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Wearing Google Glass creates quite a spectacle

PUB trivia will never be the same.

With a tilt of my head and a short, softly spoken command, I can outsource the tough questions to Google's search engine.

With a swipe of my finger, I can request more information, including pictures, or surf websites by dipping my head back and forth to navigate the page.

Should my friends SMS me during trivia, I can have the missives read aloud to me (and only to me) and reply with my voice.

And when I am inevitably asked to leave the venue for being far too successful, and talking to myself, I can ask my new spectacles to provide me with a quick escape route.

All of these things are made possible with Google Glass, the internet-connected spectacles created in Google's X lab.

While they started life as a pair of glasses with two phones on either side and a backpack full of electronics, not unlike a Ghostbuster, the finished product is infinitely more impressive.!
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