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AMY KIRK: 'Hand signals' a language often misunderstand | The Daily Republic | Mitchell, South Dakota

The most misunderstood language in the world is Hand Signals (HS). The culture that uses this language is a group of people known as ranchers.


Hand signals usually convey the following: “go over there,” “go check over there,” “there’s a calf/pair/cow(s) over there,” “open that gate,” “shut that gate,” “block that hole,” “get out of the way,” “get over there now.” By quickly assessing the circumstances, one of these is likely to fit the situation.

Occasionally though, interpreting waving arms may be mistaken for the hand signaler’s intent to communicate with livestock instead by “shooing” a cow, calf or bull in a specific direction.

Correctly reading hand signals is a true art form; something most ranch wives never expect to master.!
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