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European Commission offers grants for translation of European literature

The European Commission has launched a grant programme with a total budget of EUR 2,700,000 for the trainslation of European works of literature. Individual translation projects will receive funds of between EUR 2.000 and EUR 60.000 are available, but EU support is limited to a maximum of 50% of the total eligible cost.

The purpose of this grant is to stimulate the widest circulation of European literature among European citizens by supporting the translation of high-quality European literature into the different languages of the countries participating in the Programme.

Applications made by publishers or publishing houses wishing to translate the works of authors who have won the European Union Prize for Literature are encouraged.!
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La CE convoca 650 becas de traducción - La Comisión Europea ha abierto el plazo para una nueva convocatoria de sus becas para traductores.!
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FBN abre convocatória para tradução de obras brasileiras de literatura infantojuvenil e histórias em quadrinhos

Editoras estrangeiras interessadas em traduzir, publicar e distribuir, no exterior, obras de autores brasileiros nestes segmentos podem concorrer a bolsas de até US$8 mil
Difundir a literatura infantojuvenil e a produção de histórias em quadrinhos (HQs) brasileiras no exterior. Este é o objetivo da nova convocatória da Fundação Biblioteca Nacional (FBN), que apoiará editoras estrangeiras que queiram traduzir, publicar e distribuir, em seus países, obras de autores brasileiros nestes segmentos, já publicadas no Brasil. O chamado se insere no âmbito do Programa de Apoio à Tradução e à Publicação de Autores Brasileiros no Exterior, que já patrocinou a tradução de 164 livros de julho de 2011 a outubro de 2012.!
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Des bourses chinoises pour les cerveaux africains | Slate Afrique

Il n’est pas rare de rencontrer des étudiants
africains dans les universités chinoises. Et pour cause la Chine a attribué des bourses à 18.000 étudiants du continent, rapporte RFI le 2 novembre.

«Il y a de plus en plus d'étudiants ...!
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MA Translation Studies News: Call for Proposals: Yale UP translation project

Call for Proposals: Yale UP translation project
Seen on Twitter:
Dear colleagues,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new project I am coordinating through Yale University Press and to invite proposals for translations.

Our series “World Thought in Translation,” supported by a major grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, will make important works of political, legal, social and ethical thought available in English translation. Its focus will be on previously untranslated texts from outside European traditions, particularly the Middle East and the broader Islamic world, South Asia, China, East Asia, and Africa, but the series will also be open to important but under-studied works originally written in European languages, particularly from Russia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.
The series will embrace both pre-modern and modern classics. Our primary criteria are the enduring influence of the texts for political and social debate and their unavailability to a wide English-speaking audience. We thus intend to fill the most urgent gaps faced by faculty seeking to teach courses on the political thought of non-Western societies. Given that the works in question will be unfamiliar to students, the translations will be accompanied by interpretive and analytic essays to give readers a basic introduction to the texts’ backgrounds, the circumstances in which they were written, and their subsequent influence within and outside their cultures.

These books are intended to be useful to faculty and students not only in political science departments but also in such fields as anthropology, history, religious studies, area studies and law. Some of the works are expected to reach a sizeable popular audience beyond the university.!
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10 Academic Resources Daily: Three PhD opportunities in translation, speech recognition and synthesis

The SIWIS project is about speech to speech translation. It will allow a person to speak to a machine in their native language and have it automatically recognised, translated and spoken in a different language. One characteristic of recent technology to achieve this is that the spoken synthetic voice can sound like the original speaker instead of a generic speaker or robot.

SIWIS has two broad goals. The first is to customise the current state of the art to the Swiss language scenario. This entails constructing recognition, translation and synthesis modules in the main Swiss languages. The second goal is to advance this state of the art, focussing especially on prosody. Prosody describes aspects of speech such as volume, rhythm and pitch; these are the parts that carry emotion and emphasis, adding extra nuance and personality to the

In order to do this, SIWIS brings together four partners. These partners possess world leading expertise in each of the component parts of a translation system. Further, three of the partners are physically located in cities representing the major language groups of Switzerland; this includes English, represented by the University of Edinburgh. The location will be important not only for data collection (ensuring we have the tools to enable the project), but also for
evaluation, providing native listeners to ensure our results are as good as can be hoped.!
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NEA Literature Fellowships: Translation Projects

NEA Literature Fellowships: Translation Projects...

Through fellowships to published translators, the Arts Endowment supports projects for the translation of specific works of prose, poetry, or drama from other languages into English.

Grants are for $12,500 or $25,000. Award amounts are determined by the NEA.

