. Although ASL interpreter programs can be found in your local community, in order to become certified, you will need a four year bachelor’s degree.!
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National Deaf Christian Workshop brings together the deaf and interpreters for worship | Tulsa World

National Deaf Christian Workshop brings together the deaf and interpreters for worship

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By BILL SHERMAN World Religion Writer
Published: 7/7/2012 2:02 AM
Last Modified: 7/7/2012 5:22 AM

The lone voice of an interpreter was the only sound heard during worship at Park Plaza Church of Christ last week as deaf people from around the nation raised their hands in silent praise.

More than 150 people, most of them deaf or hard of hearing, attended the 51st annual National Deaf Christian Workshop, hosted for the first time in Tulsa by the deaf church at Park Plaza.

Charles Opayi from Kenya led the worship, signing the words of the music that were projected on a screen.

"In Africa," he said through the interpreter, "deaf people love to sing."!
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