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How to Write a Précis | Essay on Literature

Précis writing is a specialized writing requirement in which the student must accurately recount the book requested. For a non-fiction book, the student must argue basic points of the book, but in less than a quarter of the length of the original document or book.

If the book is fiction, the student in précis writing must narrate the book in his or her own words, but again, in less than a quarter of the original size.

One would need to take days or weeks out of the busy schedule to sit down with the book and read it very carefully then transfer the book onto paper and into the student’s own words without copying or infringing on copyright laws. It’s very time consuming. However, if you order now from, our précis writing help professionals, we can have your writing assignment finished while you work on other assignments.

Things to Avoid in Précis Writing

• It is not a book summary
• It is not a book report.
• Do not inject opinion, argument (other than what the author has argued), or bias.
• Do not change the author’s mood, style, tone, or intent.
• Do not provide examples or correlations.

Be sure you rewrite a condensed version of the document, book, or article that say exactly the same thing as the author, just with different words. You wouldn’t want to use verbiage such as “The author says…” or “What this paragraph means…” It’s like you are the author and rewriting your own document. You don’t want to change anything other than condense it and reword it.

Rather than work yourself into a frenzy to create this academically important, but difficult, précis, contact now for writing help and our academic writers will contact you for the exact specifications.!
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