If you have questions concerning the Literature Fellowships please call the Literature Fellowship Hotline at 202/682-5034 or email


Grant Program Description

Award Information

Applicant Eligibility

How to Prepare and Submit an Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Review

Award Administration

Other Information!
No comment yet. Nigerian Firm Offers Scholarship in UK

Peacock College United Kingdom, a subsidiary of Nigeria-based Peacock Travels and Tours Group is offering 100 percent scholarship to Nigerian companies willing to send their employees abroad for short business, management and air travel-related courses.

A statement by the UK company quoted the college principal, Mr Zenon Adamek as saying that the scholarship is meant to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee, the Olympics Games 2012 and Nigeria's 52nd independence anniversary.

Adamek said it is meant to serve as an introductory programme for the college's new academic programme, which starts in 2013.

The statement quoted the principal as saying, "Peacock College UK is offering a full scholarship programme on selected courses in October for employees in Nigerian companies.

"We believe the offer will allow companies in Nigeria to sample the most popular business and management courses we have on offer."

Each of the course costs £4,372. The principal explained that the courses lasting for five days will be conducted for several weeks in October.!
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Awards Support Endangered Languages Spoken in Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas

Awards Support Endangered Languages Spoken in Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas

Caption: Ouma Katrina Esau, a N|u speaker, speaks into a head-mounted microphone while holding an ultrasound probe in place. Linguist Johanna Brugman of Cornell University (at right) monitors the video feed on an Ultrasound laptop while adjusting the probe to get a better image of Ouma Katrina Esau's tongue. Translator Willem Damarah looks on. Ouma Hanna Koper sits quietly at the end of the couch. In speaking N|u, the tongue makes coordinated movements not found in most other languages of the world. By making an ultrasound video, researchers can better explain to linguists and language learners how the tongue moves. The probe must be adjusted so that the shadows of the jaw and hyoid bones appear at either edge of the monitor and so that a clear line of the top surface of the tongue can be seen. The gelatinous-looking piece of plastic between Ouma Esau's chin and the probe is a custom-made offset designed to help achieve an image of the top surface of the tongue, which is at a shallower depth than the probe was designed for.!
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MA Translation Studies News: jobs, internships, PhD funding etc.

A few translation opportunities, seen recently around the web:

An advertisement in the Guardian for an experienced Project Manager in London. Posted today. No deadline given.

The company Synonyme in Madrid is advertising for a multitasking English native speaker with French, German or Spanish as interpreter, translator and project manager. Also looking for conference interpreters. Contact a.edwards at Found on the website of the Chartered Institute of Linguists; other positions also advertised.

The pharmaceutical company Roche is looking for an English Sprachexperte for their language service in Basel (German-English translation, translation revision, etc.). Found via the ITI website. Further details here.

Seen on the BDÜE website (job postings can be found under Aktuelles):
The company Comlogos is looking for a project manager based in Stuttgart. The company also seems from their website to offer internships. Other posts also regularly advertised.!
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Scholarships for 2012/2013 | The Centre for Translation and Textual ...

... the intercultural workplace, video games translation, multicultural schooling, translation technology, translation theory, terminology, corpus linguistics, gender and language, language policy and internet language.!
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MA Translation Studies News: July 2012

Post-doctoral fellowships: applications invited

The Centre for European and International Studies Research at the University of Portsmouth welcomes enquiries from prospective applicants for post-doctoral fellowships.

Schemes include, but are not limited to:

British Academy Post-doctoral Fellowships scheme

Outline bids for this scheme are due in October 2012 for awards beginning October 2013.

ESRC Future Research Leaders scheme
The deadline for awards beginning in October 2012 was February 2012.

For translation and linguistics, specific research areas of interest include literary translation, translation history, audiovisual translation, corpus linguistics, World Englishes, TESOL, internationalisation, English for academic purposes, professional communication, technical communication and controlled languages.!
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European Society for Translation Studies 2012 Summer School Scholarship

The European Society for Translation Studies has selected the Colombian scholar David Orrego-Carmona as the winner of its 2012 Summer School Scholarship.

June 11, 2012

This year the Summer School Scholarship Committee comprised Barbara Ahrens, Alexandra Assis Rosa, Gyde Hansen (chair), Iwona Mazur, Franz Poechhacker and Sonia Vandepitte. It received three applications. The committee carefully evaluated the applications and unanimously decided that the winner of the annual scholarship should be David Orrego Carmona of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain. The decision has been ratified by the EST Executive Board.

