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Maltese students are second best at learning foreign languages

Maltese students are second best at learning foreign languages
Article published on 09 October 2012

Maltese students have been classified second in Europe for their skills in foreign languages according to a survey by the European Commission. The DOI said Sweden and Malta were mentioned for their students’ skills in learning foreign languages. Malta was second in students skills in the first foreign language, and fourth in the second foreign language, with Sweden ending last in the latter category.

The survey showed that 82% of Maltese students studying English as their first foreign language were in Level B1 or B2 on a European scale, and 16% in level A1 or A2, placing second overall after Swedish students.

Some 53,000 students from 16 countries took part in the European Survey of Language Competencies. There were 1,075 boys and 1,200 girls from Malta who took part in the survey, tested in English and Italian in listening, reading and writing.

In English, the Maltese students came second in reading and listening, and first in writing.!
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