David Orrego’s research project is entitled An Empirical Study of the Quality of Non-Professional Subtitling. He will receive 1,000 euros to attend the 2012 CETRA Summer School in Leuven, Belgium.!
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Call for Entries: $1 Million African News Innovation Challenge

Deadline-10 July 2012
This Innovation Challenge focuses on journalism and the news media.!
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USIP Priority Grant Competition: Communication for Peacebuilding

The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) Call for Proposals under its Priority Grant Competition for the Communication for Peacebuilding (CfP) program to support projects that strengthen the impact of participatory digital mapping initiatives by...!
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AHRC PhD Studentship in Translation Studies - Graduate School of Arts and Humanities at Bangor University

Applications are invited by the Graduate School of Arts and Humanities at Bangor University for an AHRC PhD Studentship in Translation Studies beginning on 1st October 2012.

We welcome applications for research on any aspect of Intercultural Studies and Translation (preferably with the language combination of English and Chinese; other possibilities may combine English or Welsh with Spanish, German, French or Italian) or a practice-led PhD in Translation Studies (preferably with the language combination of English and Chinese; other combinations as above). Applications for research projects on any aspect of translation in Wales, preferably from a cultural perspective, will also be welcome. The School of Modern Languages provides a very favourable environment for research in Translation Studies. The practice-led PhD in Translation Studies is the first of its kind in the UK. You will be supervised by a team of enthusiastic and experienced academics with a recognised track record of publications in the field of translation studies. Information on the School and staff is available at:!
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Traducir es descubrir: El árabe en la traducción (II): becas

El objetivo de esta entrada se basa en conocer y poder describir el mayor número de programas y posibilidades de trabajar como traductor, intérprete o profesor; o estudiar árabe en uno de los países árabes. Ha quedado enfocado, sobre todo, a becas que beneficien al estudiante o al titulado, cuyo objetivo es aprender y adquirir nuevos conocimientos y experiencias en un país árabe, más que a obtener beneficios económicos. Sin embargo también se hablará de ofertas remuneradas por parte de algunas empresas que ofrecen puestos vacantes.!
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United Nations Human Rights Indigenous Fellowship Programme

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva, Switzerland is organizing the Indigenous Fellowship Programme with sessions imparted in English, French, Spanish and Russian languages.!
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Aesthetics and Politics: Counter-Narratives, New Publics, and the Role of Dissent in the Arab World

The research project Europe in the Middle East—The Middle East in Europe (EUME) of the Berlin-based Forum Transregionale Studien and the ‘Center for Translation Studies’ of the American University in Cairo invite scholars of Comparative Literature, Cultural Anthropology, Middle East Studies, Political Science, and Sociology to apply for an international Summer Academy from September 16 – 27, 2012 at the American University in Cairo on the theme "Aesthetics and Politics"!
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2012-13 SMLC Postgraduate Scholarships | Bioscience Technology Online

School of Modern Languages and Cultures Interpreting and Translation Scholarships
(deadline 8 June 2012)

The School is offering up to 3 Interpreting and Translation Scholarships for UK and EU students undertaking the MA Applied Translation Studies (full-time or part-time), the MA Audiovisual Translation Studies (full-time or part-time), the MA Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies - Bidirectional (full-time) or the MA Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies (full-time).

Applications are invited from highly qualified prospective students. Applications will be considered on academic merit alone.!
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Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in English Language Lexicography

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in English Language Lexicography
English Faculty, St Cross Building, Manor Road, Oxford
Grade 7: Salary in the range £29,249 - £31,020 p.a.
The Faculty is looking for a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow who will pursue a research project in English Language Lexicography (i.e. the academic study of dictionary-making—the practice, its products, their histories and their relationship to their cultural contexts) under the mentorship of Charlotte Brewer. The proposed research project may be in any topic in English Language Lexicography, but applications are particularly encouraged in areas relating to the OED, in dictionaries of current English, and in related areas of language technology such as language corpora.!
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EIFFEL Scholarship for candidates working in developing countries

The Eiffel Scholarship is designed to strengthen international recruiting by French schools of higher education at a time when competition to attract eminent foreign students is growing amongst developed countries.!
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Afro-Asian Institute’s Scholarship-Programme

Afro-Asian Institute's Scholarship-Programme is offered to students from developing countries at Austrian Universities.  This also contribute to the peaceful coexistence of people from different countries of origin by improving equal opportunities,...!
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Southern African Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh invites two scholarships for postgraduate study in any subject provided by the University to students from Southern African countries.!
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Junior Ally Voss Receives Critical Language Scholarship

Junior Ally Voss will study in India this summer thanks to a Critical Language Scholarship.!
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